Why Not Suarez?

A post by Anthony Hawke from our friends over at OTBAG Time flies by, and so it seems to have again. But you only feel that if you’re really having a good time or are really excited about what’s going on. Such has been the transfer period for Gooners all over the world, ever since […]

Young Guns Spotlight — Thomas Eisfeld

Today Jayfree (@LordGunnerJefri) from our friends from OTBAG provide us with a view on one of our promising young talents. Eisfeld was born on 18th January 1993 at Finsterwalde, Germany. He began his footballing career at SV Quitt Ankum then joined VFL Osnabruck before heading to Borussia Dortmund in 2005. In 2009 he suffered a […]

On to the next one

A guest post by Varun Shukla (@WengerArmy) I am in possession of a very unique fragment of knowledge. It’s so unique that they put it under top of the line surveillance in a secret underground complex 6000 feet under Highbury Square. Electric fences, sabretooth tigers and a few TX-1000 Terminators are just a portion of […]

The Words that Define Us

A post by Anthony Hawke, from our friends over at OTBAG If I scourge through the English vocabulary, I find that the single syllable words are the ones which convey the most, and in the most effective manner as well. Allow me to explain my statement with a few examples. (The words I want you […]

Little Mozart

A post by Abhishek Iyer from among our friends over at OTBAG. You can follow him on Twitter here: @Nickspinkboots There has been a ferociously tectonic shift in the erstwhile dormant plates of English football over the best part of last decade. Nouveau riche owners have blithely sprinkled manna and gold dust on their toy-clubs, irreversibly […]

Control, Nerves and Tactically Yours

Today is a bit of a combo post with the post match being covered by @positivegunner with an additional tactical view from our friends over at “OOOh! To Be A Gooner!!” …(all gifs used are via @arsenalist) I am very rarely nervous about an Arsenal match and yesterday was no exception at least for the first 70 minutes. […]

Bring on the Baggies

Today’s preview is from Vidur Sawhney, the main man among our friends over at “OOOh! To Be A Gooner!!“ So I’m sitting here staring at my laptop at the end of a very tiring day, pondering about how to proceed with the preview for the match tomorrow. And as with all exhausted my minds, my thoughts […]

Diaby, a tribute to a player to whom fate has been unkind.

Another post from our now official partnership with the Facebook group “OOOh! To Be A Gooner!!” (more commonly known as OTBAG) – This one by Abhishek Nair (@AbhishekNair18) Arsenal’s midfield commander, Patrick Vieira after serving 9 brilliant years at North London, finally departed in 2005 and was swiftly replaced with a largely unknown quantity, Abou Diaby. The […]

We’ve Had Enough

We here at Positively Arsenal have truly had enough. We cannot believe that a club could be so foolish as to sacrifice chances of success in the short term in hope of sustained success in the longer term. Who cares what happens a year or two from now, we want trophies and we want it […]

Bring On The Royals

The first  post (by @apra_gooner) coming through our new alliance with the facebook group commonly known as OTBAG  The Gunners host The Royals in a crucial game on the and we’re expecting no less than 3 points from the game against a side that’s languishing in the bottom and at the brink of relegation after five loses […]