Arsenal Didn’t Play Worse Than Normal.

Hello everyone, how are yaaaaaaaaaaaaa?

In the podcast we look at the performance against Everton and I conclude it was one that reflected the underlying metrics that have been present in most games . It was not a particularly bad performance, it was what I expect to see now.

I don’t understand the outrage in the fanbase, what did they expect?

Once again Arteta blamed the players, it’s wearing a bit thin now.

Have a listen if you have absolutely nothing better to do and let us know your opinions.

Pedantic George.

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75 comments on “Arsenal Didn’t Play Worse Than Normal.

  1. Karl Hein has been named as the Estonian Young Player of the Year.

    Our goalkeeper picks up the award after a stellar campaign for his national team, in which he made six senior appearances and kept three clean sheets.

    Karl’s standout performance of the year came in Estonia’s 0-0 draw with Wales in their World Cup qualifier, as he made a number of remarkable saves and was named Man of the Match for his efforts.

    The 19-year-old, who made his non-competitive first-team debut for us in July in the pre-season match at Hibs, was also a member of the first-team matchday squad six times in the Europa League last season.

    Hein has made 14 appearances in the Premier League 2 so far this year and in September signed a new long-term contract with us.

    Everyone at Arsenal would like to congratulate Karl for this fantastic achievement.

    Copyright 2021 The Arsenal Football Club plc. Permission to use quotations from this article is granted subject to appropriate credit being given to http://www.arsenal.com as the source.


  2. Arsenal Women 4 Leicester City 0. Nobbs, Miedema, Maanum 2. Now 4 points clear at top of WSL.


  3. Watching Formula 1 today, didn’t realise Mike Riley had taken over officiating it


  4. Sorry Eduardo, just seen your earlier F1 post , which says it all really


  5. Im with Mandy Ed, the F1 post is great.


  6. I watch with interest the Man U Covid situation.
    As usual the guidelines are totally unclear. I feel if you curry enough favour it will go anyway you want it to.
    No change there then.

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  7. The Spectator Index
    JUST IN: 42 new positive coronavirus cases among players and staff in the Premier League in past week


  8. With cases doubling every week in all aspects of the country, test kits run out, NHS website for booster booking crashed and Ambulance service and NHS at breaking point it is only a matter of time before we are locked down again, although I think Alexander Depfifer will probably try to stretch it out to after Christmas and possibly t he e new year if he is still PM of course.
    Because the PL have now set a president with cancellation of games, presumably games will go down like skittles and eventually it will shut down.


  9. Arsenal working to agree Khayon Edwards deal amid Chelsea interest
    By Dan Critchlow –
    Dec 9, 2021
    Khayon Edwards is drawing interest from a number of teams including London rivals Chelsea, with no professional deal yet agreed with Arsenal.

    Arsenal academy striker Khayon Edwards has been in fantastic form this season, scoring 14 goals and assisting a further four in 15 appearances in all competitions.

    Yet those strong performances are against the backdrop of a developing contract situation, and interest from other clubs.

    The 18-year-old has a scholarship deal lasting until the end of the season, but he’s yet to sign professional terms with Arsenal.

    Over the last few months, Daily Cannon have learned that Arsenal have been pushing for him to sign a contract to 2025. They’ve made three offers, with no deal agreed yet.

    Ideally, Edwards wants to stay at Arsenal, and it’s ultimately down to him. It’s his dream to play for Arsenal, but there’s a lot of outside interest at the moment.

    The youngster would’ve wanted to play more for the u23s this season, even if he does understand there’s strong competition from the likes of Folarin Balogun and Mika Biereth.

    Edwards wants to keep playing regularly, and currently, that means he has to stick with the u18s rather than sitting on the bench for Kevin Betsy’s side.

    Concerns remain about the pathway to first-team football given those circumstances.

    If Edwards ends up deciding to leave, the strongest interest is coming from abroad at the moment, particularly in Germany. The likes of Bayer Leverkusen, RB Leipzig, Hertha BSC, and Borussia Monchengladbach have all shown an interest.

    That’s nothing new with Edwards’ agency, who have done deals for the likes of Jadon Sancho (Borussia Dortmund) and Reiss Nelson (Hoffenheim, Feyenoord) to go abroad in the past.

    But the most worrying link for Arsenal fans is the most recent one, with Chelsea reportedly enquiring over Edwards’ situation.

    Arsenal’s London rivals know it’s not easy to move between the two clubs, but they’re making an attempt given the striker’s impressive form.

    Arsenal faced off against Chelsea in the u18 Premier League at the weekend, so they got a first-hand look at him then.

    Other clubs in England with an interest include Newcastle United, Aston Villa, Leeds United, Southampton, and Brighton.

    In the Netherlands, Ajax and Feyenoord are among the clubs following him.

    A decision on Edwards’ future is planned for early next year, and for the time being, he’s focusing on his football. But time is running out, given his rapidly-expiring contract.


  10. Orbinho
    · 7h
    David Moyes has never won a Premier League away game against Arsenal in 17 attempts – L13 D4


  11. Chris Wheatley
    · 10m
    Arsenal have hired former Bayern Munich scout (and wrestler People wrestling) Florian Blüchel to focus on the Germany market Flag of Germany



  12. So at the moment we have no captain Wednesday will be interesting.


  13. The issue with Auba being stripped off the captaincy is a distraction we didn’t need. Who knows which way this going to pan out. Given Guendozi, Ozil experiences not good me thinks.
    I understand the need for the clubs to take action where breaches occur but Artetas hard man attitude bothers me. This issue didn’t need to play out in the media and if reports from France are that Auba simply missed a flight got whatever reason and hence missed a day in training , I mean its not like he went out to paint the town red, and woke up in some brothel or the like. Now we will get briefings and counter briefings from either side.
    I don’t recall disciplinary issues spilling out of control under Wenger like this.
    Arsenal PR machine has left a lot to be desired for sometime now.


  14. I feel it should have all been behind closed doors, internally dealt within the club not dirty sensationalist gossip, bullshit that fills the void before we go to the graveyard.
    Lets look at basic psychology: you publicly shame someone, it makes people down and embarrassed, the only way up the scale of relief from it is getting angry. No matter how much you pay people it wont protect you from yur own persona sensitivity. How does that then affect your play? Aubas already under the spots for having a rough period, and to me, doesnt seem to like playing under Arteta (I know some of you think hes at the end and that fair enough, I dont have enough to skill to agree with what I have before me as evidence, but I not saying youre not right). This has made it worse. Many people (etc) like watching people like GR bollocking people, but to cook on any high level you need calm concertation, not dealing with inner turmoil of the super ego calling you cunt because some other person has imposed that on you. Same with football.Its bad enough with the crowd.
    Aubas already self-conscious of what he doing, and thats a disaster for a footballer, as you must settle in the mid mind area of the unconscious, where you can play automatically.Being aware as a footballer just means endless mistakes and a loss of confidence, and getting angry to get out of it is a psychological Russian roulette.

    How the bloke will get up from this I dont know. I cant see it happening now. But so hungry are fans, they adopted a new person love them then spit them out when they arent delivering the goods. But sport isnt a shop. The human element makes it really interesting, I dont mean the failures of refs and VAR thats just political and wank, but the highs and lows of physics.

    One thing I would say to Auba is: being a captain at Arsenal has meant fuck all for years, as individuals (liek Alexis) didnt heed any captains orders. But being “stripped of it” all seems a bit hyperbolic and tabloid.What did they do rip the fkn armband off in a court martial and on the wall was picture of Mesut with a big X on it? Smells of speckled Jim?
    Another great player comes to Arsenal then ends up in the sausage machine of love and hate and is pumped out the back door all for the delight of the Luton clickety click vultures.

    This shouldnt be an issue at Arsenal. Arsenal values? All gawn.

    Im on cloud 9 no doubt, but no decisions are ever in isolation nor are their affects, all this before the West Ham game also smells of bad politik and self destructive elements.
    Like the Catskill women said: ” boy the food at this restaurant is really terrible” “yes and such small portions!”.

    Im not sure why Teirney is being called as captain, even if he was at Celtic. Maybe some person on line should be instead of a player at the club?

    Anyway fuck it, who cares what I think, Im just the tool in grey, the man at CA and I dont have a say in the processed- war games that they play.

    But despite all, COYG! Although I think we may well get spanked by the Irons.


  15. Arteta is hopeless at the old man management (& fitness management of younger players esp.) and the indulgence by idiots of his idiocy with Ozil has only set him up for a fall.

    I hope he does well because I have to watch his team play but if he carries on breaking the basic rules of any dressing room why would or should any dressing room ever respect him it’s not like he is Mourinhio (and we saw how successful Maureen was at managing Conte’s title winning Chelsea squad)

    It’s not unsupportive to accept that someone who steps in shit will have dirt on their shoe.

    This understanding has not stopped me celebrating each and every goal. When you score about a goal a game for over 18 months you have to!


  16. The club’s and Arteta’s propensity to wash its dirty linen in public yet again is a further embarrassment to a fan base that has had embarrassment after embarrassment heaped on it on a regular basis since the shoving out of Wenger.

    This looks to me as an Ozil show repeat, fuelling a desire to remove a player that does not fit into Arteta’s straight jacket by disgracing him in public, before either selling him on or maybe even oziling him.

    As Auba does not and has not ever fitted into Arteta’s so-called “style”, it is not surprising that his output has diminished because of the few real opportunities that “style” brings him.

    I wonder who will be next to receive the treatment.


  17. Although I never thought Auba should be captain it is difficult to support “the club” in the latest incident which once again proves ARSENAL are no longer a class club.
    “The ARSENAL” which was a world class institution are being dragged lower and lower through the mud.
    For fans of our opponents it must be wonderful to so easily take the piss out of us with own goals being scored over and over again.
    These are not silly slip ups they are major fuck ups by the club that we all held on such high esteem but nowadays let’s be honest none of us are surprised by the amater way the club is run.


  18. Tfl its been reported that Aubameyang did not miss a days training, but was in fact sent home from training as he was not allowed to take part having failed to return to England at the appointed time.
    All of this could and should have been kept in house, but it seems that is not how the club wants to operate anymore, and that once they want a player out they will feed the lions of the media. I find the character assassination of Aubameyang laughable, its only a matter of weeks ago that there were articles on Arsenal.com bragging about how great a captain he is, and how according to Arteta he was working harder than ever and giving the most he ever had for the team.
    So which is it, Aubameyang is a useless captain now, or the brilliant leader of the youngest team in the EPL, someone ask Arteta to make his mind up.


  19. looking at Arteta’s comments about Aubameyang today in his presser, it really looks like our former captain might not play for the club again.


  20. Toronto FC prospect Jahkeele Marshall-Rutty training with Arsenal U18s
    by jeorge bird

    Toronto FC youngster Jahkeele Marshall-Rutty is training with Arsenal’s U18 squad.

    The 17-year-old, a former Canada youth international, has made 12 league appearances for Toronto so far and is training with Arsenal while the MLS is on a winter break.
    Arsenal U18s in training today. Back: Remy Mitchell, Front (left to right): Henry Jeffcott, Khayon Edwards, Mauro Bandeira, Jahkeele Marshall-Rutty, Zach Awe)

    Marshall-Rutty was on the winning side in training today along with Remy Mitchell, Khayon Edwards, Henry Jeffcott, Zach Awe and Mauro Bandeira.

    Usually deployed on the right wing, Marshall-Rutty has also been used at right-back and in midfield.

    Last week Colorado Rapids winger Dantouma Toure trained with Arsenal U18s.


  21. Still reckon they could recognise our true captain in some capacity, but we shall see.
    All this sounds like Auba is off very soon, perhaps the scouts have someone in their sites, we don’t know all the context or circumstances, but late back for getting mixed up over a covid test when collecting his sick mother for Xmas, if Ornstein is correct, harsh, Very harsh Spurs would get a postponement or three points in the bag for less.


  22. Sources: Colorado Rapids, USYNT duo Darren Yapi and Dantouma “Yaya” Toure training with Arsenal
    By Tom Bogert

    Tuesday, Dec 14, 2021, 11:15 PM

    Colorado Rapids forward Darren Yapi and midfielder Dantouma “Yaya” Toure are currently training with Arsenal U-23s, sources tell MLSsoccer.com. Colorado and Arsenal are both owned by Stan Kroenke.

    Brian Sciaretta previously reported Toure was training with Arsenal as well as Rangers. Yapi trained with Belgian side Club Brugge as well, sources added.

    Yapi, who just turned 17 in November, signed his Homegrown contract ahead of the 2021 season though spent most of the year on loan at the Colorado Switchbacks, the Rapids’ USL Championship affiliate. He had two goals in 182 minutes, spread across 16 appearances. He scored 64 goals in 95 appearances for the Rapids Academy prior to signing his Homegrown deal, often playing above his age group. The center forward is a US youth international, most recently with the U-17s.

    Toure, 17, signed a Homegrown deal with the Rapids after they acquired his rights from the New York Red Bulls. He scored three goals in 632 minutes with the Switchbacks, spread across 22 appearances. He made his MLS debut as well, playing three minutes off the bench against the San Jose Earthquakes in July. Like Yapi, the dynamic winger has represented the US up to the U-17 level.

    Arsenal are among England’s biggest and most storied clubs. The currently sit sixth in the Premier League and are managed by Mikel Arteta. Rapids homegrown midfielder Cole Bassett, currently with the senior US national team, headlines the selection of Rapids players to have trained with Arsenal in previous years.

    Club Brugge sit second in the Belgian league and have been active in the MLS market of late. They acquired Tajon Buchanan from the New England Revolution and had a bid accepted by LAFC for Diego Rossi. They were also among clubs seriously interested in Gianluca Busio, Brenden Aaronson and Bryan Reynolds, three players who have made big-money moves from MLS to Europe. Rangers are one of Scotland’s big two clubs and have featured several Americans over the years.


  23. this was some of the praise Arteta had for Aubameyang on the 26th of October

    Mikel Arteta says it’s clicked with Aubameyang what he needs to do

    by Admin October 26, 2021, 11:33 am
    Mikel Arteta says it’s clicked with Aubameyang what he needs to do
    Arsenal v Tottenham Hotspur – Premier League – Emirates Stadium Arsenals Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang celebrates scoring their side s second goal of the game during the Premier League match at the Emirates Stadium, London. Picture date: Sunday September 26, 2021.

    Last season was Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang’s worst return on the pitch since he became a professional footballer.

    Many feared that he had become a victim of Arsenal’s mega-contract curse, his form falling off a cliff-edge after he signed a huge new deal to stay at the club.

    But this season, Auba has not only hit the ground literally running, he’s working harder than many of us have seen before and that is translating into goals for the forward.

    Auba has seven already this campaign. He only scored 15 in the whole of last season.

    “I have never seen Auba transmit what he is doing now,” Arteta told Arsenal Media.

    “Apart from the goals, the celebration when they put the ball in the net, do you see the way he runs? The purpose he has to press the ball, and when he takes it his movement, his link, how is leading the game – that is when he is changing the rest, not when he is static and then he puts the ball in the net. I prefer this Auba.

    “For me it is a click. It is a combination that realising that his role has to go well beyond that.

    “What was good, or very good, two or three years ago, with his role in this team, at this club, it is not enough. He had to take a step forward. I would say the same with Laca, look what he is transmitting, not just doing or playing, what he is transmitting. For me that is really, really important.

    “They lead by example and not only there but as well at the training ground. Certain things, a role they could have had three years ago in the squad, now it has changed.

    “Human beings change themselves every six months, they have all new selves, and it’s incredible so we are able to adapt very quickly and manipulate and change our minds very quickly as well. They are doing that for the benefit of the club, but for sure for the benefit of themselves [too].”


  24. The mistake many people have is that they bother to listen or read what Arteta says either in his press conferences or otherwise.

    I do not and since he started Oziling I have not.

    The rubbish that comes out of his mouth is yet another one of the many embarrassments that we, the fans, have to bear at his hands.


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