Arsenal late strike spikes Dyche (again)


Good afternoon Positive Arsenal fans,

I sprint down the tunnel from  the Turf Moor pitch to bring you this very early post, breathless from the contest, my muscles aching from the effort over the past 92 minutes, my face bright red, the sweat steaming in the early evening gloom. It is not a pretty sight I admit. And it was not a pretty sight, of that I suspect we agree.

Of the game itself ?I am told by the BBC we had just 64% possession. I must have been watching a different game. It was at least 75%. The visiting team that played all the football and tried to win the game ‘won’. The home team that parked their bus had its tyres slashed and the vehicle ruthlessly vandalised, having taken their eye off it just for that fatal spilt second ‘lost’. Tarkowski must have lost his mind. Our Chilean as cool as an Andean glacier at dawn. Bravo.

For our mighty club  I thought we had a good outing. It could have been ‘tricky’ but it was not. Sead was superb this afternoon, the man goes from strength to strength. After some rough treatment in the first half, Alex Iwobi was our most creative player, and Mustafi our best defender. There was great ‘purpose’ about our football today. Rock solid at the back, very few loose passes, good movement by players to open space amid the massed ranks of claret and blue. No real creative deficit with Mesut rested. I would like to see a little more accurate shooting, but I am nit picking.

Having overlooked a first penalty for the Brady foul on Hector Mr Mason redeemed himself late in the game. Have a look yourself, as cast iron as they come in my book,

Cast iron, as I say , and thoroughly deserved.

Of the home side they are difficult to beat and no wonder they have let in one goal in four PL games. If Burnley’s  attacking players had concentrated more on staying upright rather than trying to win free kicks and penalties then that may have secured the point. Is it me or is Robbie Brady the most irritating footballer in the PL ?  However if Dyche and his merry men carry on like this it may be the Europa League will  return  Continental teams to Turf Moor for the first time in 50 years.

I imagine we shall see more of the same on Wednesday agin Huddersfield. I think Jack will start. Let us hope we do not have to wait quite so late, nor rely on so foolish a foul to win the game.


And thank you to our friends at the Daily Mail for the top picture.

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105 comments on “Arsenal late strike spikes Dyche (again)

  1. Just watched highlights of Spurs.

    Looks tantalisingly as though Rose may have committed a dive which, if picked up on, would bring real embarrassment and a 3 game ban to him.

    Frustratingly, the replays were far from the best angles and not sure they used slo mo at all.

    A few players in a small space but it looked like a Leicester player dangled a leg in front of Rose but withdrew it quickly enough to leave broadway poorly positioned to find contact, as his legs were already collapsing, so he stubbed his foot into the turf instead.

    Likesay, replays’ poor, but I’m sure there are others not shown which could clear it up and, if it’s what I think, present FA with perfect example of the clear cheating they are trying to deal with.

    Wont get any hopes up but I’m a greedy man, and a ban for that shit would be cherry on power-shift cake


  2. Morning gents…
    Have to say that I’ve kind of missed seeing Theo in the PL games.
    Regardless of his inefficiencies.
    One of ours he is.

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  3. Hope you’re getting stronger Meerkat

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  4. I started following Julian Betts, a Spurs Fan, on Twitter in the mistaken belief that he was someone I used to know. To my mind he is everything a supporter should be – excited when his team wins, philosophical and generous when thy don’t. This is what he posted this morning:

    “We’re so quick to criticise, to write players off, to forget the amazing moments they’ve provided us. It’s embarrassing really how little loyalty there is towards individuals. A few bad results and everything good is conveniently chucked #thfc”

    We, on the other hand, have Mr DT.

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  5. New post up


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