I Come to Bury Wenger, Not To Praise Him!

Friends, Gooners, football fans, lend me your ears;

I come to bury Wenger, not to praise him;

The evil that men do lives after them,

The good is oft interred with their bones,

So let it be with Wenger…The noble Mainstream Media

Hath told you Wenger was not ambitious:

If it were so, it was a grievous fault,

And grievously hath Wenger answered it …

Here, under leave of the Mainstream Media and the rest,

For Mainstream Media is made of honourable men;

So are they all (journos, bloggers and podcasters); all honorable men.

Come I to speak in Wenger’s funeral…

He was like a friend and mentor; faithful and just to me:

But the Mainstream Media says he lacked ambition;

And the Mainstream Media are all honorable men….

He hath brought many trophies to Arsenal,

Whose glories did the general coffers fill:

Did this Wenger seem not ambitious?

When the gooners have cried, Arsene hath wept:

Surely his non-ambition should be made of sterner stuff:

Yet the Mainstream Media say he was not ambitious enough;

And the Mainstream Media is made of honourable men.

You all did see that during the barren years after building the new stadium

He was often offered bigger jobs at bigger clubs,

Which over and over he did refuse; was this loyalty or lack of ambition?

Yet the Mainstream Media says he lacked ambition;

And, sure, they are all honourable men.

I speak not to disprove what the Mainstream Media spoke,

But here I am to speak what I do know.

You all did love him once, not without cause:

What cause withholds you then to mourn for him?

O judgement! thou art fled to brutish beasts and to the Mainstream Media,

And men have lost their reason…. Bear with me;

My heart is in the coffin there with Wenger,

And I must pause till it come back to me.

Shotta’s heart was in the coffin with Wenger but has now completed his passage through the seven stages of grief and looks forward to the reign of the King being followed by the rule of the Prince, el capitan, Mikel Arteta. All who agree, say Aye!

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147 comments on “I Come to Bury Wenger, Not To Praise Him!

  1. Shard
    I was offended
    I accept your gracious apology

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  2. Good. So now that the managerial evaluation is complete, we must not forget that the transfer window opens tomorrow. So far I’m seeing Sokratis Papapoloolololol, Jean Seriously Michael, and two Young Turks, Chuggler Soyuncu and my favourite, Chengez Khan are all transferring to Arsenal. Let’s discuss (banned smiley)

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  3. Shard
    May 16, 2018 at 12:47 pm

    22 years ago the club apparently made the ‘illogical’ choice between Cruyff and Wenger.
    You’ve been mis-informed
    The club and the fans wanted Cruyff (Who wouldn’t) he did not want to come as his wife and family were setteld in Barcelona and she did not want to move.
    He kept his promise to his wife that he would quit football and be home more.
    Not a bad fall back as the british press wanted Terry Venables and were furious when he did not come, Hence ‘Wenger who?’


  4. WwwB

    The stick I’m beating Vieira with? Phhhh. I made it clear that was all hypothetical.

    That I don’t even know if the story is true about him complaining about us not investing enough in players; it was merely an example of the type of thing, which neither you or I would be aware of, which could inform their decision.

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  5. Andy, I see no difference between GG and AF both started defensive, both profited by previous managers development of the youth system, both took bungs, both successful the only difference I can see is that AF got money and first pick of players.
    Neither were groundbrakers or inovators.

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  6. Wwwb.

    I think everyone on this site will support the new manager, whoever he may be. That goes without saying.

    For me, I would prefer (beta) Arteta, because I would like to believe he will be willing to grow with the team. Why would I prefer him, as Shard said he is recent and there is many things I admire about him. He has charisma, he is not full of himself, I believe part of his reason for joining Arsenal was because he always had a long-term goal to become manager. Ergo when he was approached by Wenger he couldn’t pass up the opportunity to learn from one of the world’s best at a club that has always been close to his heart, because of the Arsène way.

    More important he value people and because of that they gravitate towards him. During the 2013/14 FA Cup win he went to Abou Diaby, who hasn’t played any games that season, and walk him up to the podium to be part of the celebrations.

    When Bellerín came to London Mikel took him in to stay with him, help him settle and to make sure his parents’ minds were at ease.

    As a manager I don’t see him as one that will not treat players as tools. He will make sure they know they are valued and that they belong. For me that has always been the Arsenal way.

    It would be foolish for me, or anyone else, to expect miracles from any new manager at Arsenal initially. Should Arteta get the nod, I think he has that humility to learn from whatever shortcomings to better himself because he is not stuck in any ways.

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  7. Only an attempt at logical thinking from me, by the way.

    At the same time as believing in what I say about the importance of inside knowledge we aren’t privy to, my emotions are still pulled about the place by the judgements I make on limited knowledge about how I think things are. The first is a bit of a debate killer or at least quietener, the second feels like the more natural state

    Good example is my chagrin at reading suggestions we’ll be priced out of a deal for Soyuncu, while Serri will end up at Chelsea, and Sokratis meanwhile is likely.

    I’ve only seen a ten minute clip of Soyuncu and yet have damn near convinced myself he’d be a great player to bring in.

    There’s some logic on my side in that to succeed/ challenge strongly for title it feels like we have to take a risk and strike gold on a few younger players, perhaps specifically those who we are comfortable with paying about ten million (or 10-20 per cent) less than the market will ultimately price them at.

    Also logical, alas, is that each time a player falls into that category, they are much more likely to end up at Utd Chelsea or City.

    According to some tellings, we missed out on Cristiano Ronaldo thanks to, essentially, that 10-20% difference in what we are willing to go to. It’s a reality I can accept on paper but am constantly straining against.

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  8. One got caught while the other became a nashnul trejjer Ian

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  9. Rich
    Yes ‘the stick to beat him with’ is an expression, I used it because it is apt in this situation.
    Yes I say that because I have heard being used as the reason why he should not be given the job,it is what you said.
    Because the biggest and best teams in the world were interested in signing Vieira and he was ambitious as a player(a trait that all big clubs want) he stayed with Arsenal then was sold at a profit.
    His last kick for this club was a penalty in the cup final in which Arsenal played with no strikers and 10 men for a portion of the game. Captained and scored the winning goal for the Invincibles,Vieira changed the face of English, British and World football , the world searched for the ‘New’ Vieira.
    Vieira Changed how Arsenal were percieved world wide, I can speak to this because through enjoyment and work I have had the good fortune to be able to work in several countries and in the process I have picked up languages so I can read in a few . Whilst watching t.v (I always make sure that I go to a few games when I am aborad) I know what sort of impact Arsenal was making in Europe and America, that all changed when Arsene Wenger came and he bought Vieira.

    That cannot be said about Arteta


  10. Re GG & AF

    Caught is the wrong word no?

    One had an employer who objected to such common practice in the league.

    The other did not!

    I don’t know the details, I am not an expert on the subject, I could be wrong.

    Malky was not sacked for taking a bung.
    *Wink wink wink*

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  11. Look on the bright side folks – if Marseilles do the business tonight Rudi García will be top of the list by 22.30

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  12. Now that the Everton job is available, and Arteta played there for longer than he played for us, perhaps he will go there.

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  13. Wwwb

    ‘Yes I say that because I have heard being used as the reason why he should not be given the job,it is what you said.’

    Safe to say further conversation pointless, as you’re determined not to grasp what I said.

    There seemed little excuse for mischaracterising what I was saying first time around, less so second. Save your offence; I’ll take it for granted

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  14. anicoll

    Add RB Leipzig’s manager, Hasslehofftuttl, to the casualty list. He’s off today as well.

    (Couldn’t be a giant Austrian curveball could it? Doubt it, especially if our players have been told, as you do, it’s 90% certain Arteta’s the man)

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  15. Rich
    I have not mis characterised anything you have written, if you want to think that is your choice.

    I believe I have been clear and consistant in my position, at no time in any of my answers have I been flipant or disrespectful. I have gone out of my way to be fulsome in my answers, as to be clear.

    I am a proud Arsenal fan for many years.

    This is one of the best sites to talk to calmer members of the fanbase but there are still disagreements.

    I don’t post for likes, I say what I see , football is also about opinions .Right?

    I have not tried to insult you in any way, so you are the person with the problem.


  16. I’m fairly sure Tim Sherwood was a better player than Arsene Wenger.

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  17. Once more into the breach, ye dogs

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  18. LaboGoon
    That is a nice sentiment and all that, but Premier League Football has not got sentiment at it’s core. No team is going to ‘Low im’ ‘let him find his legs’.

    Arteta has nothing to work from, who at the club can he turn to when he stands alone.

    It would be a badly calculated Risk in one of the most Risk averse Football Clubs, I’ve ever seen.
    It’s one of the things I loved the most about this club, is that gambles have all had the Risk reduced down to as small as they could get it .The Risk was reduced so much it looked like a lack of ambition. But the Arsenal board have usually played long and it has worked so well for them.
    Stan Kronke also is a Long man , this all seems so out of character to me .
    It feels wrong.
    There you go gut instinct


  19. My friends, my friends. Let us not over dramatize our differences. None of us have a damn say in the choice of manager. Why should we “Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war.”

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  20. After over 100 responses here, anyone else find it a bit strange that up to 5 minute ago. nobody at the Arsenal.com or the mainstream media…Express excepted…say that Arteta is the man.

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  21. At best I can say Arsenal do not understand their own Brand, if Arteta is appointed

    Patrick Vieira represents Arsenal Global appeal in many more ways than Mikel Arteta.


  22. What do Arsenal know about their brand, which has grown all these years despite them. Yes Wwwb, you think Arteta is a terrible choice. I think that’s clear to all by now.

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  23. No wilshere at the world cup, but dat guy makes the squad. At least Southgate has some sense. Who are England’s opponents? Will they make it through the group stage? They can always blame the Russians for their novichoking under pressure if they don’t.

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  24. Shard

    This is Vieira v Arteta
    (Only on this debate)
    No one knows as yet if Arteta has the job and I have said over and over he will get my support if he does.

    At no stage and I repeat at no stage have I said Arteta is a terrible choice, I have said it is a massive Risk. A bigger Risk than I have ever seen Arsenal take and I am not used to that.

    Patrick Vieira is one of the foundation stones to the Modern Arsenal you see today. Arsenal were not this club when Vieira arrived at this club Vieira put a mark on not just the premier league but World Football. He did that at Arsenal
    Arsenal were not seen as the club the are seen as throughout the world now.
    Patrick Vieira helped create that not Mikel Arteta
    Ask any fan of any other club, they will all tell you Patrick Vieira is an Arsenal legend.
    You wont hear that about Mikel Arteta
    That is Brand awareness

    Arteta is a very Risky, too Risky a choice maybe,not terrible.


  25. shotta_gooner
    Please give us all a quick course on Risk Management
    Thanks asking for a friend

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  26. “At no stage and I repeat at no stage have I said Arteta is a terrible choice, I have said it is a massive Risk. A bigger Risk than I have ever seen Arsenal take and I am not used to that. ”

    That’s fair. No doubt Arteta is a big risk. I think we just disagree whether there’s some method to this ‘madness’ (which happily in today’s language means both good and bad)

    Also I think you underplay how much ‘risk’ we actually do take. We’re not a risk averse club. More like risk aware.

    Vieira’s contribution is immense. I won’t deny that. But to the ‘brand’? I’m not so sure. Is it really more than Bergkamp, Henry, or even Kanu’s role in building the brand? For me, Bergkamp was the reason to pay attention to Arsenal. I know it was for many others too. Kanu is still cited by many Nigerians as their reason for following Arsenal. Henry was the best striker in the world and I know it attracted many fans. Strangely Vieira was recognised as a great midfielder, but I have actually never heard someone say they followed Arsenal because of Vieira (Not the same as favourite player)

    But be that as it may. Vieira left the club 13 years ago. Our brand has GROWN since then. Why is that? Wenger mentioned it..Values.. Arteta shared and upheld the same values. Helped us maintain our position in the top 4 after our project youth flew the nest and broke our ‘TROFEEEEE’ drought. He may never have been our best player, but he was our most important player, our leader, and I’d say he did his part in enhancing Arsenal’s brand value.

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  27. I thought that the new manager was settled, but perhaps it is the Athletico one, who can only come after tonight’s game.

    If not, it seems strange why they have not announced it yet.

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  28. As long as the next Arsenal manager upholds the Arsenal values that Wenger defended, I think our brand will be just fine.

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  29. If it’s not Arteta I will be shocked and very disappointed.

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  30. Arsenr said he was clearing his desk tomorrow (Thursday). Maybe the new manager will be announced on Friday.

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  31. Ooh FH.. Maybe.. And if it’s Arteta, maybe we’ll get a photo of them shaking hands in the office. A passing down of the torch.

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  32. Shard
    That is the beauty of this club and why I love it so much, Old Man Norris gambled that he could put a club in North London. He built outside the train station he managed the risk .
    Bringing in
    Herbert Chapman
    Arsene Wenger
    all managed Risk appoinments, these deals have long stories that tell tales of other world type manouvers, they could write pulp fiction about it.

    The move to the Ems, the move was one of the best Risk managed events of any sports team. Still used as a blue print for moves Tottenham will be using it and are using it right now. Considering they did that all themselves with no help for the government,things like those make me proud of the club.
    Yet the still nearly came up short with money, because they had managed the club so well the bank thought they could be more accomodating.
    This is a club that is one of the best in the world at Risk.

    Arsenal has never been Risk averse , the club has always been calculated.
    But Arsenal usually plays Long

    I am excited by Arteta being Arsenal manager, I think he has certain elements about him that I like to see in a manager ‘but he aint got no form’
    Arteta could be the ultimate long


  33. WWWB: With all due respect, I am avoiding the debate despite Caesar’s proclamation that: “Cowards die many times before their death,
    The brave die but once.”
    You guys are killing each other without cause.

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  34. Shotta I think the topic of far greater relevance for the fans is the match day caterer, and unfortunately those cowboys Delaware still have the contract!

    I blame:



    Ok. It is time to re-launch the “brand”:

    I blame:

    Bloody commie ruskies whaddatheyknowaboutfootballanyway?

    Nevermind the Football. All I want is a burger that doesn’t taste of cardboard. The Arsenal are a complete shambles!

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  35. Shotta, no one is killing anyone,but from what I can gather some of us cant understand why others cant understand why we don’t agree.

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  36. 5 minutes gone in Lyon



  37. 20 minutes




  38. I seem to like the thought of Arteta as manager. However, I equally feel he is too young and inexperienced.

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  39. i will be annoyed in Athleti do not win… its how i console myself from losing a semi, that the team that beat us go on to win…

    Come on… Athleti


  40. Next season the Arsenal will have to hope the cup run against Chelsea continues if they are to win the Europa league.

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  41. A final for lovers of good defending, I guess, and maybe , based on my lack of enjoyment of the game, that’s not me.

    In truth it’s probably because Marseille have been unable to muster much at all since going behind so there’s little tension or drama to it.

    Still, they do fascinate me in a cold way, Atletico. Make you wonder why more can’t do what they do.

    Key part of the answer is surely the technical quality they possess, which allows them to be so damn deadly with relatively few chances, and which wouldn’t be feasible at smaller clubs.

    Most of the rest has to go down to good coaching, including getting the players to buy into the ideas completely.

    Final important element could be the fans there and whatever the circumstances were at the time of Simeone’s arrival. Think he hit the ground running and immediately brought better results than predecessor. Won favour immediately and with a set of fans presumably ready to buy into the style from earliest days.

    That would be a good platform for developing this defensive style, which must have taken time to master to this degree.

    Still, haven’t felt I’m missing much excitement writing this and ignoring the game.

    Had to be this year they were in Europa eh.

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  42. Aye, we gave Atletico a much tougher test than this and would have had a very good chance of beating this Marseille team on the night.


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  43. Crushing victory for Madrid in the second half – not OMs night

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  44. Wenger on Ronaldo: “Once we were at £4.5 million, we were still in negotiations. David met with [Jorge] Mendes in Paris and he was representing Sporting, so we were very close. But Man United went to £12 million, which we could not afford at the time.”

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  45. happy athleti won it!


  46. It seems Asano is to join Hannover on a permanent deal from Arsenal


  47. New post up


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