Arsenal: Terriers to Tame




@LaboGoon on point this Wednesday morning 

Arsenal host Huddersfield tonight for the first time in the Arsène Wenger and also this generation.

This of course is a short turnaround, not only for us but our opponents as well. Burnley took a bit out of our players as we were made to work really hard for what was a well-deserved victory in the end, that saw us slip into top 4 for the first time this campaign. Which I don’t doubt thereabouts is where we want to remain going forward to keep pressure on the pack chasing Mancity, after few ‘unexpected’ results earlier this season.

The Terriers pushed a very determined Mancity to their limits and if I’m being honest, I do suspect them, still coming to terms with life in the Premier League, to be worse for wear going into this fixture.

Hudders also do not exactly inspire much confidence when travelling outside West Yorkshire. In their last five PL away games they picked up just 1 point without finding the back of the net. Whereas Arsenal are unbeaten in their last 13 games at the Emirates and kept 9 clean sheets. That is a record we will look to build on.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not for one moment suggesting our mere presence should entitle us to the 3 points, even if that is the general gist from most, our opponents won’t just simply roll over and we still need to put the work in.

With Manutd just three days away and the Boss expressing that securing 3 points as more important than getting ahead of ourselves, there will be rotation but I don’t expect more than 2 or 3 from the team that did duty last outing. The last thing we want to do is tempt fate.

Özil and Theo are back in training, one of them could play part, and if I’m gonna stick my neck out, we could see Giroud and Jack making the PL matchday 11 for the first time season.

Good luck to all going to the Emirates tonight and thumbs up for doing such a great job carrying this team at home. And good luck all others watching from around the globe and to the team.
Hopefully we’ll find a way taking the points with little fuss. This tight schedule need us pacing ourselves.


And @GoonerReverend has a thing or two to say too 

I’m alright Jack


The Arsenal fan base is a never-ending source of amazement, wonder, amusement and disbelief. We beat Burnley with a 92nd minute penalty snatched all 3 points and was out the door and on the team bus before you could say Bob’s your uncle yet some fans are still not happy. Apparently, we did not do two things which up set a number of our more precious fan base of which that verminous dishrag the Daily Mail picked up on. Firstly, we did not play with the style required and demanded by The Arsenal elite support and secondly, we failed to keep Lacazette on the pitch for the full 90 minutes which really upset a group of our younger fans to the point of distraction.

Last time I checked the rule book there was no requirement to play the game with swashbuckling verve and style in the manner of Errol Flynn nor was there any mention about having a specific player on the field for the duration of the game just to appease the FIFA17 fan boys and those of whom have him in their fantasy football team. There was a brief mention about putting the ball in the back of the net and the team who has the most goals wins the game but that’s probably not that important so I won’t bang on about it. Not being one of the FIFA17 experts having never ever played the game because its not compatible with my abacus I don’t really have much to offer in that area of tactical football expertise. I must admit I have never ever got involved with the fantasy football either., this is mainly due to the fact that I’m a gym junky workaholic as well as the fact that I am tied up with other things and just can be bothered.

Does it really matter if Lacazette only plays 70 minutes per match as long as we win the game and get the points. From my untrained and inexperienced eye, he usually looks absolutely done around the 70 mark and even though he’s keen to continue because let’s face it no player likes being subbed off he’s about run his course for the game. Yes, I know Wenger is a doddering old fool who can barely zip up the front of his coat on a cold day at Turf Moore let alone work out who he needs to bring on at the right time to impact the game but hey at least he didn’t have to phone a friend and he’s managed to get us back into the top four with his ineptness. Come to think of it I’m as happy as Larry to let the manager run the team and make the decisions while I sit comfortably in the pub sipping on a glass of something and eating posh nosh because I’m just a fan not a football manager & I’m pretty certain Wenger knows more than I do. The other interesting point of note is the continued call for one Jack Wilshire to be give the keys of The Arsenal and ensconced back in to the centre of mid-field. Yep lets just kick whoever is currently in the position he wants out the team and let him have ago because he will make a big difference in winning even though we are winning. I for one think that Jack knows he has to continue to work hard, prove his fitness or moreover prove that his body is not made of eggshell china and wait for his opportunity to present itself.

I know many Arsenal fans want him to get into the England side but hey that’s not really Arsenal’s issue is it. Winning games so we are in position to win trophies is what it’s all about

And if that means that Jack has to play a bit part season playing understudy to Herr Ozil then so be it. To be honest if you look at the side that beat Spurs I don’t see Jack replacing anyone in the starting 11 and nor do the people that matter which is why he’s on the bench and the fan boys ranting on twitter isn’t going to change a thing. One of the interesting things about the Burnley game was the Burnley fans themselves. They are a hardy bunch of soles and all their mocking songs and chants as the clock wound down was relegated to absolute desperation and disbelief when Sanchez slotted the penalty in the bottom left corner to nick the 3 pts. I am not going to get into whether it was a penalty or not because once the ref has blown the whistle all the debate means absolutely nothing but I did allow myself a little chuckle because the young Burnley supporter I was verbally jousting with throughout the game called me a cheating see you next Tuesday which really made my day because I’m alright Jack we won the game.


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50 comments on “Arsenal: Terriers to Tame

  1. Morning Labo, Like you I am feeling jaunty this morning and expect to see Jack start his first PL game for ever such a long time.

    Huddersfield’s reaction to a very late and unlucky defeat against Citeh, compared to our own very late but thoroughly deserved win against Burnley will be a killer issue. Any drooping heads among the visitors and I fancy we shall pounce.

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  2. Another good preview Labo. Thanks. If you’re right about Jack playing, I pray that he’s not going to hold on to the ball for that extra split second that gets him a kicking. Hopefully he got the warning last time out.

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  3. Ánimo Santi, eres GRANDE!!!!


  4. Santi Cazorla‏Verified account @19SCazorla

    Debido a unas molestias en el tendón que llevaba arrastrando los ultimos dias, he tenido que volver a pasar por el quirofano. Toca retrasar la fecha de vuelta a los terrenos de juego, mantengo la ilusión y motivación para volver a disfrutar de mi gran pasión, el futbol.#football


  5. Good morning guys. I just saw Hudders are playing Everton this weekend, a game should fancy themselves getting points. So hopefully they reserve their energies for that fixture.


  6. Due to some discomfort in the tendon that I had been dragging the last few days, I had to go through the operating room again. It is time to delay the return date to the playing fields, I maintain the enthusiasm and motivation to return to enjoy my great passion, football.

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  7. It’s amazing these ups and downs of football which weaves this Picasso like tapestry. It’s drawn us into its web of drama and that post there is why we love this fucken game!!!!! It’s only known once the whistle is blown 👌

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  8. Aah… great to see Deshika commenting more. She’s ofcos a regular reader of this blog and my sister from another mother. On twitter she’s known as @Dbn_999

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  9. Thanks Labo
    The 3 points available tonight are just as important as next Saturday’s.
    The team selection tonight will have to put in just an equal amount of effort.
    Underestimate Huddersfield at our peril.

    Which he best long term position for Jack, as a 10 or as a 8?

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  10. Greta preview Labo I’m up for a win like the rest of you

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  11. Signs- home record, confidence, relative quality- are good, but think we’ve all learned hard way there are no gimme’s any more.

    My lesson came at Watford last year when I made conscious effort to try be more positive and go into a game saying, ‘we will win this one!’.

    Now, ‘we’re favourites and I’m hopeful’ is as far as I’ll go.

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  12. Must be most interesting game in terms of rotation question this year and maybe for a long time before that.

    Equation is : do you slightly (5-10%) lower your chances tonight, in a game you are strong favourites, in order to improve them, by a similar (probably smaller) margin, for a game 3 days later against a more formidable opponent?

    Also coming into consideration is whether you have any players whose injury risk goes up more than average playing more than once a week, and how important those players are.

    Who’d be a manager, eh, having to make the ‘right’ choice beforehand, unlike those who can wait till after to pronounce, based on result, what the right choice was.

    Without all the facts, I’m tempted to rotate, especially with Kos who we need at his sharpest for Utd. Good case for Ramsey,too. Also have impression Kolasinac is someone whose injury risk is above average playing more than once per week.

    Bloody difficult decisions though

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  13. Thanks Labo, I’m looking forward to the first football match in the league for a long long time between Chapman’s two clubs.


  14. Kolasinac had been carrying a niggle, but it’s a home game against a team that will defend for large periods so I guess that he’d be the preferred LWB over Nacho, I expect he’ll start.


  15. Hoping the crowd will sing
    “Oh Santi Cazorla” tonight

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  16. Fins
    ArsenalAction are trying OT get the crowd to start changing Santi’s name at the 19th minute.
    As I’ll be there tonight, you can be assured it will be loudly sung.

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  17. more and more in the PL each game is difficult and tonight will be no different. This is yet another game in which we need to be up for it from the start COYG.

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  18. we might need to rotate, but hope we didnt go the way we do in europa. this is premier league, no point in winning against united if we lose a game as this. expect olivier to start, jack too. the only rotation i like to see at the back is bellerin. his last few games suggest he needs a rest.


  19. Huddersfield have made six changes to their starting 11 tonight


  20. big fat sam the new everton manager, another one missed by Arsenal, if only we had let R&W take over instead of Stan we too could have got the former England manager in charge here

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  21. Come on the Gunners!


  22. Lacazetteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    1-0, xhaka to ramsey, back heel flick to lacazette who fired home

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  23. Ah DC I had to pull out tonight as someone is unwell and I think I can’t make the ManU match either. If that changes I’ll let you know!
    Enjoy the footy!


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  24. HT: Arsenal 1-0 Huddersfield

    Lacazette with our early opener, AFC have dominated without being anywhere near our best, really seem to be in second gear, Alexis been awful, our final ball missing, but we have been in some great attacking positions. Huddersfield came more into it for last ten minutes.
    If we raise the tempo we could bang in a few here tonight


  25. Socanalysis‏ @SocanalysisHQ

    Last 12 yrs:
    Palace: Pulis, Pardew, Allardyce, Hodgson
    WBA: Hodgson, Pulis, Pardew
    West Ham: Pardew, Allardyce, Moyes
    Newcastle: Allardyce, Pardew
    Everton: Moyes, Allardyce
    Fulham: Hodgson, Hughes
    Sunderland: Allardyce, Moyes
    Stoke: Pulis, Hughes
    Blackburn: Hughes, Allardyce

    Tony Pulis, Mark Hughes, Alan Pardew, Sam Allardyce, Roy Hodgson & David Moyes have basically been doing job swaps for the last decade in England. Amusing but also very worrying at same time.
    By time Pardew & Allardyce get back in this week, at least two of that group would have managed Stoke, Fulham, Palace, WBA, Everton, Newcastle, Blackburn, West Ham, Sunderland & England in last decade. It’s just a merry-go-round.
    This is one of the reason’s England has few young, bright top level coaches. Old school coaches, old school football. No fresh ideas/faces like German/Italian/Portuguese coaches.
    Opportunities are there, its just the ‘Old boys club’ are taking turns. When they are gone, young British coaches will have little experience & PL owners will look elsewhere. Vicious cycle.

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  26. Giroud on for the second half, Lacazette is off


  27. we’ve been poor the second half


  28. Terriers are growling as you’d expect after HT, trying to get that equaliser. Come on the arsenal a second would be sweet!

    Hillier says Mustaphi pkaying with a niggle following a kick in the first half (if Hillier says it was a kick, it was a kick!), hopefully he’ll get through and be ok for the wknd too, hopefully Lacazette will be too.

    Giroud on, Welbeck still in reserve (Alexis or Özil may be scheduled for a rest if possible), and Giroud nearly scores says Hillier, post! audio only for me today.

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  29. Giroudddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd 2-0

    Alexisssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss 3-0

    ozil with both assists


  30. Ozilllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll 4-0

    Ramsey with the assist


  31. Burnley going above Spurs, now that is a power shift

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  32. Welbeck is on, think its for Alexis

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  33. 4-0….and we have SEVEN left-footers on the field.
    AW must be crazy!!!!!

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  34. Hillier signing praises for Özil before he scored his goal, the build up for Alexis’ goal.

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  35. Girouddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd 5-0

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  36. FT: Arsenal 5-0 Huddersfield


    Ozil with a man of the match performance, Ramsey very good too, dominated the game, a few shaky moments in defense, Alexis despite the goal was very poor,

    Despite the 5 goals, and our domination, I would say that we did not even come close to being at our best, which is nice

    Power Shift Spurs are now in 7th, below Burnley.

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  37. From the sounds of it Cech yet again making important saves during the opponents best spell/phase of the match.

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  38. It has been a while since we have inflicted a good lamping – but that was fair

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  39. fucks sake city just scored in the 5th minute of injury time to take the lead


  40. great win against a stubborn side that other teams have struggled with.
    The English manager will continue as long a there are clubs that buy into the medias concept that it doesnt matter how you play as long as you stay up. This is breading managers that put more emphasis on fouling and hoofing than playing the game and that is why the England team has also struggled for years and years. It is no coincidence that the success at national youth level has been achieved with some style as well. The likes of the swashbuckling gerrard could have been so much better if taught to play.
    I think we will carrying a few knocks over the next few days and we need to recover quickly to face manure and maureens mob.
    Anyway for tonight we go to bed (or carry on our day) very happy

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  41. Lacazette out of the man utd game with a groin injury


  42. Sounds like another excellent home performance, helping out our GD.
    And good to see the mighty media men of Middlesex marshes with their Messiah manager meticulously marauding towards midtable mediocrity

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  43. Well that was a lot easier than I expected. We barely got out of second gear. I would call that a mature and controlled display and a good confidence builder. It’s a shame to lose Lacazette, but fortunately we have a hungry Giroud waiting in the wings with Welbeck snapping at his heels

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  44. I am going to turn off twitter when we are playing. All these so called fans constantly whining about this that even though we are winning is a bit much. On with the show, Utd up next

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  45. Good win. Lovely boost to goal difference.

    Twitter is generally a rotten way to follow a game but it does become pretty good in those rare times when the goals are really flying in.


  46. Liked the discussion of the old boys club, by the way. Extra relevant now we have a brilliant set of youth footballers coming through.

    Pretty sure the managers in question all have poor or awful records of promoting youth and, much more importantly, their styles and mentalities are not suited to most of the good youth players academies are producing.

    Parasite football places a huge emphasis on not making mistakes, pouncing on mistakes of others, low possession, banks of players sitting deep, harry, scrap, foul, time waste, set piece, counter.

    And if opportunities are in short supply for youngsters in prem, and the football not well suited to them, it just leaves the championship and below, where the football is rough, gruelling and basic.

    Next few years will be fascinating. Indisputable now that the academies are producing a lot of good footballers, but where do they go?

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  47. New post up folks


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