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Look On My Works, Ye Mighty, And Despair! An Ode to Wenger

Guest post by Varun Shukla (@WengerArmy) “I want more blood” says Arsene Wenger in the papers.  No, he hasn’t turned into a vampire overnight.  He’s definitely not asking the team to go into challenges studs up to inflict flesh wounds.  Asked about his opinion on match fixing in football – specifically on the allegations of […]

Some Heads Go Down As Arsenal Surrender Cup Ahead of Munich

But in today’s post, Blackburn George asks – exactly who are the real losers here? I can’t think how yesterday’s result could have been worse. We lost a game we dominated from start to finish.  Blackburn’s solitary effort on goal was struck so badly that it looped into the net via the post.  It was […]

They Read The News Today – Oh Boy

“It was utterly moronic and shows that, for some people their time in the spotlight has become more important than the good of the Club…We fans have a huge role to play in getting behind the manager and the team for the rest of this season and beyond.” Following on from Matt’s excellent post yesterday […]

I Want My Arsenal Supporters Back!

Matt Windmill seeks to separate the men from the boys in today’s guest post.   After hard fought back-to-back 1-0 victories, is it just possible the Banner and Black Bin Bag faction now have their Arsenal back? Perhaps we can look forward to another stellar season like the one that the 1994-95 vintage squad delivered […]

Happy Birthday Bac – a look back at right backs.

  Yesterday morning we learned of an honour. An honour bestowed on one Mr Pat Rice. Or as we must henceforth know him: Patrick James Rice Member Of The British Empire. I’m not much of a one for Empires. From Moguls to the Byzantine, Incas to Romans not much seems to come of them bar […]

Bradesque7’s Weekly Round Up

Hello and welcome to this week’s news round up. First up is transfer activity. Andre Santos has moved back into his parents’ basement after his travels across Europe ended in tears. Having found himself in trouble with the police in London, he is believed to be “grounded for a year”. Santos will only be allowed […]

So Long Santos – ArsenalAndrew’s Farewell to Arsenal’s Andre

So Long Santos – ArsenalAndrew’s Farewell to Arsenal’s Andre

I don’t know if you saw what I just did with the header there, but this article is provisionally the first of possibly two pieces waving goodbye to both Arsenal’s Andre and Andrei as, sadly, the grip of Arsenal’s Russian Andrei on his north London career appears, ever more tenuous.  What HAS Arsene got against […]

No Place For Faint Hearts; A Meerkat Comes Home

I don’t know about you, but when Arsenal are suffering, I am miserable. My long-suffering wife leaves the room at kick-off and checks the score before she comes back. If we lose, she keeps a healthy distance and it can be some time before I can raise a smile.  I can’t sleep for a couple […]

The Myth of the Decline

Over the years of supporting Arsenal, I’ve seen many high and mighty claims made on a variety of topics and these are bandied about as a stick to beat either the club or the manager or players with. I’ve had many a discussion and debate trying to clear the fog of misinformation but the same […]

Sunderland and the Long Long Trophy Drought

I was going to do one of those clever invite the opposition blogs. You know, chat to my Sunderland supporting mate about how he sees Arsenal, what his own side’s strengths and weaknesses are and generally give the P.A. readership, erudite and urbane as you all are, the chance to see the world through their […]