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Arsenal Need A Goal Machine

A guest post from our very own Hunter13 The last piece of the jigsaw ..? We have a beautiful football club. The set up, the organisation and the ethos.  All wonderful. We also have a very good team, nice lads generally speaking, willing and committed. We started the season in very difficult circumstances. Crowd booing […]

War At Newcastle

Still winning the battles … That was painful. Horrible. Poor football. Oh,and one of the best wins I have ever seen. It was a war. Problem was that only one team had a license for violence. As Gainsbourg69 said “I believe Tiote needs to slap a Lino in the face in order to get booked.” […]

Newcastle – A Must Win Game. Again

So today is a “must win” game in what is an endless list of “must win” games, only one of which we have won. Not sure where that leaves us? Newcastle are on a great run of form and we are in the middle of a crisis.  So how the bookies have us at evens […]

Shut Up Twitter Managers

A guest post from The Beck Dear friends, strangers and haters. For me, everything is about perspective, I judge people by it, I live by it and I let the perspective of others teach me as much as I can in life. I’ve been using social media long enough and I have to be honest […]

Arsenal Make A Point.

Another disappointing night. There were of course some positives. The defence and Mikel looked very solid. Rosicky was the best player on the field. Ok, now I’m struggling. Chelsea set up to stifle us and nick a goal. We knew that was what they would do and it was up to us to produce an […]

Matchday in Chesterfield and Chennai

A guest post by Georgaki and Sensational Arsenal.Thanks boys. In Chesterfield (GP): When I was at university I enjoyed switching the radio on at midnight after a period of study to listen to the jingle for a Greek station. Barely discernable above the crackle of the interference I would hear the gentle, distant sound of […]

We Should Be Excited About Chelsea

A post from Steve_I( Shh,he doesn’t know ) I can’t do anything but look forward to Monday. Let the negativistwats get on with their moaning, whining and downright miserable nonsense. We are in a position to go back to the top of the league by playing one of the other major runners in the race. […]