Now That Was A Shambles

If you want a difficult job, start a blog. call it Positively Arsenal, then sit back and wait to be beaten 6 0 by the team that is everything you detest in the game, and then do a write up.

I feel like taking to my bed, pulling the sheets over my head and whimpering until August.

Six nil, that’s SIX NIL, Jesus H Christ.

There can be no excuses for losing six nil. None. Yes we had half the first team missing, but so what? Every player fielded is a better player than most teams in the league can boast, and I don’t see them losing 6 3 ,5 1 and six bastard nil.

There is something wrong. There is!

But what?

How can the same eleven that defended so well at Spurs play like that? It almost beggars belief.

Its easy to say we should have started Flamini in tandem with Arteta and sat back a little more, with the fullbacks holding their positions, but to do that you need pace in the side to break away and score. Where is that coming from?

So we play a high line and get ripped to pieces. Why?

Well from what I can recall it was because we lost possession in midfield . AOC and Santi were most culpable, but even Tomas joined in when we conceded for what seemed like the eighteenth time.

It would be fair to ask why a 20 year old was asked to play in a game this big, in the centre of midfield, when he is still learning the game. Then again, were you asking that question before the game? If so what were the alternatives?

Mikel looks too slow to be playing the holding role if we are playing a high line, and Aaron is not there to compensate, but again, what were the alternatives?

Are the lack of alternatives down to injuries, or is it Arsene’s fault for not buying? Or both?

You can’t blame the manager for the players being nothing short of woeful.

However I can’t excuse Arsene either. He has to be held responsible to some degree, the buck stop there, as they say.

Forget that the wrong player was sent off , for a non-red card offence , the damage was done. At least the chance of getting anything from the game had already gone.

That display was totally unacceptable and everyone concerned should be admonished.

Hang on though, let’s not throw the baby out with the bathwater.

Let’s not forget what has been good until this point. Let’s remember what wonderful football this team and these players have given us.

We must think things could and would be very different with Theo, Jack, Aaron and Ozil in the side.

All is not lost. Top 4 and the FA cup is still a distinct possibility.

As we keep getting told, there is money to spend in the summer.

All we can do is carry on supporting, there is no alternative.

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171 comments on “Now That Was A Shambles

  1. A good game to get out of the way although a disappointment not to collect what our dominance deserved

    Not the quality we wanted but it may be a killer point in the end

    Much better however than going from a 6-0 murder straight into Citeh


  2. Gains, Oli G was hardly setting the game alight at the time. The goal masked the fact that he had a stinker in common with most of the team today. I thought it was a pretty poor, tentative performance, which was hardly surprising after Saturday. But it seems that when your luck turns there is no hiding place. That own goal at the end was a real killer. I confess I am worried about Saturday unless we improve significantly from tonight’s efforts. Still, I’ll be there as usual doing my bit and I agree re KK – there were some really interesting moments from him. I wonder if he can do that over an extended period? He does not look like the usual honed and athletic specimen we are used to seeing at Arsenal, but he certainly seemed to inject a bit of urgency into our late second half efforts.


  3. Kallstrom was brilliant! If that is what he brings to the table, I say sign him up. Di yoot bad!


  4. Honed athletic specimens Pass !!

    Cor send me some fat unbreakable machines who keep going

    Serious physical battle on Saturday – stand up time


  5. That was heartbreaking. As usual the ref. A bit clueless. Should have called a high kick foul on their half just before the counterattack. F. two points dropped.
    I hate to be in WOJO s shoes right now. I know he kicked the ball instinctively but should have let the FLAMSTER deal with it and clear out. Damn. Heartbreak…


  6. Fucking bollocks. This lot are making the job of positive blogging impossible.
    I’m tempted to throw the towel in


  7. It’s rough George, I have never been this disappointed myself but we have to believe they will turn it around.


  8. haha george , thats why we are here, to give each other strength..had we won tonight id still belive for the title. then again we werent good enough for top4 remember. yes it sucks but what can you do man. the start was ozil and hopefully in the summer the stop gap of arteta and flamini ends and they both go. podolski is obviosuly a naughty boy at nights, no other explanation why wenger wont play him more regularly. the boy came on won us the game and then for no reason flamini and arteta played like kittens in midfield. tired? perhaps. do i care of their fatigue ? absolutely not. and of course kallstrom was good. he knows his position on the field and what to do with the ball. gibbs was the only player tonight who had the confidence to beat his man and create advantage for us. big up to the fans. i expected a lot worse. im with either city or liverpool and mou ending potless, this doesnt mean im one of those wembley types happy for the f.a cup but whatever calms the masses is good for me. arsene kick them up their arses. and keep kicking till they apologise for what theyve done to you and us. i beleivbe in momentum. oziul fucked ours when he missed the penalty. seasons. lifes, careers, whole universes are built on such mommnets. quantum physics.


  9. and wojo….heheh….still got shit loads to learn. i insist. fabianski should start.


  10. Cruel cruel faith………..


  11. The goal at the end may have been unlucky however the decision making and pace of the game were awful. The amount of times I see players in space,especially Kieran, only to be ignored for a more difficult pass or for a player with two players on him was incredible. The second goal was simply down to not being able to hold on to the ball for a couple of minutes and secondly tracking a runner. I thought it was a really poor performance tonight whatever the result.
    With all the talk of a reaction i dont know if the players were trying to hard to please the crowd and not doing the basics but it was most un-ARSENAL like.
    Hunter I wouldn’t start Poldolski, yeah I know his pass for the second goal was absolute class but i feel he plays better when coming on like unleashing a Tasmanian devil half way through the game.
    We have now only amassed 12 points fro, a possible 27 in our last nine games and so we can only hope we play our way out of this league form and finish with a flourish and with players coming back we can still have a positive end to the season.


  12. and wojo still better than fab


  13. George, when I was a young wee slip of a lad, in the seventies, and we had just been beaten particularly badly,as we were coming out of the ground a bloke could see my depression and said ” ARSENAL will always break your heart lad but thats why we love em”. It doesn’t make a great deal of sense but I think he meant for all football fans there is only one true definite, your team will build you up and let you down, yeah winning will be there sometimes and we should enjoy it while its there and by the same token stay faithful during the shit times because the glory will be so much more exhilarating when it returns. KEEP THE FAITH ( insert northern soul fist )


  14. hunter, wojo was going for the ball, but BFG kicked the ball toward the goal and wojo still manage to use his leg to stop it from going in. unfortunately the ball hit flamini running back to help. how is that wojo or flamini’s fault. if i would blame anyone for the goal it will be vermaelen who was easily turned in the box at that time of the match and the ever reliable BFG who would have conceded and own goal that wojo tried to prevent.
    but like everyone has rightly said, we dont have any luck at the moment.

    yaya did great when he came on. and kallsrum should play more when we have ox in the team. i like his long passes but presently the only player that can make it count is ox. works hard as well but no pace.


  15. goerge, there are still many positives to our season. we have a chance in the fa cup and can still finish third.

    another thing is what might have been if we were a bit lucky with injuries. or if chelsea and liverpool have had the kinds of injuries we had this season. ramsey for hazard and couthinho, walcott for eto’o and suares, ox and poldi for anyone in their team. i check the injury league site last week, we are top with 225 points when chelsea have just 85 points. this is not considering the importance of the players to their teams.
    we really have done well this season but the performance of the team earlier in the season have raised everyone’s hope and thus make us to feel disappointed now that those players are out injured.


  16. i didnt talk about wilshere because i still insist that his current injury is avoidable. a self inflicted injury thus not count in my book. if he had us in mind like he always claims, he will know how to even feign injuries to stay away from such useless friendly games knowing full well that his team is highly depleted. but instead he went for a ball he can never win in the first place.
    i hope england fail to make it out of their group!


  17. Just got back from the game and I agree with Hawkeye….no luck at all. We needed a scruffy win and it turned into a scruffy draw at the death. Not offered as an excuse but I don’t see how any team can play freely in that atmosphere. I will always keep turning up but the tension is horrible and the booing a disgrace. Roll on better times and a great performance on Saturday.


  18. Right I’m over that
    Disappointing result and not a good performance, but two good goals, finally saw Kim and the alleged Champions elect due on Saturday. If that can’t get my blood up I must be dead. Plenty to play for with eight games left plus the FA Cup.

    A more vigorous challenge will have to be dealt with from Citeh but deal with it we will.
    Three days break to recuperate, and work on creating more goalscoring opportunities.


  19. The injury curse has come back with a vengeance. After opening the new medical and treatment facilities about two years ago it got better last season but that seems to have been a blip.

    I cannot believe it has not been looked at hard as losing so many key players for so.long has been a disaster since Christmas – Aaron’s return was originally pencilled in for the game at St Mary’s – a footballing lifetime ago.

    Look again Mr Wenger


  20. Apparently in professional athletes the most likely causes of muscle strains and tears including hamstring and calf pulls are lack of warm up and physical prep and.wait for it…….tension. Tension. That is psychological stress over and above excitement and anticipation. But I can’t imagine what the source of tension might be for Arsenal players playing at home. Think, think, think. Nope nothing springs to mind.


  21. arse_or_brain
    March 26, 2014 at 4:18 am
    and wojo still better than fab

    maybe, but fabianksi at this momment in time is more mature and better equipped to deal with pressure. chesney has momments where he becomes 10 years old all oF a sudden.


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