Half Full or Half Empty?

Truth be told,I don’t quite know what to make of that game !

I could quite happily leave it at that.

At 4.55 pm my wife gave me my tea.Very nice too.Roast Chicken,mixed salad and crusty bread.

I cant eat that now love.I am having palpitations here .I think I am going to faint”

You are pathetic,they won didn’t they?”

If only it was as simple as that or you my dear !.Now put that in the fridge and give me some recovery time will you?”

What should have been a lovely relaxing afternoon watching Arsenal romp to a comfortable win ,was in the end a nerve jangling curse filled nightmare.

I only have myself to blame.I know.But still !

When I saw the team Arsene had picked I tweeted

I think that is our best 11.Bar none”

The way we started ,I sat back relaxing thinking this is marvelous.Wengerball at its best.

We were passing the ball so quickly that no Fulham player could get close enough to make a fair tackle.

Then Sidwell lunged at Mikel and was dismissed .And rightly so.He is always at it.Nothing more than a thug.

Sadly though,that marked the end of our scintillating play.For the rest of the half we were patient and half decent,but the spark had gone.The Urgency lost.

Did the players think “all we have to do is wear them down and the goals will come”?

Perhaps they did think that.But they didn’t come.

When one did come it was down to Fulham deciding not to contest a dead ball swung into the Area.

Still .Who cares .Not a bad half .One up and them down to ten.Time to improve our goal difference.

Yeah right !

What went wrong in the second half is beyond me and Arsene too,as he expressed in his post match interview.

Where we tired after chasing Norwich for almost 90 minutes and from playing flat out against Everton on Tuesday?

We may have been .Everton losing to Sunderland would perhaps suggest its at least a consideration.But weighed against that is the fact that Fulham played 24 hours latter than us against Chelsea.And they only had ten men for 80+ minutes.

Our passing was slow and we created next to nothing .Caught in possession and balls just given away.All a little bit disappointing I must say

If anything Fulham were the better team in the second half.

The substitutes failed to make an impression and we looked like the team that was a man down towards the end .

Giroud gave the Referee an opportunity to even the numbers on 89 minutes and he took it.Personally I think he slipped,rather than having any malicious  intentions.

Anyway ,Laurent and Per were fantastic all day and we hung on.

All I have said can be discussed and argued about,but what cant be argued with is that we now sit third and if today’s results go our way we will be in a very strong position

Oh yes ,we won.We won 3 points and its a great result .

At this stage it was a fantastic result.

We didn’t play well and we won.Is that not what they say good teams do?

Well that is what we did.Lets just enjoy the result

I am happy as a Bull meeting a herd of Cows for the first time.

What good will it do pointing the finger at individual players for a collective poor performance ?

Bring on United and we can put our footballing world to rights.

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77 comments on “Half Full or Half Empty?

  1. “how do you make two DUD SUBS (Sinclair, Lescott) leaving Aguerro & Silva on the bench???”

    Rumour is they weren’t fit, plus after a 10 day break the spuds were fitter hence the late flurry of goals. AVB openly admits to using the dodgy, but not yet illegal blood transfusion treatment to rush their saviour back from injury.


  2. lol sensational i get what you mean re suarez..but how can i say…he has the bite arsenal lacks…id love him in our team…wenger will sort him out…..as a striker he is some predator…he is committed and he always shows up, he is courageous…everyone is swearing at him and he doesnt give a fuss ..gets on with it ..scores goals…creates..hussles the defenders..actually torments them..he is fearless…and a bit mad

    lets put it this way…would you bully a team with suarez in its roster ? ivanovic who id imagine has been through civil wars and shit wouldnt even dare get into a hussle with the uruguaian…he played the civility card…hehe.. all these years where rio has been pointing his finger to our players what we missed was a suarez to bite that finger off and watch rio crying like a girl.

    of course it will never happen…i am dreaming….not only will it be a pr disaster with our already open feuds with press and general media, it will also be ten times as hard to get any correct calls from the referees. if they had it in for us before i cant imagine what they’ll do to us if he played for us…

    ill definatelly start a new campaign on fm13 and get him though ..and de rossi..and then ill bankruypt the club and get fired 🙂


  3. Ohhh, the witch hunt is beginning for Suarez.
    Media is building a bonfire for him right now. It was already built, they are going to throw him on it this time. He certainly took a chunk out of Chelsea’s CL hopes!

    4 games, 4 wins are required from the Arsenal.
    Manu – we can out play them. Poldi is not a worse player than OG up front.
    Twitchy & co – they can raise their game against us, but you would expect them to have given up the ghost.
    Wigan – they have too many games and we play them 2 days after the FA cup final.
    Geordies – Christ I really hate smug Pardew, it will depend if they are safe from the drop and above Sunderland. This is going to be a long day as we can expect the other 2 to be still in with a shout.

    Or maybe City completely collapse in the next few weeks? Hopeful but unlikely as they have a relatively easy run in and they still have an FA cup final. Can’t see Roberto keeping his job for next year however.
    Just imagine the refs we are going to get for the next few games? Dean, Webb, Clatternberg. We get better get the lads practicing 10 man formations!


  4. “After all, it’s against us, so they will give 100%. Especially the little Dutch boy. If he was really “loving” Arsenal, he would not turn up next week, but we all know that he will.”

    He will be looking to rub our noses in it, but let’s not give him the satisfaction.


  5. “Poldi is not a worse player than OG up front.” I’m not sure that he’s as good at doing the things that OG does, but he has other strengths, as long as the midfield play to them.


  6. Hunter, Koscielny will take care of Suarez. No worries. Regarding the positives you see in Suarez, I believe Giroud matches that. Did you see Giroud’s joy when he scored the second against Norwich? Did you see the players celebrate when the mind reading german scored? They care as much as the best of us and I believe we are only seeing the beginning of this wonderful squad.

    I understand why you would want a player of Suarez’s positive attributes, but right now we have cazorla who is equally silky in the penalty box, maybe not a goal poacher. I believe Gervinho in addition to his other qualities has an instinct for poaching goals.


  7. Suarez would add to any team anywhere.


  8. He would also leave the club open to all sorts of criticism


  9. Add a lot of problems for a team that the referees are just looking for an excuse to punish. Plus unlike some I cannot casually overlook his racist behaviour and serial cheating.


  10. Hey may add, but at what cost? He will bring the club down to his level of character.


  11. pg
    Sorry to disagree George but Suarez would probably make a meal of Bacary la Sagna.


  12. SA I thought I had said that !


  13. No place for Chicken Mi Chu if Suarez is around. Great player though. Michu that is.


  14. @ Sensational Arsenal April 21, 2013 at 6:23 pm
    “I want him to come, I want them to give their best and we should still whoop their ass so bad that they remember this whooping when they lift the title and it makes them a little crappy inside.”
    I second that, SA!

    @ Passenal
    “AVB openly admits to using the dodgy, but not yet illegal blood transfusion treatment to rush their saviour back from injury.”
    Really? Good lord!

    Suarez at Arsenal? Yeuch! No thanks.


  15. PG, I thought you were being mild.


  16. oh but my friend me wanting suarez has nothing to do with doomers bitching about og..i believe in og…he is the lad alright..his performance at munich for me ranks as one of the highest ive seen of any arsenal player, nor is it in relation to fans talk about wanting wenger to spalsh the cash for a “world class” striker..id still want luis even if we had titi playing cf…to complement for the academy’s mild character..a pitbull..i see suarez as a combo of eduardo’s clinical finishing and predatory instinct and vieira’s ” ill eat you all” mentality …i think suarez is the type of player that wins you finals.


  17. hunter, I was pointing out the qualities you see in suarez in other players in our squad. My bigger point is that, even if he surpassed Messi, I wouldnt want him within a mile of London Colney


  18. understandable 🙂


  19. Based on today..my dream top 4 line-up for 2013/14 would be:
    Man U, Arsenal, Chelsea, Spuds.
    Still mathematically possible…

    FUCK Man Shitty!
    (if only all wishes came true)


  20. Passenal 6:56pm

    Your point is well made, Poldi and OG are not at all like for like players.

    Arsene Wenger is going to have to make tactical switches now he may have kept back from doing, but I would love to see more from the Ox and Mozart. We are going to have to change our style of play now and we have a lot less tactical options to switch the game around at 70 mins.

    Anyone see Assou-Ekotto’s challenge today?


  21. Hope we get to see the czar play before he leaves.


  22. He will probably start cursing if we ask him to play at centre forward 😀


  23. I wonder if he liked Branisloves taste.
    Fantastic striker footballer but noooooo thanks. All our guys are great athletes and good young men. Luis could have a bad influence on them.
    Get EDAN DZEKO. if needed. Great skills he has . He will have to take a pay cut if he comes.
    Two birds one stone
    We get a great talent. He gets to play more.
    I really rate him.


  24. suarez’s actions have no place on a football pitch.

    Even when emotions are riding high during the course of an intense and typical chelsea liverpool game I am sorry I cannot accept anyone stooping to such lows. There has got to be a line somewhere.

    The incessant fouling in itself is a disgrace. This is unacceptable.

    I most definitely rate his skills as a footballer. I don’t rate him as a sportsman.


  25. perhaps you are right arshavin, yes some of his actions belong to the jungle…..but then again the epl is some form of a “jungle”..isnt it?


  26. Villa’s drubbing tonight means Wigan have everything to play for next weekend.


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