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Arsenal Will Revert To The Mean

Over a week has passed since the West Brom defeat and the lamestream media cannot conceal their continued delight. After 12 years of lurid predictions of Arsenal’s demise, knowing full well the impact of paying for a new stadium, they are going ape-shit on the probability Arsenal may miss out on a Champion’s League place. […]

“Arsenal Have No Ambition” Really? Get in the bin !

What is ambition? Aspiration, intention, goal, aim, objective, purpose, intent, plan, scheme, mission, calling, vocation, desire, target, end dream, or hope? No matter where I look I cannot find a definition that claims its spending money, or more to the point, spending someone else’s money. Arsenal have been the most ambitious club in the modern […]

Arsene Wenger Should Go, And Go Now.

Before I go into my thinking let me make state my opinions: Arsene Wenger is the club’s greatest ever manager Arsene Wenger remains one of the world’s best managers Arsene Wenger can achieve as much success as any possible replacement Arsene Wenger should leave at the end of this season So how can I say […]

The Attempted Lynching of Arsene Wenger By The Lamestream Media

After years of consistently failing to gain any traction with their lies that Arsene Wenger is under-achieving, the mainstream media is now giddy with delight. For the first time in 12 years Arsenal is seriously struggling. All the enemies of the Arsenal-way and their fellow travelers are now “jizzing” with delight, practically drooling in their […]

Arsenal: Provoked with Impunity

Good morning Positive Arsenal fans, Another savage setback in Sandwell yesterday. 2017 has turned into a bit of a monster hasn’t it ? In 29th January, having seen our second string thrash Saints in the Cup and with a safe three points against Watford scheduled, before our trip to take on Chelsea the season’s future […]

Arsenal Versus West Brom: Pardon My French

Tony Pulis. There I said it. I know George hates it when we use foul language on his blog. There are outlets which won’t promote Positively Arsenal if it employs such revolting epithets and we are all about the numbers here as you well know. The advertising revenue alone keeps us in swimming pools and […]

Arsenal: When Sir Chips Told The Mainstream Media To “Eff Off”

After losing 5:1 to Bayern the English media have done everything to downplay the quality of Arsenal’s performance up to the 55th minute, ignore the diabolical refereeing (Wenger described it as “unexplainable and scandalous“) and to ratchet up the hysteria for Arsene to be fired prior to renewal or conclusion of his contract. Leading the […]

Arsenal: the lightness of the Cup

Good morning Positives, An FA 6th round tie was always, and probably will always, be a special fixture. Yesterday gave us a ‘classic’ Cup football confrontation, the mighty Arsenal, though slightly bruised after recent events, against the resolute, full-of-heart underdog of an opponent. I was pleased to see Arsene set out a strong starting line […]

Arsenal Versus Lincoln: Waiting For The Great Leap Forward

Finding myself on my uppers and trying to claw my way out of a protracted period of poor health, I’ve taken to earning a few quid by going out to work. A wildly radical idea which, like Arsenal’s season, has yielded mixed results. Lately I’ve been working for an organisation which provides support for adults […]

Arsenal: No comets seen

  Good morning Positive Arsenal fans, Let me get the grudging congratulations out of the way first to our opponents last night. Over two legs we encountered a team of the highest quality. If it was destined to be our largest ever defeat in the Champions League and at the Emirates we were ruthlessly despatched […]