A Downward Spiral By George

So, Borussia Dortmund are a selling club. A feeder club for Bayern Munich, Real Madrid and Manchester United.

A club with no ambition.

A club interested only in profits.

A club showing no respect for its fans.

A club on a downward spiral to mediocrity.

Anyone who thinks this is not the case is delusional, and just a “Klopp knows best” boy.

I can hear the fans now screaming

We are Dortmund.We should never sell to our rivals.We have sold them the League.We will replace with bargain basement players.Klopp has lost it.Dormund FC not PLC”

How can a club who has won their own domestic League for the last two seasons do this to their fans ?

Players want to win stuff.That’s why Judas, Nasri ,Song and Cesc left? Right? It was all about ambition for them.Right ?

Football is all about winning I am told. Well Dortmund have been doing just that. In the Champions League final too most likely.The very highest level !

So players cant want to leave,can they ?

The biggest ground in Germany and the second biggest sports club in their country.The most passionate fans you could wish for. No player would want to leave all that. Would they?

Perhaps it’s because they’re an old team on the decline and they want a new challenge? Nope, average age against Madrid was 23.So what on earth can it be ?

By the end of this season they will have lost Sahin, Kagawa, Gotez and Lewandowski.How can that be? There is everything in place for them at Dortmund.

Any ideas yet ?

Come on,think !

It can’t be about money can it?

No,surely not.

You are not telling me that I was right all along about money being the single biggest factor in the game?

Are you ? Is that what you are saying ?

Well.I think I will scoot over to twitter and see what the WOB’s make of this.

Dortmund have not had to build a new stadium as we have.

They have one domestic rival capable of outspending them, we have at least three.

Yet they have had to sell  Mario Gotez, a 21 year old prodigy who has been at the club since he was 8 years old, to their fiercest rivals.

And for about £10 million less than we got for Fabregas.

Does anyone think Klopp wanted to sell those payers?

No, of course he didn’t. It was forced on him by player power and financial realities. Two things that our own fans seem to think don’t exist.

It all comes back to the same thing. People think they know how to run the club when the reality is the don’t know shit.

I have always said that anyone who wants Arsene out is a simpleton. This Dortmund malarkey has exposed huge swathes of their pathetic arguments to be total bullshit.

In related news I am told that Judas is now believed to be on £300k pw.This is the amount that Arsene confirmed City had offered him.I said at the time that I believed that United would have matched this figure.It seems they did.

The anti Arsenal and Arsene posters (at the blog that shall not be named) said that Pursie had gone to win stuff and because of his ambition. Their logic said that had it been for money,he would have gone to City.

Another load of old bollocks that was.

Will this evidence of how the real World works see an end to their nonsense ? Will it bollocks. They will just start pointing backwards to perceived failings in the past 8 years and ignore any realities.

I hate  to say “I told you so” But I did.

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87 comments on “A Downward Spiral By George

  1. Quite Right Shotta et al – “a very minor incident” according to Arsene in yesterdays video

    Well Boss lets hope we have no “very minor incidents” on Sunday


  2. nice one stew…you’ve got me all misty-eyed now….would be great to see the czar on the bench on Sunday.

    Those in favour, type “OY” (Oh Yes!)….


  3. corr: nice one steww.


  4. i read it yeaterday that lawandowski cost dortmund 5m just two years ago. if arsene has gone for him at the time rather than say, torres, many wob’s would have said he went for cheaper option. i’m saying thjs because some of them are already saying arsene will opt for remy because he is cheap.


  5. Ahh,Andrei. xxxxx
    Made my day that


  6. I miss Eduardo!


  7. I will be happy with Remy


  8. What in the world happened with Arshavin? It is something that I still cannot wrap my mind around. Bothers me a bit, to be honest.


  9. agreed, Anicoll. Lets not give any reasons for any harsh calls to go against us.

    Do we know who the ref is?


  10. Having reminded myself via the FA of Brian Talbot this clip from an FA Cup tie in 79 against Brighton shows the man at his best.

    Are you watching Lawrenson ?


  11. Phil Dowd



  12. On checking Mr Dowd has been no trouble the few times we have seen him this season, away to the Ammers and at home to Fulham


  13. oh no…not Phil Dowd!!!
    could see another gunner sent off.
    “they” have 4 games to consign us to the Europa league

    refs for the other 3 games anyone?


  14. Fat fucker Dowd waddling around the pitch on Sunday.


  15. …I am really fucking struggling here


  16. This should relax u somewhat, Frank…

    TEAM to trivialize the guard of honour & relegate Phil Dowd to the Championship:


    +Vito, Verm, Nacho, Ox, Jack, Poldi, AA.



  17. FINS
    I would love a 5-0 6-0 spanking of the mancs but I want the three points no matter how we beat them. That would make a fine b’day gift.
    And if it is not asking too much to see ARSHAVIN play a part in the game.
    I wish OG had won his appeal. I love his fighting attitude and never giving up.

    I miss EDVARDO too. Bad card he was dealt.
    I wish him the best.


  18. no problem finsbury.


  19. @aman, i dont like to predict line up, but looking at the trainning pics today, its like wenger is toying with the idea of arteta wilshere, and mart tv5. i think poldi will play through the midle.
    on the referee, i hate dowd!. not because of his record against us but he always looks unfit. how old is he? and what is the retirement age for referees if england?
    @george, i like remy as well. if he doesnt come with huge amount, it reduces pressure and expectation. which can really help him to settle down. plus he is thierry look alike.


  20. Strange the number of people who agree with Ferguson about Dowd being unfit

    He was fined by the FA I remember

    He obviously got his message across

    Can’t say I think he is any more fit or unfit than any other whistler

    Not really ever noticed that fit referees are any better than fat bastards


  21. George
    Glad to see you still have fire in your belly and the light of the righteous on your eyes this morning after your birthday.

    My only quibble – people like the WOB’s and the fence sitter apologists for their drivel are not simpletons, these fucknuts are far more dangerous than that to our club.
    How many we’re behind that treacherous banner at Brighton? A handful but they got all the press. Pity I would loved to have seen some video of the shit-kicking they deservedly got from the rest of the true supporters.
    Yes Grecian 2000 is a money grubbing whore, so was Sol, I don’t really have too high expectations of pro footballers but when we talk about traitors – lets look closer to our own and the boo boys at the Ems.


  22. if there is any player i really want us to bring back, it is dudu. if only to be an ambassador. and… martin taylor should still be in jail.


  23. How about this,

    Grecian 2000 comes on as a sub at 75 minutes (‘coz fergie is desperate to get something back from the game at 3-0 down) and we all shout


  24. Best suggestion I’ve seen all week dc @ 8.33 pm!


  25. Cheers Passeral


    Waiting for the closing time rush on here, no offence to you all not on BST.

    While anyone is waiting I can’t commend highly enough 7am’s blog post today,


  26. Anicoll, if I am not mistaken, RVP came to Arsenal beause the Feyenrood manager lost patience with him, he said could not be managed or something like that. Arsene and Arsenal took a chance on him. It was not about money, from what I understand.


  27. If I could buy only one player in that Dortmund squad it would have to be Gundogan.

    I’m over the whole Van Persie affair. He’s a red Manc now and he was never any good for Arsenal or the Netherlands. And to think I felt bad for him getting bullied by Robben and Sneijder.


  28. I wish I could be over him that easily. I really want to, but somehow I can’t. I was over Cesc quite quickly, because I always knew he would go back to Barca, even though I had hoped it wouldn’t be in the manner it had happened. But still, I would welcome him back any day. Other player’s that have left us, I have no hard feelings towards, in fact, I am rather sympathetic to them: Toure, Eduardo, Clichy, Denilson, etc. They all left because their time with us was up and I wish them all the best (though in the case of the two gone to City, I wish them personally all the best, but I hope their club burns to ashes) Song, well, meh, totally indifferent. And Nasri got what he deserves for going to City, Adebayor is a Sp*r now and I think he himself knows best that he stepped down a level ever since he decided he wanted the money.

    But our former striker? I had a real soft spot for him, probably helped because no one of my friends liked him and even most Gooners seemed negative towards him because of his injuries. But for me, it was always so very obvious what a massive talent he was. I knew he was world class long before those 1 1/2 years came and I kept thinking “what if?” whenever I though to all those games he couldn’t play for us because he was busy wallowing in horse placenta or whatever it is he likes to do in his spare time. And then the time came where he finally stayed fit and his class finally shone through to the rest of the world. He kept scoring those ridiculous goals, and he seemed like a leader on the pitch, too. We were finally rewarded for staying loyal to a player and why would he even want to leave? Those pictures of him as a child in an Arsenal jersey, all those interviews… In fact, I was liking him so much, I had accepted that if we finish outside the CL places, he would be free to leave. He was such a top player, he deserved to play against the best.

    We had finished 3rd, better than expected after our horrendous start, we had all the momentum. We were the in-form team in the league, we would strengthen in the summer (after all, we had already bought Podolski, we were close to getting Giroud and the first Santi rumours started to pick up pace) and well, who was going to stop us? Apparently, 300k p/w and a nice long snog from Fergie did. The image of him jumping into Wenger’s arms after scoring against Barca still keeps playing back in my mind. Considering that only recently, he had a nice long smooch session with Fergie makes me wonder if even back than it was only all for show?

    In the end, I wish I could just say bye and be done with him. But the manner of his departure, the attacks on the club, it all makes it very difficult to just accept him as one of the Red Mancs. As I already mentioned, I was over our other players leaving quite quickly, but for me, he is the worst, by far. He is the real Judas, and I hate him more than all those leg-breaking Neanderthals. However, on Sunday, all of this doesn’t matter. It’s us against them, we need those 3 points and he, well, he just can’t be a distraction for the fans or our players. I fully expect him to be boo’ed to a point that even Cashley is going to feel sorry for him, but he is just a sideshow. It’s all about Arsenal, and I am confident that us, the fans, will roar the team on to a famous victory. As for Robin? Well, in English, you have this saying “break a leg”. We, in Germany, do it one better. So, Robin, break a leg and your neck.


  29. Well said Mr Evil!

    Yes, Robin, ‘break a leg’….[fades to menacing laughter]


  30. I don’t want one of our players to ever do that to any human being.

    However, if he gets shawcrossed by someone else, I won’t shed a tear.
    But I do laugh so much sometimes water does come out of my eyes.


  31. Dortmund will be a great case study for next season, as long as a teams has 8 stable players they can get through a period of disruption without falling off the pace too much. Arsenal have been destabilized in the same manner which is happening to Dortmund but over a much longer period.

    I do like Dortmund, and hope they can keep pace with Bayern. They seem to be a stable club now so should be able to blood replacements without too much disruption. They do have some very good players ready to make the step up.


  32. Adam @ 12:00pm- IMO, they wont miss Gotze as much as they will miss Lewandowski. Reuss and Gundogan will step up in Gotze’s absence but, as we all know, losing a 20-goal per season man is not easy.


  33. Shotta, as I stated Dortmund will be an interesting case study for next season. I don’t think they will miss Gotze’s that much either. Bittencourt looks like he may step up, Dortmund seem to like him. Dortmund have a lot of young interesting players. Just the players you mentioned will steady the ship on top of that they have Leitner.

    As you stated, its up front they might struggle? But this club doesn’t seem the sort to dwell too much in the past and will move for someone or more than one player to accommodate the losses.

    Either way an interesting club to watch.


  34. gotze had a buyout clause, if he wanted to leave he could as long as a club matched it. BVB or klopp had no say

    arsenal on the otherhand were only gorced by the playet, they didbt have to accept, although it maid strong financial sense.

    the only problem is that you need to keep your top players now, and build on top. you can never build a safe house if you replace the foundation all the time. and we need players that fit the style of arsenal. giroud, as good as he is, feels like a square peg in a round hole.

    my opinion


  35. I accept that,But the reality is he chose to leave despite the recent success of the club.Where our fans point to a lack of Silverware as the reason our players leave.
    That sort of proves it not to be the case


  36. Top, top top quality article, as the boss would say
    and in basic enough terms for those simpletons to understand


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