Why I Am Disgusted With A Lot Of Arsenal Fans.

A guest post from  @TraderChris87


Three weeks ago, Borrusia Dortmund took on Bayern Munich. Whilst a few years ago this may have been a clash of the heavyweights in a Champions League Final, this is no longer the case. Dortmund struggling with injuries and having two of their best players poached by Bayern in the last couple of seasons and 2 of their current stars heavily linked with a move away are currently struggling in the bottom half of the Bundesliga, even staying bottom of the league for a short period of time, you would think that Jurgen Klopps job may well be on the line. Yet after a recent game, in a post match news conference, a Dortmund fan told Klopp “You led us to success and we will lead you through the crisis,” which got me thinking.

Honestly, I am ashamed to listen to Arsenal fans speak on TV, comments on post match reports and obviously on Twitter. To me I find it disgusting the attitude they posses to Arsene Wenger, Someone who has given his life to our club, made us successful beyond anyones wildest dreams, playing beautiful football winning trophies and quite literally, made us unbeatable. All this whilst revolutionising almost every aspect of the English game from training methods to scouting. At that point did he rest on his laurels, absolutely not. Realising that to make us a true giant in world football, we would need revenues to match those of the biggest clubs, he guided us through a tough transition financially whilst we navigated our move from Highbury to the Emirates, keeping us playing in the Champions League for the 18th year running, a record that only Real Madrid boast.

Most managers wouldn’t have even accepted the challenge of not only keeping us in the Champions League so we had the revenue to pay off the short term debt on the stadium (who knows how many years of not being in the Champions League would have set us back financially). Not only did he keep us competitive, he had to make a profit on player transfers most seasons at a time where Chelsea and Man City were spending quite literally billions and Manchester United, Liverpool and Tottenham were spending. Yet you never once heard Arsene complain about this restriction.

Does he get any appreciation for guiding us through a very difficult period? No instead he is getting hurled abuse by stupid people who think they know the first thing about running a football club, tactics, man management or economics. All this just a few short months after winning the FA Cup.

Well we have spent money and are still struggling some may say. Yes we are struggling at the minute there is no denying that. We are all disappointed at recent results and I can understand being frustrated but hurling abuse at the manager and calling for his head are definitely not the answer. Also, 2 transfer windows of having a net spend for around £100m does not mean we automatically have the right to be beating teams who have had the best part of a decade of spending a billion. Financial Fair Play may even the playing field. It caused Man City to curb their spending the summer just gone and Chelsea were only able to spend £80m on Fabregas, Costa, Felipe Luiz because of the £40m they had previously spent on David Luiz and Lukaku, allowing them to profit from those sales to spend the money.

Looking at our squad subjectively we are not far off competing for the title, I honestly believe that once this team starts gelling, things will turn around for us. Shad Forsythe needs time to implement his methods which will hopefully ease our injury problems and it will take time for Sanchez and Welbeck to learn the way their team mates play. You still see them making passes where nobody is running or them not anticipating passes from certain players etc. This will take time. All I can say is that when Arsene turns things around and when he gets us winning trophies again, which he will, there will be alot of fans who don’t deserve to celebrate and who need to look at their behavior and they way they have acted and hang their heads in shame.

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  1. Can’t find any cuff links but it is a matter of time

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  2. Is that a Borussian (Prussian) crown?

    Big night for the highly rated young Argentinian Keeper.

    The Teutonic hordes have been warming up on the blackstock road and they’ll be loud. And proud. Even though their team are in the bottom three of their league. The contrast is unreal. Slightly embaressing!

    It’s CL or bust for Klopp. But they won’t win the CL. Instead they’ll draw PSG in second whilst and AFC will get a Gazprom inspired draw with group leaders Porto or maybe Monaco or Bayer? Lurvly Jubbly.

    Come on the Arsenal!


  3. Arsenal team to play Dortmund: Martinez, Chambers, Mertesacker, Monreal, Gibbs, Arteta, Ramsey, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Alexis, Cazorla, Sanogo
    subs: Huddart, Koscielny, Bellerin, Flamini, Rosicky, Campbell, Podolski


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