Can Arsenal Win The League?


“We are top of the league, say, we are top of the league!” 

(What can possibly go wrong?)

We stand top of the League, two points clear with six games gone.

That’s six games people not thirty-six.

It is fantastic that we are where we are but I urge caution.  I hope we win the league, I do, of course I do.

I want us to win it, but I don’t expect us to win it.

Can we win it?  I think so.

However, if we start to believe we should win it at this early stage, then if we don’t, that will be seen as a failure.  For me though, if we don’t quite win it yet end up a lot closer, then that should be seen as an achievement, not a failure.  Things can go wrong. In fact things WILL go wrong.  Just like they always have for every team, anywhere, ever.

In two years time we should see the nucleolus of this team hitting their peak.

Imagine if  Jack, Wojciech, Carl and AOC improve in the way Aaron and Gibbs have (although I feel there is much more to come from them and Theo too) .  Ozil,  Santi, Per and Laurent will still be at the height of their powers.  Add to all that a sprinkling of stars bought in and then I will be expecting us to win things.  Only a few short weeks ago we could have backed Arsenal to win the league at odds of 20 to 1.  So if we were to eventually manage to come out on top, then – given those odds – that would be an incredible achievement.

We do incredible achievement though, don’t we?

17 years of Champions League qualification; one unbeaten season; the move to the finest stadium in the country – all incredible.

So let’s be excited.  Let’s be hopeful

But let’s not be calling it a failure if we have to wait a little longer.

The same stupid people who see the last 8 years as a failure will roll out the same tired arguments as to why we have shown a lack of ambition.  From what I can see, the crux of this argument seems to be that we should have spent more, sooner.

Clearly the plan Arsene and the Board have been following is not the same as that which these Einsteins would have dreamed up.  Of course that plan would have been formed with little or no knowledge of the club or its goals or the financial realities.

A plan that would have been crudely fueled by dangerous levels of optimism.  Still, I am sure they would have been right.

Eh?  Really?

What are the chances?

So let us not make the same mistake.

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153 comments on “Can Arsenal Win The League?

  1. rosicky : incredible first half…showed the way…..

    flamini: boss…while tackling/sliding with 100km in opponents third in the 10th minute with studs showing and he is pointing to the ball, practically saying ” look i got the ball ref”…..- refs takes him aside…flamini puts hand behind his back ” i got ball ref i got ball”…- “yes you got ball but lets try and be careful from now on yes?” …. no card, nothing…experience..then in 2nd half he is chasing some napoli player going one on one with woijech and before stepping in the area he blatantly pulls and knocks the napoli player down …ref didnt see it apparently…..such experience …for free.. ///// against swansea when mikel arteta came in at the 78-80th minute , flamini had no problem ordering and yelling at him too regarding positioning etc…..he gets busy oh he does…for the full 90 mins..everywhere….and the most important..everyone else wears white yellow red green purple boots…flamini wears black football boots…

    ramsey: i spent a lot of time trying to understand what position he was playing…wenger played rosicky left , ozil right ( a right foot on the left and a left foot on the right…for both to drift inwards with their good foots, genius. ) and ramsey behind giroud…maybe because ramsey right now is better at timing his runs inside the box and with his energy is better equipped to take advantage of girouds knockdowns than say a lightweight ozil still acclimatising or a coming back from injury tomas……

    giroud: immense….the shift he put in today is superhuman….. albiol had a horrible evening and he aint small or weak…unbelievable stamina and accuracy of passing while in stretched situations…a very different centre forward/targetman….always thinking…the first goal we score he freezes play for miliseconds and releases arsenal on a goal scoring situation with his control – stop- wait- play it to ramsey down the line……( ramsey playing as ten behind giroud following his striker even there….)

    ozil – goal and assist in champions league debut for arsenal…i guess it is written….that goal….youd be lucky enough to hit the target let alone score…id probably have sent it to the corner flag…. ramsey has put real power and pace into that cross…its them viagras he takes before games…

    87th minute fans chant…..One Arsene Wenger…..

    higuain this , higuain that , napoli hard test my arse…we werent playing against gabriel batistuta , we could have scored 5 …crowd starting to believe…fantastic night…and i cant even begin to imagine what will happen when cazorla returns…scary….and walcott…jeez and podolski….delirium over.time to sleep.


  2. Hunter, I felt that whatever positions Ramsey/Rosicky/Ozil were playing were mostly nominal. All three moved around and inter-changed, popping up everywhere. Ramsey spent a lot of time on the right to support Bac when we were defending, but I also saw him on the left and in the middle and the same with the others. Ozil’s assist for Ollie G came during a spell when he was playing on the right. I think that is what completely bamboozled Napoli. They didn’t know who was playing where even our striker was not rooted to the middle.

    All those numpties complaining about players ‘playing out of position’ don’t realise that having multi-skilled players enables you to do that. The fact that Ramsey has played right back enables him to add extra support defensively, but he also has an eye for a pass and a nose for a goal scoring opportunity from playing on the wing and in the middle. Total football baby – that is what Arsene is looking for and when it clicks, it’s mouthwatering!


  3. Today’s post is up


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