“Arsenal Have No Ambition” Really? Get in the bin !

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What is ambition?

Aspiration, intention, goal, aim, objective, purpose, intent, plan, scheme, mission, calling, vocation, desire, target, end dream, or hope?

No matter where I look I cannot find a definition that claims its spending money, or more to the point, spending someone else’s money.

Arsenal have been the most ambitious club in the modern game. When they were enjoying unprecedented success at Highbury, they planned and executed the most ambitious move in football history. The club sacrificed years of possible short term success for a future as much bigger and more competitive club.

The fact that circumstances changed does not detract from the ambition shown. The arrival of multi-billionaires that were going to fund their toys to the extent never even dreamt of previously in English football and TV money reducing the advantage Arsenal had expected from the improved gate receipts does not mean that the ambition shown by the club was  not staggering. That FFP failed and the authorities were unable to resist the influx of cash to the game was not the fault of Arsenal and again, takes nothing away from the bravery and ambition the club showed.

The team, under Arsene Wenger always shows ambition. Even when forced to buy those the critics claim are 3rd rate players and journeymen, they had the ambition to play an open and expansive entertaining brand of football. If anything Arsene is guilty of being overambitious. I feel he asks players to play in a way that only the very best players can consistently achieve. Lack of ambition would be 5 at the back , 2 defensive midfielders and hoping that a player will do something special to score . Of course every defeat brings out the experts with their “painting by numbers” ideas on tactics and formations. But is that AMBITION? Is it bollocks.

So if people think we could have spent more, bought ‘better’, more expensive players,  played the game in a different way, and/or changed managers half a dozen times like “ambitious”clubs do, fine. Think what you like. But don’t be calling it ambition. I’m not having that. It is bullshit.

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  1. All of the ‘experts’ have one beautiful, and entirely trustworthy attribute and that is hindsight.

    Clowns that they are.

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  2. Fantastic piece.

    Should be pisted at Le moan.

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  3. Make it so, PG!

    IF, the national press employed journalists, those journalists would be speculating about the inevitable changes to the Arsenal Boardroom.

    In my view, Messrs Gazidis and Wenger, are essential for a smooth changeover? As KSE executives, may take a more prominent part in the running of the business side of Arsenal Holdings !



  4. Very good piece oh grumpy one. I like it.

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  5. Nice perspective. I totally agree.
    The objectives come from the top and from Kroenke’s view, we’re hitting those objectives.
    So if some sections of the fans feel like we’re underachieving, they should be making that point against Kroenke to aim higher and not Wenger who is doing everything the club wants from him.

    But nice article anyway.


  6. Yes, Grumpinho. You are to grumpiness what Brasilians to football…I’ve written that before…

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  7. thanks for the e new post… now am going to read it! that last headline….


  8. Nice one man.


  9. Hey hey, go on Hellas……


  10. happily, the post states my sentiments exactly! way to go PG… pedantic and grumpy… LOL

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  11. Mohammed Ali‏Verified account @mohammedali_93 32m32 minutes ago

    GOAL: Luxembourg 1-3 France – Giroud x2, out on his own at no.10 in the all time French leading scorers list. Only 4 behind Karim B.

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  12. Arsenal have certainly been brave in what they have done. The manager brave as well, trying to move away from stoneage English tactics, that are defended so stoutly by the media to the point where referees know they can fail to protect our players in the knowledge nobody will call them out, as they might of they fail to protect a media darling.
    I think the PR problem comes with the owner, who doesn’t seem to demand a great degree of success at his clubs…..which maybe in the case of Arsenal is reasonable as he isn’t bankrolling the club as others are. Then the comment he said along the lines of not just being in it for titles .
    Stan may be quoted out of context, he may want success, but lets Ivan and Wenger go about their work without his interference to attempt to achieve it whilst keeping a sustainable model….doesn’t sound too bad does it……But, whatever the truth, I think Stans MO and the performance of his other clubs presents an easy opportunity for those who would question the Arsenals ambition and direction. And I happen to think our manager takes a lot of grief over this, undeserved grief.

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  13. What’s happening in that picture? Did the mutt show ambition to get up there, or did someone give it a boost and subsequently abandoned it?

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  14. Ozil was asked a simple and direct question to reveal his greatest dream.

    The 28-year-old, who is out of contract at the end of next season, said it’s to win the Champions League. That provoked the following chat:

    Welt: With Arsenal FC?

    Ozil: Why not? Of course, we just having a difficult time and are not satisfied with sixth place. I am convinced, however, that we will catch up again soon. Let’s see what the future holds.

    Welt: Coach Arsene Wenger is said to be planning without you.

    Ozil: Who says that?

    Welt: This is in English newspapers.

    Ozil: And you think Wenger speaks to journalists before he tells me? Then I know him differently. I have contract until 2018 in London and I feel very comfortable there. We’ll talk soon and then make a decision.

    Welt: Daaaaaammnnnn. First Xhaka and now you destroying the English media. Sehr Gut!

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  15. Great post Shard….interesting do you have the link?


  16. [Interview] Bielik: This is not a league for boys
    Representation17.03.20170 COMMENTS

    – The strikers especially banged their elbows on their heads, banged their stomachs, stomped on their feet. And that’s what the game is, but you have to get over it. When rivals feel weak, hesitant, they will attack you even more often. This is not a league for boys, but for men – says Krystian Bielik. Central defender of Arsenal and U-19 are on loan at Birmingham City. In an interview he explains how he has developed over the past few months and what the defensive game needs to watch out for.

    You recently had two important phones. The first happened on the last day of the winter transfer window …

    – Then I came back from training and rested playing on the computer. I was reconciled to the fact that I would not go to any loan, although I wanted to get such experience. There was a six-hour window and … I was called by the person from Arsenal who was responsible for everything. “Krystian, there is an offer from Birmingham City, Gianfranco Zola sees you on his team, he wants to have a training tomorrow.” Then I had to make two phones myself – first to the manager to check the situation in this club the situation with whom I would compete. He praised the coach, said they have staffing problems. Then I phoned my parents and basically just to inform my parents. I pack and go. They played the match on Reading that day, so I go to the stadium and ask if I’m a player. I answer that in the end yes, but I just came from Arsenal to sign the documents for the loan. They believed, they let me in. A brief conversation in the coach’s office, such a few basic matters. He told me he was watching me in matches and I believe I could help the team. And the next day began with a thick pipe.

    You were born in 1998 when Gianfranco Zola won three trophies from Chelsea – the League Cup, the Cup Winners’ Cup and the European Super Cup. Have you ever associated him as a competitor?

    – I did not remember him, I did not even have the right to remember. But when I found out that he was a Birmingham City trainer, I quickly typed in his name on YouTube and checked what he could do. I was in a bit shocked that after training I would be so great former footballer. And even though we do not play with us at training, it sometimes happens when we take the upper course to the ground. But he himself would like to see him as a coach, not through the prism of what he achieved in the football career. Now he wants to pass on his great knowledge, I already see that I use a lot. I have a lot of individual activities with assistant coach Gabriele Cioffi, who mainly deals with defenders, improves the shortcomings of our game.

    How would you compare Arsene Wenger and Gianfranco Zola?

    – Wenger coach is a typical manager who is more often an observer. You come to the first team training, you welcome the whole staff, he explains what training will be and then looks at the occupations. Coach Zola, on the other hand, is more involved, often stops playing and explains, his assistants also do. Of course, Arsene Wenger also improves our flaws, but generally believes that first team players know what they should do in a given situation to be able to find a solution. He has been in the club for over 20 years, and coach Zola is only three months away, so it’s no wonder the other has to work to pass on his philosophy to the players. He has less experience but his commitment and charisma is clear and I am sure he will be far away in this profession. The more each team wants to learn everything he knows.

    What do these additional exercises with Zola’s assistant look like? What exactly are you focusing on?

    The fans seem to think that this may be the case, but these are important things. For example, the behavior of the upper ball when I have to fight for position with the striker. And coach Gabriele shows me how to place the middle of the field from which side to control and fly the ball, and the opponent. Trying to be perfect and very good, because it makes me better.

    Is it something new for you?

    – I did not have such a typical training for defenders. Of course, during the game, the coaches gave their comments on the setting, how to play the ball. As for individual activities, there is also a different approach to individual practice in Arsenal: you can stay after your workout and take the extra time to improve some of the elements. Everyone is doing what he wants. Defenders practice with each other, they impose a ball to bounce their head, one on one at goal with the strikers. In Birmingham coach Gabriele comes up and says that today we have to work out the item. And we have really started since day one, from the technique of running. So far, I have moved in the middle of defense like a typical midfielder, and this is an important issue of body alignment, transition from forward to forward. Such attention and training quickly come to mind, I catch automation


  17. Paddy‏ @VieiraPaddy 14h14 hours ago

    Giroud needs 8 more goals to become the 5th top scorer for France. That would be pretty amazing.

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  18. Interesting interview with Bielik, interesting comparison between coaching at Arsenal and under Zola……might upset some of the malcontents


  19. mandy the malcontents would say zola type of coaching is what afc need, and that bielik saying wenger just observes at training proves that he does not teach the players anything, ignoring their other soundbite that wenger micro manages everything


  20. It may be the malcontents lucky day. Zola’s 19 game reign at St Andrews has seen 2 wins, 6 draws and 11 defeats. He was boo’ed off following the most recent home defeat against Wigan.

    My guess is Gianfranco will be available very soon.

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  21. Zola Out Brigade?


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  22. One sided nonsense at Wembley. The Ox did fine but it was a dull event.

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  23. England has no identity A5. Neither a possession nor a pressing team, the two most important philosophies in modern football. Doubt Southgate will be given time to impose an identity; doubt he even cares. Its all about the results or he will be sacked liked countless others.

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  24. why do the malcontents demand that Kroenke spend his own money on Arsenal, why do they not demand all 600 or so shareholders fork out the same % per share as stan, to bankroll the club to man city levels. Why should SK be solely responsible for spending his money on the club. Oddly enough shareholders and AST members are fond of putting forward the notion that SK should put in his money.


  25. @shotta_gooner Great spot,I have sid this for years there is no philosophy, no idea or thought for a Technical Leader, no co-ordinated approach for how they want to deliver beliefs onto the pitch. St Georges Park is a great start,but the desire re-create English football is not there because of fear and the mis-guided belief that PL is the best product in the world.
    Plus they would have to admit, they are wrong and Arsene Wenger is right.We can’t have a ‘Frenchie’ telling us how to play the game we invented.

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  26. WWWB: From my observation there is a belief in England that an all-action midfielder working like a madman should be the technical leader. In the past the likes of Robson, Wilkins, Ince, Beckham, Lampard and Gerrard have been given the role and to some degree failed to deliver. It also explains why more cultured players like Scholes and, before him, Glen Hoddle were treated with scant respect. Confounding matters is the tendency to lionize goal-scorers at the expense of the technical side of the game. Linneker, Shearer, Owen and Rooney come to mind as the media heroes despite the failures of their respective teams. As you correctly observe because English players flourish in the PL, the so-called greatest league in the world, based on their robust physical qualities leaving the foreigners to play the more technical roles, the FA seems to give this side of the game little emphasis. No wonder when competing vs decent national teams England flounder as they are not allowed to gain an advantage by kicking and fouling their opponents with similar leniency as granted by PL refs.

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  27. The funny thing Roy Race is/was a striker,but the search for a central midfield Roy Race is the England Holy Grail.

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  28. New Post up


  29. Gorge this one of my best from you, thanks for putting those that think that they know everything about the beautiful game in they place


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