Was It The Best Point Of The Season?

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This week @shotta_gooner and I look at the West Ham game , discus the chances of a top 8, 6 or 4 finish and for once I stand up and defend Arteta for his selections and tactics.

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  1. The interlul cramps everyone’s literaturary juices.
    What I would say about the game was it showed our extremes our best and our worst.
    When games come thick and fast and the line up changes so much from game to game it is understandable that there is little consistently even within the same game and with our manager making the tinkerman look positively stable I suppose we should of expected this sort of performance to arrive sooner or later.
    Calum proved a microcosm of the performance and although many thought he aged really well in reality he was great going forward but was done a few times defensively much like the rest of the team.
    This is the difficulty in thinking about the team going forward we are seeing splashes of colour but there is still so much black and white.
    Players Mikel introduces are doing well but some of the regulars are not adding to the team.
    Mikel could be using this season to try players and systems for a more stability next season because at the moment he looks like he doesn’t know his best side or best system or the system to use against particular sides or even how to use which substitutes when and how.
    I really can’t see us winning the Europa and I still think we will not stray much from tenth.
    The biggest plus from the hammers game was the arrival of MO, much like a season he had flickered showing he was class but not really getting hold of a game. On Sunday he was totally in control everything good we did flowed through him and the irons couldn’t keep up with him.
    If we can keep hold of him next season then we will be filling numbers on players we can absolutely rely on.
    The biggest whole we need to fill is the keeper, Leno is a good keeper but nowhere near the quality we need if we are to push for top four again.
    Personally I think along with Leno, Auba and Pepe (obviously Ceballos needs to be returned with a thank you very much but no thanks sticker on his head) need to be shipped out and the money used to bolster the squad as these should all fetch decent money as we won’t have cash we haven’t set generated to play with.
    We have seen before teams can dramatically change in preseason if the right changes are made and although the signs around the politics of the club sent great the team on the turf may improve.

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  2. RIP FFP, if you were even alive to begin with.

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