Let’s All Be Friends. Or Not?

I find myself in a state of conflict.

I am ecstatically happy about results and the general development of the team and club, yet angry at the treatment they were receiving until very recently.

People who have spent years running down the board, manager and players, a situation that reached new heights during the summer, are guilty of obscene levels of revisionism.

The manager was said to be unable to “do” defence.  This team has conceded 3 goals from open play in the last 18 games. It had the second best defence in the league last year, whilst still playing attacking football.  It contains players of the calibre of Sagna ,Mertesacker, Koscielny, Gibbs and Monreal.  Not bad picks for a guy that doesn’t know a defender from his elbow.  Are these experts on football holding up their collective hands and saying: “Oops, I was talking utter crap.sorry” ?

Where are the agitators who claimed we would never buy a world class player or ever spend over £20 million on one now? What about those who claimed that big names being linked were just a ploy by the money -grabbing board to sell season tickets?  Why are they not admitting to being malcontent idiots?

Here are some extract from a post by ZimPaul that puts some great questions:

One thing is the frustrated fan hurling cheap insults against any target, including Emmanuel, Aaron, Abou, Theo, Denilson, so many others, and always Wenger by default, to vent their infantile anger at not being at the “top table” of trophies for a rather short spell, without thought of incredible ambitions the club had already achieved, was in the process of achieving, and had set its sights on, and the calm, decent manner it was going about all this. Despicable and stupid.

Then what does one call the informed and erudite fan, who knowingly, willfully set out to manipulate malleable, weak minds with outright lies, selective lies, omission of facts, outrageous claims (often dressed up as modest, humble appeals for change and “end of an era”), manipulating and flinging about all manner of base emotions, with the objective to erode team and club morale, it’s achievements, and get Wenger out?

And then what does one call more influential individuals and journalists, pundits, ex-players, football establishment types, who conjured up and fabricated an entire anti-Wengerball culture, week in week out, appealing to Arsenal’s time-honoured (British) traditions and glories, and so set out and all but conspired to use their influence to destroy Arsenal’s achievements during a vulnerable period of building for the long term?

That’s at least three categories of idiots who should be scoffing humble pie like there is no tomorrow.  But are they ?

The relentless moaning and whinging by fans with an over-inflated sense of entitlement has morphed into “We were only asking legitimate questions.” 

Where they? Or were they chatting shit?

All last year some of us were suggesting that when the new arrivals settled in and the young players followed their natural progression, that we would see a very good team.

This was deemed delusional.  When we said Ramsey, Giroud, Chamberlian, Podolski, Gibbs and others would be much better, we were told that we were mad. Some of these players were classed “not of Arsenal standard” by expert fans and pundits alike.

Were they wrong? Are they sorry?

People claim their moaning was because they were frustrated.  Ignoring that it was them and their fellow halfwits that were speculating about nonsense and that was what was fueling their frustrations.

They claim they were right to question.  Well it’s the tone and content of the questions that separate a reasonable fan from a spoiled child.

What about those who insisted that Jack would be sold and we were content to be fourth and not challengers?

Are they contrite?

We bought Ozil and still have huge funds for future purchases. Of course the moaners will say we should have spent more and sooner. Because they would make a better fist of running the club? Right?

Anyone with even half a brain could have seen that 2014 was penciled in as the point where we moved through the gears. It was obvious. But despite the evidence some expert fans won’t accept this.

You can question the club and still be behind the team.  That’s true.  But you must accept that if the questions you are asking are ridiculous and being asked because you have little understanding of almost anything, then its a hindrance rather than a help.

If you are claiming that our injury crisis is a result of poor management and planning consider this.  A fit squad would see, by my calculations, ten full and first choice Internationals not in the starting eleven. So swivel.

Things are going rather well at present, but there will come a point when we suffer some reverses.  The wheels might not fall off, but one might come loose, or it might just be a flat tyre.  At this point all the good that has gone before us up until now, will be forgotten.  Blackburn and Bradford will be rolled out and past perceived failings will be regurgitated by those that are temporarily quiet (and asking for amnesty) and used to back up their wild and ridiculous claims of incompetence by some poor sod or other.  Be it Aaron, Arsene, Ivan or Stan.

These stupid know-it-all fans haven’t gone away, they are just lurking and waiting for their next chance to express their football know-how.

So don’t ask me to just enjoy the football.

Did they want to allow me to just enjoy the football?

Bollocks to them and any appeaser.

Now I will be accused of not being positive, and for creating more divides with this post. Well I am sorry, but these people make me sick.

Does that make me a flawed individual?


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266 comments on “Let’s All Be Friends. Or Not?

  1. The wait is unbearable. Anticipation is killing me . OZZI ‘S first game for ARSENAL at home . I have a feeling this guy is going to be with us for foreseeable future. Maybe still a gunner even after AW is gone. How jealous I am of those who can make it to the game. Best I can do is try to get a few winks( yah right ) and then drive to the pub to scream and watch the game with about 150 die-hards. It will be jam packed they say . Get here early to be seated. Only way to get food served. Food? How can you eat. Be seated. Hahaha. To damn nervous for that. This could be a historical game. I can feel it . Sub-plots everywhere you look. Tomas back. Mikel back. Aaron, oh Aaron. How tough to be playing against that basterd again. Emotions in motion. I hope they are rested from the CL game and up for this game. Hughes first game at the EMIRATES in charge of this bunch. Bad blood abound between him and AW . Will he show some class. Will he send his punks out to play or do more unthinkable things. One thing is for damn sure. Those in attendance better do their effin job. Make it memorable. Make it a bloody win to send us a top the table , as is surly our place.

    UP WITH THE ARSENAL!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. heh G-kam lets not get överböard…löl… i woke up early today so im gonna go get a nice spot with my camera and record the black scarf movement !! we should have got a striker …look at eto banging them in ….wenger failed us.

    in january wenger brings in mata and torres….how about that?


  3. Who is the referee for this spectacle??

    ian wright


  4. Who is the referee for this spectacle??


  5. Lol. Good morning you crazy Greek. Hope all is well. Mata and Torres?? Lol . Where did you get that bro.
    Ian f••••Ing Wright?? Lol.. get serious. I’m curious man. Are you going to the game????


  6. Totally agree Gains, but now Stevie is positioned far too back for the passes to be capable of breaking through defensive lines. What’s he doing back there? As Defensive cover he is useless, he has never tackled in his life.


  7. mate , I don’t think your gona see one black shawler there today. Them cockroachs will wait for a low before they show their face again. Today we celebrate ARSENAL FOOTBALL & OZZI. don’t give the moaners any airtime . Not today…


  8. Hunter
    Most of the armchair generals seem today FIFA pro manager on the Xbox thingy.
    To buy a striker you just press a few buttons.

    Good to see you up so early on a match day. GP will be impressed.
    oh, and it’s Mike Dein. I hope Wenger has being practising with a 10 man team for this game.


  9. Are the Black Scarves ding a protest today?
    Seriously, what is wrong with these people?


  10. *doing

    Anyone see Surarez’s look of utter despair watching the game in the Liverpool stand yesterday? Hahah.
    And 15 % of his wages go to his incompetent agents. Haha bloody ha.


  11. Good morning all

    GP will be impressed? Or did you mean PG will be impressed? At any rate I am impressed…..the sun is shining and I am going for a walk in the beautiful Peak National Park (it’s on my doorstep). I’ll be back in time for the game.

    We should win comfortably. Like many folk I fear the thugs will injure someone and get away with it…..


  12. Thanks DC and a good morning to you.


  13. I would be genuinely interested in getting Torres.
    For a reasonable fee of course.

    If there is one manager who can nurture a player like Torres back to anything like his best it is Arsène Wenger.
    Still, Torres deserves his misfortune, if you swim with sharks……..

    No secret that we want Mata, Moe is just being a git.


  14. Good morning GP. have a great you lucky son of gun. A national park at your doorstep?? Excellent.


  15. Stew has posted todays treat.Move on over.


  16. Morning GP, yeah that’s you.

    I can’t see Arteta starting today, this is a game for Flamini..
    He is gonna kick them stokies right back into the Stone Age…
    …..oh, …wait.
    They’re already in it.


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