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Arsenal’s Opening 10 Games Yield 30 Points ! – What ?

A pleasure to be reminded this morning that the return of domestic football is not too far away with the release of the PL fixtures. Don’t get me wrong, I love the World Cup, even as an England fan, but international football does not have that total grip of Arsenal and the daily twists and […]

The Odd Cases Of Wilshere And Vela.

  Just how good enough is good enough? At what point does a player become Arsenal quality?  Who decides whether he is world class or just a squad player? And are these judgements set in stone, or can a player move from one state to another? These questions are prompted by two things, the first […]

FIFA Might Just Be Visionaries ?

This interesting post is by our friend Sav. My first memories of  ‘the world cup’ are from 1990. To this date I am not sure if its a ‘real’ memory, or one of those you imagine you had by piecing together what you were told of the events that transpired.  As I was only 4 […]

Fabregas And Chelsea – Oh Dear Me

Well it appears that Arsene has passed on the opportunity to re-sign the prodigal son. His most likely destination being the bus depot (That’s Chelsea where they park buses-oh forget it then) Here is what I had to say last week   “The great Cesc Fàbregas debate rages on, fueled by idiots like me who […]

The Arsenal Collective

Today we have a guest post from Seebs  @arse_or_brain     The ARSENAL collective has long been able to stretch its tentacles across all terrains of this greatly undulating earth, only now in greatly enhanced numbers. So there is no surprise that opinions will differ from time to time however the vastness of the differences […]

Illogical Unfounded Criticism And Abuse Of Olivier Giroud

By Bootoomee Fans have always had different reactions to different players and such reactions have not always been logical. Players are not necessarily beloved because of the cogent contributions that they make to teams; they are often valued based on how they make fans feel. It is for this reason that flair players and the […]