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Thank You, Red Action

 We’ve seen many amongst the great and the good, speak upon behalf of most Arsenal fans. The usual candidates. For years. However it was only in the last twenty four-odd months or so that more support was given by these uber-supporters via their podcasts etc, towards the very small group of non-self promoting people behind […]

Arsenal – Steady as she goes

Güete Morge Positivistas, A mood of satisfaction this morning after events at the Ems yesterday evening. The ship is off the rocks, the holes in the hull patched, re-floated, and back on course. Half way point, top of the league, coping well with long term injuries to players who appeared to be pivotal, playing good […]

Arsenal Versus Bournemouth: Many A Slip

The sad thing is I’d been having a nice Christmas up until then. Shan’t be sending Mr Moss a card next year that’s for sure. Some people have tried to claim that as he missed a couple of other offences we shouldn’t be cross with him for gifting Southampton the game. Fascinating logic. That’s as […]

Arsenal – It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves

  Ulaakut Positivistas, A shortish post mortem. We sustained a beating last night at St Mary’s. Given our run of form, and the almost routine despatch of our closest title rivals on Monday it looked a match we could expect at worst a point from. Klopp’s Red and White Army had run the fox to […]

Arsenal Versus Southampton: Boxing Clever

I was looking at the photographs of yesterday’s training session on and it got me to thinking. Shouldn’t the club photographer get a winter break? Is it really fair to expect him to work on Christmas Day, away from his friends and family, missing out on Eastenders and the Queen’s speech? Isn’t there a […]

All I Want For Christmas….

All I want for Christmas is a point at The Dell, or wherever it is that Southampton play these days and a home win against Bournemouth a mere two days later. Actually a little less than two days given the late Boxing Day kick off, though the Cherries themselves have a home game against Palace […]

Arsenal – We are so very ‘umble

G’day Positivistas, The result we all hoped for last night with our light blue opponents pushed firmly back toward the pack, and us neatly tucked in behind the Foxes and we move into the Christmas bend. Dare I say what I suspect a couple of you are thinking, but feel a little shy about sharing […]

Arsenal Versus Man City: Secrets and Lies

I made good use of a football free weekend. Or at least I tried to. Mother wanted a lift over the bridge to the land of dragons and close harmony singing, the home of Newport County and a world famous dyke. I thought to myself this sounds like a chance to walk abroad with my […]

Out Goes The Weasel, In Comes Per Mertesacker

Up and down the City Road In and out the Eagle That’s the way the money goes Pop! goes the weasel. The carnival is over girls and boys. I was in two minds about that unseemly spectacle over at Stamford Bridge; whether to wish for the continued reign of the Special One as he drove […]

They Were Only Supposed To Blow The Bloody Doors Off!

They Were Only Supposed To Blow The Bloody Doors Off!

Something rather wonderful is happening in English football. It’s suddenly become interesting again. Yes, I know, it crept up on me, too.  And it’s been going on for a little while, as well. But on Monday a line in the sands of footballing expectations was crossed. Along with a fair few million around the planet, […]