How Bad Were Arsenal At Everton, Really ?

I have left it a day before musing on the Everton game for the same reason I don’t tweet during matches, I find immediate appraisals tend to be knee jerk reaction and leave you looking like a right miserable Charlie.

The general consensus is that we were poor, but how poor were we really?

People say we were dire in the first half, but were we really ?

For the first 20 minutes there was zero danger that I could see. Ok, we didn’t create much ourselves, but we were away from home and playing ourselves into the game. We did look brighter than them and got into some dangerous forward positions.

Then the goal, against the run of play, had an effect on both Arsenal and Everton.

The goal itself could have been avoided, but what goal cant be? If we are going to blame Ozil for not defending like Tony Adams ,then thats harsh.

We were put on the back foot and Everton buoyed by being ahead when if anything they had been second best. For the next 10 minutes it was all Everton. Understandable? I think so !

The second Everton goal was a catalog of officiating errors. So to go in at half time 2 goals to the bad must have been a bitter pill to swallow.

The fans that had been screaming for Alexis to play in the middle were now screaming for a change.

Arsene made the change at half time (odd for a man who people say never makes tactical changes and always waits until 70 minutes) Giroud’s impact was immediate .He hit a volley that ended up in row Z but was  only inches over the bar.

We know what happened, 2 late goals and a really good point was salvaged.

Everton we were told were great and we were lucky.


We had 55% possession and the same territorial advantage.

They had 2 shots on target(one of which was a clear offside) we had 3.

We also had more than twice the shots off target.

The reality is we were not that bad. We deserved at least a point.

Giroud once again showed how important to the team he is.

Monreal was good . He provided the assist for the winner and looked solid. Another good player proving detractors wrong.

Carzola, another scapegoat, came on and assisted for the first goal.

We had players coming back into the team and others clearly not fully fit.

We had played an extremely physical European game mid week.

We were playing a very good team away from home.

I’m not sure what people expected, but an easy win should not have been it.


Thanks for reading,  pedantic george  @Blackburngeorge.


Right, now some in house matters.

As you all know we have a very tight door policy in the comments section. Its supportive opinions only.

We set this blog up for like minded people to have a safe haven , away from the misery of other places you might visit. Once in you are free to use any language that pleases you. However, at the risk of being accused of “poacher turned gamekeeper” I will not tolerate  aggressive posting towards others on the blog. Its not on and anyone doing it will be history. No matter who they are or how much I like them.


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58 comments on “How Bad Were Arsenal At Everton, Really ?

  1. Thanks for the review PG, many good comments too. Dixie60 was my favourite no offence to any others. Good luck to Everton too. Starting next weekend!

    “To make our game go forward we need to give the young blood a chance, let’s give those who have the qualifications the opportunity. It’s time we had some proper football”

    Football fans of both Arsenal and Everton Football clubs know what Leon Knight is on about. Lucky us! (IBSF)


  2. Some very decent posts from the Toffees. Given the result last season and being 2 nil down after a midweek game away in Turkey (which this early in the season AFTER the WC should not be downplayed, but was by the media hucjsters), this was definitely a point gained.

    This team is porbably at about 57.35% at the moment and if we continue to eek/grind out results while we get up to speed then that is a fine habit to have.

    And just a mention to Goerge and the other twitters; I would very much appreciate it if you’d give a few of the more obnoxiously self serving pointless bloggers like that angry from behind his mum’s skirt fella a bit of a virtual slap as he is how you say… a cunt.


  3. im reading f365….they are saying that ‘ arsenal false 9 fails test” ……

    i dont know much football so please forgive me asking …what the hell is a false 9 ? is this an alan shearer/ jamie rednap/ robbie savage type football term? or the new ‘regista’ sensation ? false nine… falco ennea


  4. while navigating you tube in order to get into the depths of falco ennea i found

    ..this is what happens larry….

    feiken stuffen als den mejklaout wejrestlos….van basten….


  5. Forgive the blessed British media and hacks, for they have just cottoned on to the possibility that a team might play with, wait for it, a player who isnt 7ft tall and the same width…

    But since Spain are now shite, then that is old hat and we all have to play just like the Jeermanz innit, Alan…


  6. man …i checked further and they use falco ennea to describe players like totti and messi…lol..so basically they are talking about using the tens as solo ‘strikers’…… in strikerless formations…bit like : as i was going to saint ives i met a man with seven wives..i ask him whats the time..he said he didnt know.


  7. podolski linked with juventus! non non….cannonfoot cant go….. he beats neuer comfortably


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