War At Newcastle


Still winning the battles …

That was painful.


Poor football.

Oh,and one of the best wins I have ever seen.

It was a war. Problem was that only one team had a license for violence.

As Gainsbourg69 said “I believe Tiote needs to slap a Lino in the face in order to get booked.”

Unbelievable, and I do mean UNBELIEVABLE.

Foul after foul after foul. Not just niggly break up play rotational fouls, oh no, nasty break you ankle fouls.

We started like a runaway train and finished like a broken down milk cart.

Some of the boys were so below par they would struggle to make the Spurs team.

Some others were so good they would have displaced an Invincible.

Top of the league at the half way point. Wowser !!!

A special mention in dispatches for Little Mozart . What a guy.

Imagine Arsene Wenger going five at the back for the last 15 minutes. A man with no tactical nous and fixed thinking. Bouldy must have come up with that ? (What he did it against Tottenham you say ? Oh ok )

Ar-sen-al the greatest team the world has ever seen ,And its Ar-sen-al ……….

I could not be happier.

Happy New Year you wonderful lot XXXXX

P.S.  Here is what ZimPaul thought,a little bonus report ,if you like.

“We won, we won, we won, won, won, with a delicately deft and some would say a sublimely cheeky whisper of a softly-softly change of direction header from His Humbleness, Olivier G. Goal-scoring drought? That was some goal, a goal worthy of a good match, only a little piece of genius would break the deadlock.

Excellent sustained Newcastle effort all night by the way, some fine and composed players in their ranks, they are quite superior to Man United. Well done to them for making such a good match. One might say even-stevens, although I felt we were slightly ahead, a touch more dangerous through the middle, a tad less threatened by their bombardments and forays into our box. Jack lacks usual sharpness, but I think the issue is a little deeper, he’s in a transition period as a young player, finding his-self.

Lovely team stuff from our lads, no stand out player, except perhaps Tomas, but team passing and pressing was sharp, incisive and kept a confident Newcastle (7 wins in 9)on their toes. We played slightly within ourselves, and Newcastle defended very well.”

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51 comments on “War At Newcastle

  1. I have to agree with Passenal that the Newcastle rotational fouling (and solo fouling by Tiote) added to some very physical play v. Chelsea has taken a toll on our squad plus another bout of the flu. Vermaelen looks to be back so it is a question of him or Flamini at LB. Right now, I’d say Vermaelen if he’s over the flu.

    Like Gains, I see Mourinho trying to re-establish the old stereotype about Arsenal’s soft centre and him as the saviour of English footballing values as the narrative of the season. I hope people see through his patronizing and disingenuous charade. But, I do think the best way to show that up and dispel the view of Arsenal is to win tough games like that at Newcastle. And frankly the punditocracy has been giving us proper credit for winning such a difficult away match without Ozil and Ramsey. However, we pay a price with a weakened squad v. Cardiff, so hopefully everyone else can step up and frankly Ozil, Ramsey,Giroud could really use a break. TR isn’t going to start every three days and it is just bad luck Monreal has the flu. Otherwise, our team should be able to battle Cardiff at home. If we get the three points, I think we’ll get players back for the next league match on the 13th refreshed.

    Sagna, Merts, Kos, Verm
    Arteta, Wilshere
    Theo, Cazorla, Podolski

    Bench: Fabianski, Flamini, Jenkinson, Gnabry, Rosicky, Zelalem?

    Happy New Year to everyone!


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