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Three Games

Evening Positive heads and a late epistle before settling down to an evening of midweek football. How unlucky that the new TV deal was not signed that would have allowed me to watch the two masters of the long ball in action at the Britannia tonight ! I shall hide my disappointment. I presume we […]

NLD From The Eyes Of A Spurs Fan.

Following the post from anicoll5, here is one from our resident Spud, Yido6061 . Don’t forget to read Andrew’s if this is your first visit today. You spend half a season moaning about the state of football and then when you actually sit down to try and think of how we, as supporters, can change […]

Calling at the Neighbours in N17

Morning fellow Positivistas from a grey Norfolk, under three hours to go before Mr Atkinson peeps and the North London derby roars into life, and we know that this lunchtime’s game will have more roar than a dark cave of peckish polar bears don’t we ? I have attended, seen on the box, listened to […]

Managing Arsenal, It Soooo Easy

  Tactics, formations and set ups. It seems every Arsenal fan is an expert on them. Yes we all know them well,  all of us bar Arsene that is. I mean its easy, right? Start with a world class goalkeeper. One that dominates his area and controls the defenders. Next we want a couple of […]

WOBs On The Ropes

Today we have a post from  @Shotta_gooner. Although I agree wholeheartedly with my old friend and ally, I was tempted not to post this. My thinking is that there are reasonable people (although I struggle to accept those reasons) that think it is time for Arsene to step aside. When I use the term WOB, […]

Heroes and Villans

Andrew alerted me to a piece in the Independent last week. For those of you from outside of the UK the Indie is that rarest of beasts; a quality tabloid newspaper. It has featured some of my favourite ever journalists including Fergal Keane and the utterly peerless Robert Fisk who not only understand their subject […]