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Arsene vs Pep? As Some Arsenal Bloggers Lose The Plot

Fresh after the Gunners win over Southampton last week, my roving eyes caught a blog that made we weep for everything that is Arsenal. Rather than using his blog to provide his readers with an insight into what Arsene is trying to achieve, the blogger used his headline and more than half of his subsequent prose […]

Arsenal: As 99 Red Balloons Go By

Ladies and gentlemen of the Positively Arsenal persuasion I bid you good morn, Distinctly grey and damp up in Norfolk. There will be calls for “heating” later I suspect. What of yesterday’s game ? I admit I settled into the game confident of the three points and a decent ++score although, given that Hull’s previous […]

Arsenal Versus Hull: How Do You Like Them Apples?

Anyone who knows me knows of my interest in obsession, addictive behaviour and the curiously exaggerated importance we attach to football. Anyone who reads Positively Arsenal (you for instance) is an example of the most successful evolutionary outcome the world has ever seen. Intelligent beyond the imagination of our ancient ancestors, dangerous and powerful by […]

Arsenal: Little Bit Steel, Little Bit Lace

Good Morning Positivistas. A hard-earned but deserved point earned in Paris last night against a home side who performed better than I anticipated and on the back of a performance from us, over the 94 minutes, that I would give no more than 7/10. I was not remotely surprised to see David Ospina start. He […]

Arsenal Versus Paris St Germain: No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

What is the greatest of all human qualities? Charity? Self sacrifice for the greater good? Giving with no expectation of personal gain? I suspect these and variants thereof would figure pretty highly on everybody’s list. How about humility, modesty and a humble willingness to allow one’s good deeds to increase anonymously the water in the […]

Is Mustafi Arsenal’s Most Important Signing?

With very minor exceptions the signing of Shkordan Mustafi, 2 days before deadline day, was met with the usual sensationalist delight by the mainstream media. Most reveled in Arsenal’s contribution to English football setting a new transfer record of £1.2b this past window. In terms of footballing analysis most saw it simply as Wenger turning […]

Arsenal : Bon Anniversaire Laurent

  Good morning Positives far and near, A bright morning in Norfolk with just a hint of autumn in the garden. As we all saw a valuable three points gathered in yesterday against a well-organised Southampton side maintains our PL momentum. This morning we sit just on the shoulder of the leading pack, tucked in […]