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A Win Is A Win

I was about to rack my brains and come up with an article about yesterdays game, full in the knowledge that most will have seen it and read about it already. However, I saw the post by Zim Paul and thought “that’s what I should be writing” So here it is . “Sometimes a game […]

An Early Eye On The Sunday

Today we have a guest post from @anicoll5 An interesting week for us and the neighbours. Our trip to Munich yielding a respectable result and a good performance against a team who are currently better than we are at football, I know, I know, but it has to be said. The only frustration an injury […]

An Old Cock And Bull Story

Today we revisit a classic tale where Frank looks back, more in sorrow than in anger, to re-tell a chilling tale of a long-lost summer of love, terrible betrayal and lots of super furry animals.  Today’s page turner … I was mugged in Seven Sisters. To be accurate I was attacked in Seven Sisters since […]

The Run In

Today’s post is by PA regular, Seebs. It’s official. It’s that time of year again when with ten premier league games to go it’s THE RUN IN. On Sunday 16th of March at 16.00 we kick off not just a game, but the beginning of our march to destiny, whatever that may be. The fact […]

Munich Result Exposes Media Agenda

London, New York, Paris, Munich – everyone’s talking about Pep’s music. Except of course, they’re not, or at least the UK papers who might, just might, be expected to get behind an English club playing in Europe, aren’t.  Are Bayern a good team, a world-class outfit: well yes, but not if they are playing against […]

Arsenal Chew The Toffies

“Que, sera, sera, whatever will be, will be …” I have to admit to feeling more than a little apprehensive before kick-off  and by half-time I was feeling no better. Even when we scored after seven minutes I was worried.  I don’t know why, because we were clearly the better team. Fabianski had nothing to […]

The Colossus Aaron Ramsey

Arsenal’s brightest young star set to shine again I read yesterday that Arsenal intend to offer Aaron Ramsey a double your money contract extension  ( ) . Aaron is in the same position as Jack, AOC, Gibbs and Jenkinson in that he is about one year into his current deal.  So why would the […]