Arsenal Back From The Brink

You either believe in this team – or you don’t.

You either believe Arsene is still a great manager – or you don’t.

I do, but I have to admit  my faith has been tested of late.

In the context of what has gone before, yesterdays performance  was truly exceptional. So lets take a moment to set the scene.

Last week we were embarrassed and humiliated by Chelsea. Humbled by the least humble manager on the planet, and on the occasion of Arsene’s 1000th game,of all days.

On Tuesday we played with the handbrake on and a parachute open and dragging us back. To top it all we scored the most unfortunate own goal in injury time that saw us drop another two points.

Having failed to buy a really world class striker in the last three windows( for whatever reason ) our good striker looks to be running on empty with lead boots having just finished 40 Capstan full strength before kick off.

The depth of our midfield has been tested with long term injuries to 3 or 4 definite starters, including our most dynamic  ( The Prince of Wales)  and our world class and record transfer  play-maker ( Ozil ). The most pacey of pacey players is out for the season  and the best central defender in the league has joined them on the treatment table.

Mikel (aged 32) and Tomas (aged 33) who should be being saved for special occasions, are being asked to play every game. And to be fair,in Mikel’s case at least, it is telling.

So, after 19 minutes we go a goal down against the most expensively assembled team in history, having been comprehensively out played until then, and for the remained of the first half.

Be honest, were you fearing the worst ? I was.

What happened next was everything and more that we could have asked for.

Mental strength, resilience, fortitude and togetherness.

To turn the game around under those circumstances was almost unbelievable.

Make no mistake, we were by far the better team in the second period, and in the end unlucky not to take all 3 points. It was a terrific effort and our lads did themselves and us proud.

I love these players but also accept that there are some obvious weaknesses in the team. However, when they show character and skill like that, I can forgive them anything.

I am proud of every one of them. And proud of the Gooners that have stuck by them in the most difficult of times.


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100 comments on “Arsenal Back From The Brink

  1. 1. arsenal fan in f365 – “What I’d like to talk about is the new defence for Wenger that I’ve seen creeping into the zeitgeist over the past month. It’s a defence that Daniel uses in his article, the notion that Arsenal are now coming into the third and “golden” era under Arsene Wenger.

    What bothers me so much about this isn’t the fact that it’s yet another empty promise surrounding Wenger, but that we’re only hearing about this new golden age now, when Arsenal have once again capitulated. It’s a lovely thing for Arsenal fans to believe in. The theory brings hope that things will start to look up for Arsenal and that maybe we can start competing against our supposed peers once more. It’s very easy to get sucked into the notion that this was the plan all along. We’ve weathered the storm, ridden the recession and now we’re all set to blow everyone away in our golden age. But if this was the plan all along, why is it the first time I’ve heard about it?

    If the plan all along was that we’d have to weather the storm for the past 8 years then why did no one tell the Arsenal fans? If Wenger came out in 2006 and told the media that the next few years would be rough for Arsenal because they would be financially constrained and that the goal would be to keep hitting Champions League football then I would have been ok with that.”

    i pity our fans…honestly…. never have i seen such stupid people supporting such a sophisticated club.

    so fans would have been ok if they were told that champions league places ( which help us repay our ground) is priority number one.

    did they need to be told ? was it so difficult to figure this out when it happened in 2006-2007 ….?????

    and then this :

    2. adrian durham : “Arsenal are using the Champions League to earn money, not as a way of bringing success and glory to the club.” …ahahahahah….


  2. Durham and trusty sidekick Goughie also said earlier this season that Dawson should be playing for England.

    Bear in mind he has already made his debut for England, when his first touch in the shirt was almost as bad as his first touch in the game on Sunday.

    Are all shock jocks this stupid? Not sure I care, but gems like the one above on Dawson can occasionally reward a sift through the gr*t.


  3. Definitely shitty over Liverpool for me. It would be insufferable if Liverpool won it with all the agents they have in the media. And I can respect pellegrini, one of few that got the balls to stand up against bourinho.


  4. Watching Bourinho reaching out for pubis is like watching a perverted Michelangelo painting. If we can’t win it, pellegrini getting one over him would be next best thing.


  5. Random news update that you won’t get on NewsNow:

    Man City are building some kind of a what they call Moon Slide sticking out of one side of that stadium they were gifted.

    As far as I can tell, a giant slide. That will be painted plastic in a blue finish.
    I could think of more interesting names.

    Think I prefer the cheapskate curtains and less cheap statues of former greats (if you had them), painful poles an’ all. Even if I would’ve preferred the statues to have been at a 1:1 scale. Who knows why so many sculptors go for that larger then life look? I blame that scrooge Vengaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar….


  6. Well. I thought that it was a funny April Fools joke from City, a good spoof of their own work and intentions.
    The idea of the slide is not too far from the Godolphin inspired complex that they are planning to build.


  7. Woah don’t go wishing well on Liverfool anytime soon. Sure it’s nice for the underdog to win sometimes. I love seeing a three legged, mangy, scraggy fuck cross the finish line first as much as the next bloke. But… let’s think of the long term here.

    There are only so many slots in the top four. I think it was about four on last count. We’re a shoe in obviously. I mean we’re written off every season by the professionals who know their shit. Still, out of the big clubs, am I right in thinking if ManUre drop out this season were the only consistent ECL team since we were targeted with that particular piece of expert punditry? Well, anyway if pool do manage to win the league then it may bloody well strengthen. There’s more chance of everyones second favourite racist sticking around to have another bite of the Liverpool pie. They’ll also attract a higher shower of shite for forthcoming seasons. I say let’s not disrupt the status quo and would rather they only over-reached a touch by getting fourth.


  8. I agree with AW, the nightmare is over, the second half with City and we’re back to a normal level; it had an awful lot to do with a spate of critical midfield injuries and delays to star players, let’s recall Aaron “player of the season” Ramsey, Theo “15-20 goals a season” Walcott, Mesut “whatever any fool says he makes a difference and is damn good” Ozil, and little Jackie “England certainty if fit” Wilshere. Star players. That said, Arsenal have nothing they need to prove to me.


  9. Gnabry, Zelalem, Olsen, Sanogo, Campbell, Bellerin look to be the next batch to seriously compete for first team places. Might be a little early for Gedion and Hector, maybe Olsen too, but I doubt it myself.


  10. Zim, What about Haydens and Yennaris? Those are the guys for me next season hopefully.


  11. GG
    Yennaris moved to Brentford at the end of January. Hopefully he’ll break into their first team and go from there. Four or five starts so far as they push for the top spot, he may have to wait till next season to be given a proper chance but he started their last game.
    Brentford, who will be building themselves a 21st centuary stadium/home before Liverpool or Chelsea.

    Poor Lansbury, doing well at Forest but now out injured as they push for the play offs, if they struggle without him it may help Pearce to get the job? He’s been mentioned in the meedjyah. The manager who dropped him from CM for the U21 final in favour of playing Mancienne in midfield. Against Spain. Reminded us of Mourinhio’s genius in action with his selection of Pepe in midifield for Madrid. Shades of Taylor and Palmer, I can’t deny it.
    We can see where the AAA Groaners admiration of the specialist in signing players from certain agents comes from.


  12. From Taylor via Pearce to Mourinhio.

    No wonder the hacky slappers adore their special one.
    He plays the football of their dreams!


  13. Finsbury… what? Permanent deal? How the merry flip did I miss that. No way?


  14. Noooo, yeah he’s gone alright (which you obviously knew). I’m a little distraught. Poor lad, was arsenal through and through. I thought he was a tidy little player. I’ll be keeping an eye on Brentford. Really hope he makes it.


  15. and the best april fools joke goes for : Tottenham plot move for under-fire Real Madrid boss Ancelotti if Sherwood is axed in the summer


  16. Some good football on tonight – not Arsenal quality obviously by I shall have the lederhosen on and my little green felt hat with a feather in it as I settle down to what I trust will be the battering of a lifetime from Trafford Park.



  17. lol…prost!


  18. Such a shame that Van Stapleton is out for this game.

    If he gets the minutes and luck with injuries I think there’s no doubt Yennaris will progress.


  19. Nico was the hardest working youngster in the youth set up. I’m sure his professionalism will make sure he carves out a decent career


  20. from f365:

    During over 17 years as Arsenal manager, Wenger has cultivated a reputation for placing his faith in youth and handing raw talent the chance to shine.

    Though this approach has not brought a trophy in the past nine years, Wenger has outlined the importance of Arsenal letting youth have its opportunity.

    “It’s one of the values of our club,” Wenger told Arsenal Magazine. “We want to be very successful without neglecting the need to give a chance to people.

    “I want it to be part of our tradition and I also want to develop a spirit inside the club that makes the young players be faithful to this club. They think the club has given them a chance so they want to give something back as well. It has to work in both ways but we want to be the ones who give a chance.

    “It’s a big mental test for the players because you see how they resist stress, how they can deal with the pressure and how they can be committed in a very demanding environment. These kinds of qualities you discover only when you play the players.

    “Of course it’s an early test that not everybody can take on. Some fail but the strong ones just feel they belong there. They are not at all surprised that you give them a chance. In fact they are more surprised that you did not do that earlier!

    “So when they have the chance, they think, ‘Finally, he saw the obvious situation and at least now I can show how good I am’.”

    Wenger also acknowledged the importance of possessing the right attitude and the need for professionalism in order for a player to enjoy a long career at the highest level.

    He added: “We all love the game and the longer we can play, the happier we are. You feel the clock ticking when the three turns up at the start of your age! You think, ‘Now I have to fight for every season,’ and usually those who last a long time do their job in a top professional way. The ones who aren’t professional enough are eliminated early on in their career anyway.

    “It’s quite amazing because football is like a fast train on the evolution side, which forces the players to adapt to the evolution.

    “Some players can cope with that and some cannot. Those who cannot cope get off the train and stay in the station and the train goes on without them. We are in a period now where in the last five or six years the physical evolution has been absolutely tremendous.

    “When evolution comes in, it always forces the players to adapt and to find the response to the new situation. The response to a higher physical level is of course a higher technical level, because you have to respond to more pressure with more technical ability.

    “That makes the whole game always go up – but not everybody can cope with the evolution. That’s where some players get out of the Premier League or the top level, because the train goes too fast for them.”


    just listen to dad and get on that train !! sons of arsenal


  21. I miss the CL. wish we had got past the Barverians and it would have been us kicking manure out of the competition now. SHUCKS.


  22. Would anybody care to join me in Tweeting frequent quotations from Pedro’s blogs. Some of them are truly wonderful.


  23. josip drmic. is it true?


  24. They are a mine of deluded self importance FH and I commend you for your efforts

    And after last night’s shameful performance from the German champions on to PSG v CFC tonight, the clash of the two biggest egos on Planet Football. I suspect a similar game with Chels pinned back and resorting to the usual Rorke’s Drift defence.

    Last night was not without the occasional bit of humour as I read Guardiola is most unhappy at the unfair sending off of Schweinsteiger after the theatrical dive by Wazza

    “Pep – kettle – black” my bald little Catalan chum


  25. Wazza is a master of the belly flop.


  26. A traditional characteristic of Northern Gr*tball that Moysie and Slurguson are so proud of.


  27. Anicoll 10:39pm
    Yes, watching Pep making hand diving signals from the side line was a delicious irony, non?
    Now, who taught him how to do that I wonder?

    He has turned Bayern into a kraut version of a tiki-taki 6 midfielders outfit, A step backwards from last seasons team if you ask me. Also BM have had no serious competitive football recently – and it showed.

    I fully expect BM to finish them off at home, but there are signs that BM have mortal weaknesses, particularly at the back.

    Media are saying manyoof can beat BM away, because Arsenal can do it. Please do feck off.


  28. Hunter @ 10:16am

    Drmic? isn’t he too cheap for our supporters to accept?

    Everyone knows World Class Strikers cost at least £80m. plus a pound.


  29. I think it showed that with a little bit of luck we would of put bayern out quite comfortably. It is quite amazing how chelski won the competition the other year and manure are still in it this year. The CL and the european cup before hand is very rarely won by the best team.


  30. United v Bayern: Seeing that horror show by Fallaini last night, have we forgotten the brouhaha last year into the summer by the usual suspects crucifying Wenger for not paying the £20 million buyout clause to make him our DM?
    Memories are so damn short in the fickle world of fandom and contrition even scarcer.


  31. Van Stapleton. Funny.


  32. Yes, Hayden is the other one. I gotta say though Gedion really excites.


  33. double canister
    April 2, 2014 at 12:09 pm

    lol dont give a shit about that..i liked what i saw …was scouting last night…looks serious and aggressive enough to not be owned by epl defenders. only one way to find out though…


  34. such watched this again for the first time in years.

    The original and only special one perhaps the modern day hacks and pundits should watch this and take notice


  35. Now there is an interesting thing

    Got an e mail from the club this morning telling me that Wembley tickets for Junior Gunners who had attended 6 matches or more would go on sale at 3 pm.

    Just went on the site as I was busy at 3 and hey presto No 1 son now now has a £20 ticket for the Semi final – no bother.

    Better still there still seem to be loads of spaces on the upper tiers – any remaining tickets for Red Members with 14 or more games since 2011 go on sale at 2pm on Thursday.

    And that includes ME!

    Fingers crossed

    And you Pass and you


  36. PG, it would seem that I have upset the elderly bear with a male menopause? I am a non-person!

    Muppet was valiantly defending his corner from the non-believers, in the main.

    The ringmaster wrote the following:

    > We didn’t drop the ball with Mata – we were gazumped.
    We did drop the ball. According to Pa Mata at the time – he’s Junior’s agent as well – he expected his son to sign for Arsenal but the club went quiet for a couple of weeks having tried to negotiate the fee down. Arsenal assumed they were the only club interested but like all good deals, someone else was contacted and able to come in. If we hadn’t delayed, he’d have signed.>

    I have the Spanish press take on the transfer at the time. With copies of the press through June to August 2011. Most of the talk was from Mata snr.

    The Arsenal bid was turned down by the Valencia board in a report dated 30th July 2011. The Tottenham bid was also turned down. Inter Milan were interested, but according to Mata snr., he had no contact.

    With Chelsea expressing an interest, Mr Wenger pulled out.

    In brief, the Arsenal made an offer, Manuel Llorente, the main man, turned it down. Llorente stated at the time – no sale

    I have the chapter and verse, according to the Spanish press at the time!

    Sorry Muppet, I could not go defend you! Censorship is practised at that site!

    Thanks for the space and time, PG.

    There is only one, and he is Mr Wenger.



  37. Notoverthehill
    You cant be destroying their myths with facts, It upsets them.


  38. I got my email today too anicoll5 – let’s hope the JG experience is replicated for us red members!


  39. great to see chelski lose and with a chance in the second leg they still have to lose focus in the league. Their supporters were disgraceful however and lets hope the anti English eufa come down really hard on the club, personally I would ban them from European competition for five years. That should be long enough for the Russian to leave and the players to follow very quickly. In reality if PSG complete the job it probably means Maureen only has one more season there to bore his way to the CL trophy before collecting his p45.
    On the ARSENAL front its great to see a big list of players coming back to fitness, hopefully form will not elude them for long either, although integrating many players who are not quite match fit into the side without disrupting the balance of the side will take serious management. I wonder, with hopefully eight games to go, whether a manager has ever faced such a problem if they have I cant remember it.


  40. NOTH
    Always appreciate your comments.


  41. Lucas Moura.
    He’s quick!

    Sure was glad when the Oilers from the other side of the sykes picot divide gazumped the broke Mancs (you can quote me on that NOTH!) for the Brazilian speedster.


  42. Chelsea not only lost, they embarrassed themselves as a club.


  43. ZimPaul

    They do that every week.


  44. Yay!!!

    I got a ticket for the WBA game.
    Hope to see some more Posidiva’s at the game again.


  45. mourinho last 4 games…3 defeats…if i add the lucky escape at everton and how our players gave him the game in sb…. what has he really done ? just one win at city …. in the same time he has attacked a ref, a ball boy and now his strikers…


  46. Used as political capital for more transfer money and deflection for a whole teams failings, including the managers. Torres is so fucked we can follow the blood stream all way to Spain this summer. Fucking appalling management.


  47. NOTH

    “it would seem that I have upset the elderly bear with a male menopause?”

    I have not stopped giggling after reading that………


  48. torres for arsenal then?


  49. Georgaki-pyrovolitis, I could never understand why you were banned from that site!

    GP and Fins, thanks for the compliments.

    PG, Muppet did not deserve to be stifled, by a two-faced hypocrite, who calls himself -andy1886.

    As regards Mr Wenger, all key personnel have a duty of care to the company that employs them. The majority owner and Mr. Gazidis have a contingency plan, in the event that Mr Wenger is run over by PG twittering, whilst driving? Smiley face with twitching eyebrows!

    In moderation and banned.


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