Magnifique Arsenal!


Just one word.

Where to start?

I assume you have all seen the game, so no point me going through it blow-by- blow.

It was quite simply a thing of beauty.

Wengerball at its finest.  This was not merely sterile possession, oh no.  It was quite simply football at its very best.  Napoli were going to be the big test, ‘they’ said.  Well from the first two minutes right up to the whistle at the end of the first-half, Napoli did not get a foot on the ball.

Remember, this was a side wracked with injury, cobbled together from a paper-thin squad supposedly lacking depth, and a manager, we have been told, who doesn’t do tactics.

It was just devastating stuff from the home team, total domination and a joy to behold.

The poor Sky Sports pundits were left without a twig to beat Arsenal with; critics of the club were left scrambling for crumbs of negative comfort in a cupboard that is patently bare; once again, the sound of scripts being torn up were all but audible.

The second half was Wengerball (Part 2) and you could sense the whole of Europe taking heed of the warning now emanating from North London.

We just slipped back into third gear and controlled the game in a way that really makes you think that this team is the real deal.  We waited and waited for a counter-attack that simply never came.  Napoli knew we would ruthlessly pick them off if they risked anything and sensibly opted for a respectable defeat, three points lost.  The other option did not bear thinking about and had season-ruining potential written all over it.

I really can’t think of one of our lads who were not magnificent.

Ok, I don’t have enough superlatives to do the performance justice, so let’s enjoy talking about it in the comments section.

Have I said I love this team?

Oh, ok.

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162 comments on “Magnifique Arsenal!

  1. Layksite
    I’d fancy us at Milan with crazy Mario.

    Wenger usually eases off the gas a bit once we are sure of CL group stage qualification. We never had the squad depth before and always had massive games in the premier league to cope with at the same time.
    This year, it just feels…. Different.


  2. Holding Ozil up as a saviour allows fans and press to validate their long held stance that Arsenal needed to ‘make a statement’, ‘spend big’, ‘buy world class players’, etc. To continue the pretense they were somehow ‘right’. Keeping the focus on Ozil also conveniently distracts from the form of players like Ramsey, Giroud, Mertesacker, and others; players who the press and fans said weren’t good enough but Arsene proved them wrong.


  3. DC @ 5.36 pm

    I can see the headlines:
    “Reds Mutiny: Wenger loses dressing room”
    “Gunners stars ignore naïve Wenger tactics”


  4. pissy piers:


    Wow! The Gun Lobby Really Does Hate Piers Morgan (link at bottom of article, if it doesn’t show here)


  5. LEO s
    Precisely. All I ask is we combat that line of thinking.
    I’m with that. Confidence is sky high and in a couple of more weeks we will be getting more of our injured back. I say f••• it. Bring on any of the big guns. Getting rid of one will make it so much easier for us at later rounds. Bring it on.


  6. Hahaha. The end is near.
    Nice links RANTTETA.
    for what it’s worth I wish GRAVIS was still with us too.


  7. Master stroke playing Arteta and Flamini together. 2 experienced holding players with complementary games freeing the attack to fly forward, move and interchange in symmetries and patterns that bamboozled Napoli’s defense. Post match conference, AW made it clear Flamini had a specific tactical mission–stifle Hamsik to kill off their counterattack–and he smothered him, asphyxiated him.


  8. Carlos vela scored with a penalty against n.leverkosan. Barely. Initial shot blocked, he put away the rebound.
    I’ll try to find out how CAMPBELL did as I think he played for olympiacos today.
    pretty good tactics from a manager known to have none. Chook goozal ARSENAL…


  9. EDVARDO on the bench but never brought on.
    EBOUE played solid right back as galatesary tied juventos 2-2.


  10. VELA & CO. Lost in a heartbreaker. Free kick,89 minute, tied at 1-1. Very demoralizing.


  11. Pleasure to read so many great comments. Passing stats, no skills zone, love flam, killing Italian parked bus, Özil/Theo, Özil/Cazorla, getting Podolski back… and when Jack regains match fitness – whoooyaaa!


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