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Arsenal Versus Watford: Back To Reality

As all the excitement and furore of the cup draw fades into yesterdays chip paper and the giddy delight of our unexpected routing of the Saints dissipates, so normal service is resumed this evening. Arsenal in the Premier League, at home, expected to win. The fear of a come down after a big cup victory […]

A 206% Increase in Penalties vs AFC Proves Bias

The Refs Are Biased (Part 2) To conclude my two-part series on referee bias, I have taken my inspiration from the great American philosopher and writer Mark Twain. In my initial piece I was categorical. Based on penalties awarded: “The unbiased data for the past 20 years is very clear; of all the top teams […]

Arsenal breeze at St Mary’s

Maidin mhaith Positivistas, That was easy on the eye eh ? All the more so because, at 5.30 yesterday evening I rather fancied we were in for (another) battle at St Mary’s and I would have signed the form accepting the draw with no prompting. Saints riding on a wave of achievement after their Anfield […]

Arsenal Versus Southampton: Under New Management

So Steve Bould steps into the hot seat this afternoon. He must be chuffed. Imagine managing the greatest team in the history of the FA Cup as they step out for their fourth round tie. No one has played more finals than us. No one has won the thing more often. Mr Bould has a […]

The Refs Are Biased (Part I)

During the course of last Sunday’s match versus Burnley it struck me how little data is publicly available on the role of the referees in deciding the fate of the Premier League title. Major game-changing decisions were made at key points by Mr. Moss and his officiating crew that significantly tilted the balance against the […]

Arsenal: A 98 Claret – unique vintage

Good afternoon Positives, Got your breath back yet ? Nor have I – What an afternoon ! Of the game itself ? In contrast to a number of recent games we started well, brisk, with sharp passing and movement and throughout the first half it seemed just a matter of ‘when’ we would crack the […]

Arsenal Versus Burnley: Slow and Doubtful

The problem with us football fans is that we will insist on taking sides. Maybe it isn’t just football fans. Perhaps it’s part of the human condition. I was musing on this during a frosty morning dog walk along the trackbed of a now sadly defunct rail line. Don’t get me started on Ernest Marples […]