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Arsenal Are Poor In Europe

 Today we have a guest post by Double  Canister. Never won the European Cup, Right? Well, until 1992 teams had to win the league to enter it. My hypothesis here is to argue that apart from the bleedin’ obvious fact that yes we have not won it (and thank you koppites, for reminding us of […]

Arsenal Must Form, Storm, Reform

This post was a comment by foreverheady on a previous post about the City game. It deserves its own space. I thought the linesman was as much of a problem as the ref, but maybe we have to learn not to hope that tight 50/50s don’t go against us, as they always seem to. The […]

Manchester City: We’ve lost a great English club

The Etihad experience & match report as City beat Arsenal 6-3 through the eyes of Demetri Loizou.(‘son of our very own Georgaki-pyrovolitis’. ) When my dad, a long time Gooner offered me the opportunity to come join him in Manchester to watch Arsenal take on City I deliberated for a while. My own team, Chesterfield […]

Arsenal Beat City 5 – 6

Well that was disappointing, to say the least. I can’t think of a single player (with the exception of Bendtner of all people) who did themselves justice. Theo took his goals well, but did little else.  He was by no means on his own. City set off like a runaway train but I felt that […]

Arsenal’s Big Test (Part 7)

I am really not up to this today.  Are you any day, you might well ask? I’ve been struck down with a terrible case of man-flu.   Never mind though, I’ll struggle on [Takes out onion and weeps – Ed] because I know without my expert opinions you would not know what to think. So […]

Do Arsenal Stick Or Twist ?

A tricky hand … The boys are off on a jaunt to Italy then. As far as I can tell, a draw or a win puts us top of the group.  A defeat by less than a 3 goal margin leaves us runners-up if BVB win in France. I am sure there are all sorts […]

Fair Blows The Wind For Arsenal, Blow Gentle Gale

Today’s piece is penned by our very own @anicoll5. In line with house policy I shall not recite the events of Sunday afternoon on the pitch as you have seen it, or heard it, or followed it on Twitter, or missed it. If the latter, my poor expression would be inadequate to describe an excellent […]