Arsenal: Thursday Night at the Fights


Good morning all Positives far and near,

A rather teeth sucking evening I admit. I had assumed the job ‘done’ at 3-0 but fair play to the Swedes who came along to their biggest game ever and gave their best, scored two and might have nicked a third.  70 seconds of poor concentration on 22/23 minutes and there was a hint of a wobble on the pitch, and the usual hysteria off it. After a few minutes of concern however the good ship Arsenal righted itself, by half time the panic was contained and we sailed on to the draw for the Round of 16 this lunchtime. Irrespective of which team we draw in the next knockout stage last night emphasised that to be sure of progressing we need to approach every game in the ‘right’ way, with no complacency that the job is already done,  with a strong team and an experienced bench.

Of our lads Sead did well, and Ospina had a good work out before Sunday. The disappointing thing was our failure to create good chances.  I am pleased that Arsene did not remove Chambers and/or Holding after their shaky first half as we had Mustafi and Nacho on the bench and it would have been an easy switch. Both our young centre backs need to  learn and they won’t learn very much if thy are substituted after 45 minutes.

I shall just call it a forgettable game and leave it there. For the visitors a marvellous night which  they thoroughly enjoyed. Was it 4,500 of their fans in the Clock End, almost a tenth of the town’s total population !?!  Oh for the simple pleasures.


Enjoy Friday !


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57 comments on “Arsenal: Thursday Night at the Fights

  1. Hi AA,

    I have copy / posted a quote from your 10:20 am as it exactly matches my own perspective of current Arsenal affairs —

    –“It pains me to say it but Wenger’s entire era at AFC was hallmarked by an expectation (on my part) that we had a chance to beat anyone put in front of us – and that included the giants of Spain and the minnows of Scandinavia and beyond – and this season, that expectation has largely disappeared. It’s been replaced by more measured hope, which is probably a much more grown-up way to approach the game.”

    except for :- “It’s been replaced by more measured hope, which is probably a much more grown-up way to approach the game.”

    No — I have to confess to a much more visceral effect on my psyche, completely bypassing any limited intellect I might have. My disappointment with so many players not performing to their collective best, with unusually awry passing into spaces devoid of teammates, or showboating because of embarrassing over confidence etc, making me less than sanguine in shouting at the TV “Nooooooooo” in a vulgar manner.

    Alas and alack — it seems, despite opinions to the contrary, I am human after all.
    Ask Sir Anicoll.

    A very good Post – especially from someone who managed to avoid the mental torture of Thursday’s game – or perhaps because of not seeing it! lol

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  2. Umm, Ooooer – actually, I accidentally proved @ 3:26 that I really am a fallible human by mistaking the inestimable Anicoll’s Post for yours, AA — and an abject apology to you my liege Anicoll for inadvertently suggesting you had not seen the game. lol

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  3. < Did not 'Arry do just as well if not better with a slightly inferior squad then MP at the same club?
    Swap Bale for Kane and that could be seen as a slight downgrade, time will tell on that one, but with better fitness from Dembele of late etc it's about evens as far as resources (players) go.

    I didn't think 'Arry was a poor (if comical) football manager and likewise I wouldn't downplay the talents of MP, or, say, Samwise Allerdici (even funnier then Arry as he got the England job, for about five minutes…)but I wouldn't ever class any of them alongside the likes of Pellegrino who did win things in his time in the PL yes with City's squad but compared to those who came before him with some decent style too,


  4. Arsenal FC
    ‏Verified account @Arsenal
    4h4 hours ago

    #AFCU23 to play Dinamo Zagreb: Iliev, Osei-Tutu, Medley, Mavropanos, Bola, Willock, Dasilva, Dragomir, Nelson, Smith Rowe, Nketiah

    Bench: Virginia, Ballard, Gilmour, Amaechi, Fortune, John-Jules

    Arsenal FC
    ‏Verified account @Arsenal
    4h4 hours ago

    #AFCU23 have been playing for just over half an hour… and it’s now 1-0

    😁 @Joewillock has opened the scoring 👏

    Arsenal FC
    ‏Verified account @Arsenal
    2h2 hours ago

    Dinamo Zagreb had equalised – but there’s been a late goal… 😏

    @joshdasilva_ has scored in the 87th minute to make it 2-1 to #AFCU23

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  5. I’m on with it, but my puppy is making writing very slow going. Hold your horses.

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