The Transfer Window

For a change from the kind of poetry I normally write, I decided to do another one about the Arsenal. If you haven’t seen my first (and probably better) effort at poetry about Arsenal, take a look at my poem on the first 5-2 that i wrote last October HERE We start this off in […]

Where are my 10m, 20m, 30m players? Spend some F*%^@#g Money?

I’ve lately noticed a notion among some people that none of our players are good enough, even to the point of suggesting that the only reason they won’t leave is because they aren’t good enough for other teams to buy them from us. So I decided to put myself in the shoes of other clubs […]

All Hail the BFG!

A guest post by @GBVishJourno “He’s slow”. That he is, I agree. “And that’s why he sucks.” And that’s where you are wrong. Just because Per Mertesacker is slow does not mean he sucks. What is that they say about Occam’s razor? That the simplest solution is always the most obvious one? Arsene Wenger often […]

What’s on Arsene’s Mind during a Presser?

Today’s guest post by Varun (@WengerArmy) gives us a possible view of the thoughts in Arsene’s head in a pre-match presser  ahead of Everton. A lightning rod of pain shot through his head. It was as though he had been speared by…well, a spear. Only, this one was invisible- like ‘Arry’s Cloak. Press conferences, even […]

Arsene Wenger – Puts Square Pegs in Round Holes?

This is a continuation of my series about Arsene and dispelling some of the myths ingrained in arguments that people constantly make against him to highlight some imaginary incompetence that only exists in their thought processes. People make a really big deal about “square pegs in round holes” in terms of players being played out of […]

Arsene Wenger – He Doesn’t Do Tactics?

This season so far hasn’t been the greatest for many Arsenal fans according to the standards they’ve become accustomed to set by Arsene Wenger himself. To quote him, “”If you eat caviar every day it’s difficult to return to sausages.” However, if you look at the narrative doing the rounds lately, it is almost like people believe the […]

The Myth of the Decline

Over the years of supporting Arsenal, I’ve seen many high and mighty claims made on a variety of topics and these are bandied about as a stick to beat either the club or the manager or players with. I’ve had many a discussion and debate trying to clear the fog of misinformation but the same […]