West Brom Break Arsenal’s Spirit. Not.

Such is our form that a point away is seen by some as a bad result. But is it really?

Since the season kicked off some six weeks ago we have played 4 Champions League, 7 League and a COC game with an injury ravaged squad.

That’s 12 games, 2 per week , with basically the same starting 11.  Is it any wonder we were not at our scintillating best?

The Referee was dire.  More on him later.

We played a team that had their tails up, having beaten the current champions in their fortress just last week.

And yet, and yet I say, despite going a goal down, we didn’t lose. No, we did not – we drew. That dear friends is a good point, let me tell you.

Ok,there were some less than convincing performances. Such is the nature of sport.

Jack had a bit of a mare. After 20 minutes I wanted him hooked. That’s what I would have done.  Off he would have come and up Rosicky would have popped.

That is why I am a dumb-arsed blogger, and not a football professional (well its one of the reasons anyway) because his spirit and drive got us the equaliser. It was his first league goal for 3 years; it took a very lucky deflection for it to go in, but in it went. You don’t win a raffle unless you buy a ticket, and Jack bought a ticket.

The same tired arguments about him not being a wide player are being trotted out. He is a very talented player, he should be able to play anywhere other than defence and centre-forward. He had a bad day. Nothing more.

Let us not forget that someone has to play wide, and in the absence of all our regular wide players, why not Jack?  It helped Aaron with his development. Why not Jack?

Also, hard as it may sound, he is not playing in his preferred position simply because there are other players who are better than him taking those places.

As I saw it the problem was that West Brom set out to stop us playing through the middle.  That meant the flanks were where the space was, but neither Jack nor Aaron are best suited to that role.

So it became somewhat of a slog.

This is exactly the sort of game we used to lose. But not now it seems. Oh no. This is a different animal, this Arsenal.

Now to Mr Mason, our nemesis on the day.

He was crap. He allowed Jack to be kicked from pillar to post, tripped, barged and bumped off the ball. No wonder the lad could not get into any sort of a rhythm.

Personally I thought Jack could have had two penalties, the second of which was the tackle from behind of the type that has seen penalties awarded against us when Laurent has done it.

As I said, I thought we needed the flanks to be exploited and Carl and Gibbs were not very good going forward yesterday.

Anyway, given all of the above, we have to be pleased to be sitting on top of the league going into the international break.

More troops will be back after the break and we can march on.

Happy days .

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102 comments on “West Brom Break Arsenal’s Spirit. Not.

  1. using all parameter to be a good referee howard webb is the best.
    he knows the rules, always at the thick of the action, quick, authoritative, fit and has the presence. the problem with webb is when he has an interest in a game. for instance when you play against manure or any club he likes. there’re many referees in the premier league who are just incompetent, lazy, unfit and timid,
    in some cases dont even know the rules of the game. if there is any calls that webb fails to make, it most times isnt because he missed it. if he didnt call a pen for instance, it may be because it is against united of that he feels he didnt want to, and he hardly calls a pen when he does see one. but there are many referee who dont give a call because they simply dont see it or incapable of seeing it. many gives call based on intuition or stereotype rather than reality.
    this is koscielny and it has to be a foul or that is martesacker, he doesnt make a rash challenge.
    my point is if we are playing a big game and not against united, webb is a referee i will be happy to get.
    mike dean is also a good referee but he simply hates arsenal or wenger as the case may be.


  2. kolo toure would make a great ref


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