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Of Marshal Metaphors: Circle The Waggons with Backs To The Wall

  So, the first half is done and dusted and in a couple of weeks time our brave lads will look to beard the enemy in his lair. I for one fully expect a repeat of some of our most inspiring and courageous second leg performances. It was Bayern’s great good fortune to play us […]

Time For Ice-Cream And Jelly

Time For Ice-Cream And Jelly

Today’s  post from our very own Blackburn George. It never rains but it pours. It is pissing down on Arsene at the moment.  And the Press together with a large section of our fan base have stolen his umbrella and are enjoying the soaking he is getting. The result of yesterday’s game was disappointing.  No […]

Bradesque7’s Weekly Round Up

The Queen on possibly the proudest day of her life.   The regular weekly look at the Arsenal news, from Bradesque7 Hello and welcome to this week’s round up. First up this week is the Andre Santos’ From the Basement video.  Andre wasn’t making sweet indie music, he was more likely under his parents’ house […]

Look On My Works, Ye Mighty, And Despair! An Ode to Wenger

Guest post by Varun Shukla (@WengerArmy) “I want more blood” says Arsene Wenger in the papers.  No, he hasn’t turned into a vampire overnight.  He’s definitely not asking the team to go into challenges studs up to inflict flesh wounds.  Asked about his opinion on match fixing in football – specifically on the allegations of […]

Some Heads Go Down As Arsenal Surrender Cup Ahead of Munich

But in today’s post, Blackburn George asks – exactly who are the real losers here? I can’t think how yesterday’s result could have been worse. We lost a game we dominated from start to finish.  Blackburn’s solitary effort on goal was struck so badly that it looped into the net via the post.  It was […]

They Read The News Today – Oh Boy

“It was utterly moronic and shows that, for some people their time in the spotlight has become more important than the good of the Club…We fans have a huge role to play in getting behind the manager and the team for the rest of this season and beyond.” Following on from Matt’s excellent post yesterday […]

I Want My Arsenal Supporters Back!

Matt Windmill seeks to separate the men from the boys in today’s guest post.   After hard fought back-to-back 1-0 victories, is it just possible the Banner and Black Bin Bag faction now have their Arsenal back? Perhaps we can look forward to another stellar season like the one that the 1994-95 vintage squad delivered […]