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Arsenal: Old Memories from the Class of ’48

Gf60 writes; Of old Highbury, Crush barriers, Cliff Holton and Stanley Matthews. With all-seater grounds, nancyfied and oh so safe, no-one will ever know, again, the thrill of being able to tell the crowd size merely by the pressure on your chest. Seriously. To illustrate: a big game, the scum for example, meant that you […]

The Amazing Mr. Wenger

Wenger 2 – WOBs 0 Despite their total and ignominious defeat earlier this week, the WOBs remain unrepentant and as bitter as ever.  It has been my observation these past many years that most of these anti-Wenger zealots, (bloggers, podcasters, tweeters and self-appointed tv personalities) are so invested in their anti-Wenger narrative they have become […]