Swans Necked


Two good footballing teams

Here is my usual in-depth analysis of the game.

Two good footballing teams played a good game of football.  The team with the best players won.

It really was as simple as that.

It almost looks like the lads are so full of self-belief that they can easily contain teams, safe in the knowledge that a shift through the gears can be found at any time.  Eight Premier League away wins on the bounce.  Twelve consecutive away wins.

I mean come on!

We have to be impressed by that? Don’t we?  We have won five consecutive Premier League games. The only loss was to a referee.  Santi, Podolski ,Tomas and Theo will be back soon.

Imagine that?

If we can get to the international break with another two wins then I think we can really start to get excited.

Oh and I don’t know if anyone noticed, but the team our reserves beat in the C.O.C. this week went to the home of the Champions, and beat them yesterday.

Anyway, that’s it from me.  You all will have seen it, lets chat about it and enjoy it in the comments section.

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64 comments on “Swans Necked

  1. I’d best get with the narrative Shotta.

    Not entirely convinced, mind.


  2. The first goal yesterday, and the third goal against Sunderland (Gnabry and Ramsey) were as good as any goals as I have ever seen, anywhere, by anyone, anytime ( and yes, I am closer to a bus pass than I would like to be – and no, I don’t work for Martini). You can’t defend against that kind of collective understanding and movement. If only I didn’t care so much for the result, and didn’t find each game so terribly nerve-wracking, I think I would really enjoy watching this side.

    Make no mistake, this deeply-talented squad (who will be strongly added to) may well become the greatest side the greatest ever manager (of all time) has ever assembled.


  3. I am an idiot.
    DC at 2:49pm.
    I can’t believe we still have Oxlade-Chamberlain to come back as well.

    An embarrassment of riches.


  4. Shotta
    The only striker I can think of is Alexis Sanchez in Barcelona, who seems to be surplus to requirements. however Messi just picked up a knock, so they may play him in the UCL against Celtic, hence cup-tieing him.
    No one else seems to be
    A – for sale
    B – priced for a quick move
    C – ready to move.

    But a motivated Bentner might be even better.


  5. But a motivated Bendtner might be even better.

    He is PERFECT for our current system.


  6. Hands up on here who wanted Arsenal to but that Fella ninny?
    Yup, didn’t think so.
    (Unlike some other expert blogs).

    Look’s like we dodged a very big fuzzy haired bullet there.


  7. I can’t even begin to imagine how shit our centre half department might be if we had signed, doomer favorite, Christopher Samba.


  8. please when will arsene and ramsey be named the epl manager and player of the month? its taking too long.


  9. I’ve always liked Pat Nevin
    This is fantastic analysis of Ollies play this season.
    Pity he has to tell every opposing defender, though.



  10. Gains
    What’s Yann M’Villa up to these days?


  11. The moment JVC realised he has made the biggest mistake in his life:


  12. Fins @ 6:29 pm – Amazing video, amazing sequence of passes. Shows what an amazing squad Wenger has built.

    Do people realize we had no truly wide players against a team flooding our midfield with movement and players yet this team found a solution to the problem. Simply amazing.


  13. For all you cynics, sceptics and non-believers out there – today’s post is up.

    Yes it is.



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