No Place For Faint Hearts; A Meerkat Comes Home

I don’t know about you, but when Arsenal are suffering, I am miserable.

My long-suffering wife leaves the room at kick-off and checks the score before she comes back.

If we lose, she keeps a healthy distance and it can be some time before I can raise a smile.  I can’t sleep for a couple of days and eating is a chore.  Now I know it’s ‘just a game’ and I should not make other people miserable because of it.

I just can’t help it.

I love Arsenal with an unhealthy passion.

I know I am not alone.  I know it’s also not something that’s exclusive to people who adore the manager and players.  I understand that miserable gits, malcontents and know-it-alls also feel like this.

But me being a selfish old curmudgeon, I don’t care about them.

When my head goes down I want a place to visit that makes me feel better.  Not a place that wallows in the misery and offers endless opinions on easy fixes proffered by idiots with little or no understanding of the small picture, let alone the big one.

I don’t want to be told that player X, Y or Z is not fit to wear the shirt.

Or that the manager is a senile old fool who has lost the plot.

I don’t want to be reminded of every bad loss or the perceived ideas of why players left.  Apart from the fact I have heard them a million times before, and argued against them a million and one times, it just depresses me further.  The attitude of those I am arguing with makes me more than a little irate.

Discussions degenerate into arguments, arguments into rows and rows into slanging matches.  This suits the malcontents fine.

Now everyone is miserable and irate like them.

So it came to me some months ago that what is needed is a blog where like-minded people could gather and make each other feel better rather than worse.

And here we are, “Positively Arsenal”.

An oasis of joy in a desert of misery.  A place where people can rejoice in all that is good about the club.  Somewhere for us to look forward with enthusiasm and expectation.

If people want to discuss tactics, formations and personnel, fine.  That’s what makes a blog go round.  But if they want to play Football Manager and imply that they could run or manage the club better than the top professionals that actually do the job, here is not the place for them.

The idea was easy, implementing it the hard part.

So I did what I do best, and got someone else to do it for me.  That someone was, as you now know, Adi.  He did all the spade work and a damn good job he has done – I am sure you will agree!

We now have regular contributions from Andrew, Stew, Adi, Frank and Bradyesque.  And I have to say the standard of writing has exceeded my wildest dreams.  The quality of comments is something I hankered after, yet never expected.  The first two weeks has been quite a success.  I hope it goes from strength to strength because it can only bring us all joy.

I see this as a family, a positive community.  One where each poster feels at home and part of the experience.  And I hope you all feel the same and continue to bond and flourish.  Everyone who writes and posts is as important to the future of the site as myself or Adi.

Thank you all for making me a very happy little Meerkat.

By our very own @BlackburnGeorge aka Pedantic George

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116 comments on “No Place For Faint Hearts; A Meerkat Comes Home

  1. LFC Fan ‏@LFC___Fan

    I can’t wait until Brendan gets his squad how he wants it, finally Barcelona will have a challenger to their best team in Europe title

    HAHAHAHA. Oh dear what a knob


  2. Thats too funny, Dups.

    On a serious note, 3rd place is looking real tasty right now.


  3. Okay, anyone wanting to converse with George will need to make an appointment through me first.

    How DIRE are Liverpool? And how old did Stevie G look after his penalty was saved? Just a horrible cheatin’, divin’ fouling side now, Liverpool. Well done to WBA to not react to their hideous little tactics.


  4. AA

    It is annoying how the commentators refuse to say anything bad about Gerrard. He made some nasty tackles tonight (no yellow card of course) as he also did against us in January.


  5. Yes, but there’s a group of untouchables aren’t there – Scholes was another. Talk about a protected species.

    But both those players have seen their best years now, as indeed have Liverpool by the looks of things.


  6. AA, I was just about to mention Scholes. That is why I get so annoyed when people say that United don’t get help from the refs. How many matches would they have lost if that guy was rightly red carded?! One of the dirtiest players going but all you hear about is how great he is.


  7. It’s just a Scholes tackle. Everyone knows Scholes can’t tackle. And other cliché to numerous to mention.


  8. I had to go on the Fans Forum tonight and say Adrian Clark was my pick for best left sided Arsenal MF player .And he played right btw.
    The things I do for this blog.


  9. George – You are the best! Our gloater-in-chief. 🙂


  10. Nice reading yesterday … PosA!

    And well done Nigeria, 19 years, younger generation coming through now!!!


  11. Shame about Liverpool


  12. Shame about todays post !!!!!!!


  13. Well, that was rather beautifully written, George. Great work by you and the team.


  14. What a great idea and well done for seeing it through. Just what the doctor ordered. I see some of my favourite names in the comments section as well.


  15. Good post – expresses how I feel.


  16. I’ll rephrase my first comment – I see almost all of my favourite names. Just a couple of names I am not familiar with.
    I’ve dipped into some of the previous blog posts and the standard is impressive. Blackburn/Pedantic George and the PA gang, you have created something wonderful. Now, is that enough flattery to get me out of moderation? Please?


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