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Arsenal’s Motion Starts Poetically.

It’s Gooner-stic, I say Sight and sounds of opening day Red army to the fray Proud, ambitious, ready to slay. While pundits babble and predict Bringing comfort to the pessimist Gooners remain optimists Full in knowledge that signings are no mist. So Palace to be the test Fully prepped but leaderless From the south they […]

Nah na na na na na na Giroud

The striker who has everything is extremely rare. It is not just doing almost all of dribbling, goal poaching, scoring 30 yard screamers, heading, creating, link-up, holding up, positioning, creating space, partnership, etc. The attitude, mentality and behaviour makes that difference between the supremely talented players and the legends. This is why, atleast personally, while […]

Is Arsenal’s Squad Now Good Enough?

Today, in The Independent, and yesterday in The Telegraph they wrote that Arsenal have their best squad in 10 years. I would often disagree with the Torygraph’s line on all things related to Arsenal, but not this time. We must have lost count nearly of how many times the club have had to rebuild the team […]

Arsenal’s Strongest Ever Squad ?

The other night I tweeted this “I’m going to stick my neck out here and say this is Arsenal’s strongest SQUAD ever.” Of course my Time Lime was immediately swamped with mocking toddlers who were quick to tell me that I was deluded and the 04 team was better. Clearly these people were unable to […]

Oh Lord, Arsenal May Have A Title Winning Team

After yesterday’s 3:0 thumping of the oilers of Manchester by the financially invigorated Arsenal, both the commercial media and the army of “wannabes” on twitter are having a hard time putting a spin on the event without losing hold of a comfortable narrative they already sewed. Pre-game, the consensus was to grudgingly admit that Arsenal […]

New Captain Lifts The Trophy.

I wait Nine years for a piece of silverware, and I’m buggered if two don’t come along at once ! Well ok, its not a real trophy, but its sure a lot better to be winning it than losing it. We fans , and the club, have to listen as people tell us we cant […]

Once More Unto The Breach, Dear Arsenal, Once More

  It seemed a sensible time to review the “Closed Season” as 24 hours from now we shall be locked back into the 2014/2015 season.  Either our first silverware, will be safely on its way to the trophy room at the Ems, if not then the scarved mob will be forming up, pitchforks at the […]