Depleted Class

kryten_228x309Well that was most satisfactory.

A three one win which could, and perhaps should, have been much more comprehensive. In the first half we were totally dominant with seventy three percent possession away from home, in the second we were less so but still much the better team.

One thing that worries me is Laurent and his tackles from behind that lead to the inevitable penalties. It does not matter that he is getting a touch on the ball, because it’s illegal to tackle from behind. So even if he is getting a touch the chances are a spot kick will be given. Do stop it son.

When you consider that Arteta, Santi, Tomas, Diaby, Podolski, Bendtner and AOC are out injured, the fact that we were able to field such a strong starting eleven makes talk of us having a weak squad seems a little ridiculous to me.

Our new shiny new superstar looked every inch just that. Given he was said to be under the weather the signs look absolutely fantastic.

However, it worries me that his acquisition is being talked about as the making of the team. This team has lost one game in six months, and that was to a referee rather than to a team. The growth of our existing players is the reason we look so formidable. When you think that the pre-Ozil team was built for a negative net transfer spend, huge credit must go to the manager.


The star of the show, once again was Aaron Ramsay. Most tackles (7), most touches (111), most passes (88), ninety two percent completion rate, two goals, and man of the match. The boy is quite simply the best player in the league this season so far. To think that as little as six months ago he was “not fit to wear the shirt” according to some expert fans and even pundits! Don’t tell me Arsène doesn’t know best; just don’t ok?

Imagine the Wengerball we will be seeing when the wounded return. Its frightening you know? It is !

Jack looked much improved. Its been clear that the two years out is going to take some coming back from, just like it did for Aaron and Tomas before him, but with his talent and will it is just a matter of time.

Oh, and how good has Flamini slotted back in? His signing could prove the master stroke of all master strokes.

So that’s it people, you likely all have seen it yourselves, so you don’t need a mug like me to explain to you what you saw.

Great innit ?

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164 comments on “Depleted Class

  1. Isaac Harden.
    A strong, imposing player who can play in defence or midfield, 18-year old Isaac enjoyed an excellent first year in Arsenal’s youth team. Although he started his career in a holding midfield role, the coaches at London Colney have moulded Isaac into a commanding central defender worthy of the captain’s armband (in the academy team). The youngster originally joined from Southend and was an established member of England’s Under-17s last season.


  2. Joel Campbell is in the Olympiacos squad tonight against PSG.
    might finall get to see him play football,
    Lets Hope he does some damage to the plastic Parisians.


  3. I found these comments very interesting.
    AW on Flamini

    “When you’re very young, it is difficult to understand what he had at Arsenal.

    “I was reluctant to sign him again but he was so honest in his statement that he wants to play the kind of football we play, that he wants to help us to win. He convinced me through his attitude and his desire in training that he will be the right signing for us.

    “It was his attitude. He could have gone somewhere else. He had offers but he wanted to put it right with this club and I think he felt somewhere that he had something to bring to the piece here. He was determined to do that.”

    “[He is] absolutely crucial to the balance of the team,” the boss added. “He has done very well. He had not played since May and when you see how well he came in, it shows you how well, how focused and how dedicated he was in his preparation.

    “He’s got what is needed in every team. I wouldn’t say we lacked that as much as people say but he is of course important for the balance of the team that we have players with his qualities.”


  4. PG
    You started ‘conversing’ with JJ when many of those who still comment on that board could not be arsed. And they went on to accuse you of being intolerant of those with contrary opinions! An accusation so disingenuous that it is funny and strange in equal measure. Perhaps the desire to usher in the end of an era was so strong that it became impossible to accept that many fans were not slashing their wrists every five minutes?

    Well it looks like many are planning to celebrate the beginning of a new era outside the ground on Saturday with the No.11 photoshoot to celebrate the new No.11 who got his first assist after eleven minutes on the pitch.

    I wrote at the beginning of the summer that they were probably looking for a super duper creative striker to complement Plodders and The HFB and complete the rebuild began when the F Word effed off, using the 08 squad template. Won’t say no to Ozil! Just need that extra striker obviously but with Ozil’s arrival it is more then fair to say that the intense rebuild is complete, and indeed we can say as many have been saying that the club has entered a new era!
    Not sure if this all means that baubles will be picked this season, but then I don’t care. I’m too busy dooming in the corner at Carzola Arteta Plodders and Chamberlain missing out on playing at this exciting moment in time. No libations for the injury gods from me.
    On the plus side Akpom, Gnabry and of course Ryo have impressed previously. As Mesut said, AFC are famous for giving young talent the opportunity to impress.


  5. Frimmy was on the bench at Sunderland, I thought he was going to be Flamini’s understudy. I am surprised he wasn’t on the plane to Marsailles, but Hayden must have shown enough for Arsène to call him up.
    Theo is a decent enough striker, he is still learing to improve his game. I watched the highlights of Sunderland again – he didn’t do much wrong, maybe he shot straight at the middle of the goal a few times, but they were clean crisp shots. I might be a birth harsh on him at times but I fully expect him to push onwards from his ‘breakthrough’ 20+ goal season.


  6. ZP, those are interesting comments. I think someone with his sort of physicality and defensive discipline was a piece we needed for balance in our midfield, as a tactical option and as backup to Arteta. And his technical ability is often perhaps underrated given his other qualities. Once players are fit–Cazorla, Rosicky, and Arteta–it is going to be interesting to see how AW composes a midfield in different situations. It will certainly give him fantastic options.

    I like that Flamini felt he had unfinished business and was so committed. I so enjoyed that season he was patrolling beside Cesc in 07-08. A shame he got injured; fingers crossed he stays fit this season. His style of play certainly will expose him to some knocks. I was initially not too enthusiastic but he clearly has the spirit and still has the skills. His experience and knowledge of the club have made his integration much easier and quicker. Could be a key signing for this promising season.


  7. Joel Campbell has just comenon for Olympiakos


  8. JJ ?
    As in ‘ Wenger is a compulsive LIAR’ JJ ?

    Day after day

    Week after week

    Until this week apparently

    Do leave orf

    Yep just leave it


  9. Stirring words from Wenger. Flamini is the first name on the team sheet against Stoke.


  10. JonJon quote ‘I fucking hate Wenger’ .
    Folks like that get all the accolades on some other blogs.
    No rational critique offered at all, just a piss in the wind bravado not challenged by the meek.

    Pity about Joel Campbell comming on when the game was lost, he looked lively, but 3 cock-ups from zonal defensive marking at corners (ahem, cough) cost Olymipiakos dearly.
    That young fellow Weiss looked handy, please try to see his goal folks – he beat 4 defenders quite nicely. And another shot clattered the cross bar.


  11. Gainsbourg.

    I would have thought Kevlar Shin Pads would be the first name.
    Followed by Bupa Medical Insurance.

    Anyway, Hughes is trying to teach the Orcs his brand of football, pity. Cause it’s never worked at any football team he’s managed before.


  12. I can only guess Frimpong is favoured at this stage for away games up north, maybe to close a game or deputize for Flamini with a physical approach, but I found the inclusion of 18-year old Hayden (a defender – youth captain I believe – who can play mid, rather than the other way round) above Frimpong interesting, and surprising. It’s a defensive bench anyway, all 7 main defenders are travelling with 2 keepers.

    Flamini, noticed more for tackles, closing and running at opposition, scaring them a bit, shouting at players to get organized, is also a decent passer of the ball, runs quite well with the ball too, nothing special but capable; he’s not noticed for link-up play, but he does his bit. The between the lines comment that struck me from AW was “attitude” and “something he wants to put right”. I think that’s it. It lifts the team. He realizes now what he has at Arsenal, really wants it, and he’ll do his utmost to deserve his place.


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