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Antisocial Media

Over the last decade, the fan base appears to have divided, firstly in small sections, but now it appears to have been divided further, in even smaller sections. We have a fan base that is so large and diverse; it really is bound to bring in lots of discussion and divisive opinions. Sometimes I don’t […]

Prizes And Prejudice: Exactly How Much Are We Prepared To Pay For Success?

It could just be me but I’m struggling to recall a time when there was more than merely the ability of players to be considered when thinking about the possibility of new signings. Whilst the prospect of Higuain appears relatively free of controversy, only Fellaini and to a lesser extent Gareth Barry have enjoyed the […]

High Horses in High Summer

A lot has been said this summer, when you consider how little has happened. The transfer window is a time for liars and their prey to come to the fore. While it is largely irrelevant what is said by would-be “ITKs”, it does create anticipation among fans. Anticipating something which may not happen usually only […]

A Great Big Onion

Today’s post comes from everyone’s favourite Lahndan Cabbie, and he doesn’t care where you’re from. Take it away Mel…   Amongst all the recent shenanigans between George and his twitter chums the one remark that struck me more than any other was this. When asking about his credentials as a fan (appearances, length of service, […]

From Highbury To Harare – Why Arsenal Are The World’s Favourite Local Club

Below a post by our very own ZimPaul that I think brilliantly describes the way fans from outside London have different reasons for starting – and continuing – to support Arsenal.  It’s better than anything I could write; simply because people never had, or never will have, the opportunity to attend games does not mean […]

Young Guns Spotlight — Thomas Eisfeld

Today Jayfree (@LordGunnerJefri) from our friends from OTBAG provide us with a view on one of our promising young talents. Eisfeld was born on 18th January 1993 at Finsterwalde, Germany. He began his footballing career at SV Quitt Ankum then joined VFL Osnabruck before heading to Borussia Dortmund in 2005. In 2009 he suffered a […]

Moral Low Ground – By The_Beck_

I recently read an article on Positively Arsenal, it written by George. I always get the intense feeling that whenever you write a blog, conveying intelligent ideas or concepts, you will always get those who will struggle to understand, and with that, intense criticism and unwarranted abuse sometimes. George put forward the idealism of morality […]