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Jeux Sans Raison

Thank the deity of your choice that the sideshow is over. International football, that utterly meaningless distraction, with its attendant pandering to nationalism, racism and  general xenophobic flag waving, has at long last finished using our precious playing staff for its own tedious ends and they can now limp back to London and the treatment […]

Enjoying Arsenal

Supporting Arsenal is fun at the moment for all concerned. Well almost all. Those who are desperate to see the back of the manager, board, medical staff, goalkeeping coach, and Doris the tea lady excepted of course, are having a miserable time. But lets waste no time on those scoundrels. There looks to have been […]

Talking Through the Arse Episode 4

George and Ronan are joined by the one and only Geoff (@geoffArsenal) to discuss all things Arsenal and a few things not.

Jack Wilshere – What Is It To Be An Englishman?

Today a guest post from The Beck. Last night, the Telegraph released an interview with Jack Wilshere.  He was speaking to the infamous/famous Henry Winter about his views on the possibility of Adnan Januzaj representing England. This is what he was directly quoted to have been saying: “If you live in England for five years […]

West Brom Break Arsenal’s Spirit. Not.

Such is our form that a point away is seen by some as a bad result. But is it really? Since the season kicked off some six weeks ago we have played 4 Champions League, 7 League and a COC game with an injury ravaged squad. That’s 12 games, 2 per week , with basically […]

West Brom. Again.

Can’t guarantee this blog will be worth reading. There are two reasons for my starting a little with the handbrake on. Firstly I could have sworn I already did West Brom just the other day and secondly I have a raging toothache and just necked a chemical cocktail of pain killers including some prescription pills […]

Atavistic Shibboleths

I’m out of step again. If supporting Arsenal was a dance I’d be treading on every toe in the room. It’s OK don’t feel sorry for me, I’m quite used to it. When we were playing in hugely entertaining games but coming out with honours shared in multi scoring draws or losing by the odd […]