Arsenal’s Big Test (Part 7)

I am really not up to this today.  Are you any day, you might well ask?


I’ve been struck down with a terrible case of man-flu.   Never mind though, I’ll struggle on [Takes out onion and weeps – Ed] because I know without my expert opinions you would not know what to think.

So we play Manchester City, the favourites to win the league, at their gaff.

Should we not take all the points that will be 3 games without a win.

I can feel the knives being sharpened.


Arsene said  “We don’t complain about the fixtures”, which is his way of saying “City have a huge advantage and its not fair”

I have to say I was disappointed with our approach in Napoli.  I don’t like it when we go all “Chelsea”, and I hope Arsene picks an attacking team up in the rainy city.

Given our relative fatigue I would take a point now and be very satisfied.

When it comes to team selection once again I don’t have a clue.

If I was doing the team talk I would say “go hard and fast in the hope of getting a lead and upsetting them, and hang on in the second half when your legs are weary.”

I know, I know – I’m a genius.


Lets hope for a great game of football and a positive result.

One thing is for sure, we will be top of the League come Monday.

And that can’t be bad.

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66 comments on “Arsenal’s Big Test (Part 7)

  1. Everyone’s putting up their Christmas trees George. Tis the season and all that malarky.

    Ho-ho-ho. Pfft.

    Been another draining week. Tough game against Everton on Sunday, and less than three days after a trip to Naples we are away to those burly blue bastards. Too much, Was always going to be the most difficult match of the season, and we just seemed utterly knackered (still scored three though, and could have been more), which may account for at least some of the errors. You have to be at your very best there, physically and mentally. We weren’t. Great to see Theo back, that second was a great goal, freshest Arsenal player out there, and with good reason.

    That’s the rose-tinted version perhaps, but why not. We are still top of the league.

    They have time to recuperate now ahead of Chelsea, and yes we need to take points of them yadda yadda yadda…but we know how good this side are at bouncing back after defeats.

    Just don’t watch MOTD tonight kids. That’s my one bit of advice for you.


  2. 3 goals scored.
    One clear penalty not given.
    2 decent goals dubiously flagged offside,
    A flag happy linesman thwarting our attacks in the first half,
    And a ref who had been watching too many rugby games recently.

    Theo’s finishing looks like it has improved.
    But, our midfielders were poor today, tired and easily dominated off the ball, and so many little mistakes made defending. Incant really blame the ref for the 6 conceded goals although he allowed City players, especially Yaya to physically charge right through our smaller midfielders.

    We still are more that capable of beating Chelsea, we get a mini break for the week, and Arsenal look like they have more goal scoring options available.

    I am not that dejected, however it seems the goonerverse is in meltdown again.


  3. That’s the problem with the schedule George – little bit tired

    I would however like to take particular relish in reminding you all of my shrewd prediction yesterday

    ‘A low scoring draw’

    Oh yes that is right up there with the very best predictions


  4. Yes anicoll,you are genius like me


  5. MOTD was a waste of time.


  6. Painful to watch Shearer having a pop at us on MOTD riding his favorite hobby horse, zonal marking. Will he ever leave the comforts of the BBC studio and go back to management so we can see the implementation of his beloved man-to-man marking?


  7. Right then. Who the hell was this shmuck calling himself a referee and where in hell did he come from and where does his stupid eye doctor live. Destroyed the game with his calls and at worst possible points in the game. We had more than enough going toe to toe with this bunch of hired guns( no pun. ).
    And six minutes of extra time ?? Milner dragged his foot on the ground to draw contact. As good as they are they just can’t help cheating. How many professional fouls did you see them commit when we had ball and countering with pace. I say again we have what it takes against these guys.
    OZI needs to change his attitude a bit. This I wish and hope for. You can’t disrespect your captain in public like that. I fear he might be a bit of a premadonna , what with him coming from real Madrid and all that. Eight day to recuperate and come in fresh physically and mentally. And a bit more attitude. The right kind. Chin up. We will have our day too.


  8. Wesbrom just released Clark. Put him on gardening duties. gardening duties?? Maybe they are short in that department. Show beats custodial and cooking duties.
    Pitty, I liked him. One of the good guys in my book.


  9. I put a fiver on the walrus getting the axe next.


  10. Bloody hell , talking to meself again. Ay.
    Get HARRYS coat.


  11. Get well soon GEORE. you real WARRIOR you.


  12. Lol. When did JACK filpoff the crowd. Precious. What a character. Grow up kiddo , and fast. Getting yourself banned, for nothing. Way to go. Great help to the cause.


  13. Ah, that’s football innit. Some very odd lineman decisions too. We sure looked tired. City, I loathe, under Pellegrini whom I like, are playing some superb football; as Arsenal fan I always give credit to decent football. Minor setback for us which for many reasons I don’t mind.


  14. Upon further review NB’s goal was onside. The camera angle shown during the match was not the best shot. This not discount the our mistakes but it it is hard to take knowing that the calls kept going against the boys. 4 wrong offside calls that result in goals or could possibly have is a lot to take at any time but even worse when you are not at your best.

    Anyways, spilt milk I guess.


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