Fabregas And Chelsea – Oh Dear Me

Well it appears that Arsene has passed on the opportunity to re-sign the prodigal son. His most likely destination being the bus depot (That’s Chelsea where they park buses-oh forget it then)

Here is what I had to say last week


“The great Cesc Fàbregas debate rages on, fueled by idiots like me who tweet about it and write blogs about it.

Will he leave Barcelona ?

Do we want him ?

Do we need him ?

Is there a buyout clause-how much is it ?

Does Arsene want him ?

Would he disrupt the team spirit ?

Should we go for him just to stop someone else getting him ?

Would he “kill” Jack ,  Aaron, AOC  or anyone else ?

Is he injury prone ?

Is he slow ?

And on and on and on go the questions.


Just like the Arense in/out debate, there is a full spectum of opinions. The fan base is divided .

Least we forget , this is a player that forced his way out of the club.

Arsene did not want to sell him and he had a long contract. The team had been built around him.

Arsene had trusted him to lead us forward in a very difficult time. He was key to the future of the team and the club. We were forced to sell him at less than the perceived market value. It was him who did the forcing.

At the time it was a crushing blow to everyone at the club.

He knew his importance . He knew the love the fans and staff felt for him, yet he forced his way out.

I don’t care a jot that he wanted to go home, win things and play with his mates. He let everyone who loves the club down. He chose to do that. Him, and him alone.

I care even less that he is savvy enough to bang on about his love for Arsenal, for me its just rhetoric. Its like a man who leaves his loyal and loving wife and goes back to his first love. Its poor form and he let us down.

He let me down, ! I was gutted .

Did he go on strike? I don’t know ! No one outside the club does. But I do know that Nasri played and he didn’t. Yet two days after he left he was playing with his first love, running around like a spring lamb.

Am I bitter? You bet your life I am !


He is a fabulous player. He would be a huge asset to us now.

He could cover for Ozil and Ramsey(or alternate ,if you would rather) .

He would make us more dangerous going forward, score and assist as a given.

I believe that before he left he was the best player in the league, he was that good. He would be up there again I have no doubt.

Still, until the questions asked at the top are answered , its a redundant debate.

For the record though, if buying him did not adversely effect the purchase of players in positions that we have a greater need , I would be happy to see him back at the club.

My hypocrisy knows no bounds.


It looks like Arsene has answered some of those questions and the conclusions he has drawn dont suit a huge swath of the fan base.

Many want the little Catalan cherub back , and cant see any excuse for the club not returning their sweetheart to their loving embrace.

For eight years almost all of us ,man, woman and child adored him. And why not ? He played his heart out with every different set of players that passed through the club.

Sometimes he had players around him that could help him mount a decent challenge on cups and titles. sometimes he had do drag lesser players behind him. But he always gave his best.

He loved us and we loved him.

Then he decided he wanted to go home. Let me repeat that , he wanted to go home

When he wasn’t simply bid farewell and good luck he made it happen. He forced his way out.

Under normal circumstances that would have been enough for most of us to feel sufficiently betrayed to lose our love for him. But  three summers ago were anything but normal circumstances.

Three summers ago we were in full divided camp mode.

People wanted to blame Arsene , Ivan, Stan and the board for anything they could.

Who could blame our little Spanish darling for wanting out of a club like ours ? They said !

In other words he reaped the benefit of the prevailing mood.

Instead of blaming him for leaving us in the lurch, he became justification to attack Arsene and the club.

In my view, he made his escape relatively unscathed.

Finally (well for today at least) If he ships up at a hated rival, I wont blame him for that. I don’t care what he has said about loving Arsenal and hating others. I don’t think he can be accuse of hypocrisy. If we have had the chance to sign him, and we have passed, he is free to peruse his career anywhere that is best for him. I hope it doesn’t come to that, but hey-ho.

Good luck too him (bar twice a year).




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113 comments on “Fabregas And Chelsea – Oh Dear Me

  1. I couldn’t possibly comment about Blackburn, i’ll leave that to meerkats who might be ‘in the know’!


  2. Haha George – I knew you would be clarify.


  3. ‘able to clarify’ that is…


  4. I thought that might bring you into the conversation George… you sneeky little russian


  5. I think it’s fair enough if we don’t take Cesc back. However it is really important that the money that we could have spent on him is invested to strengthen the team in the positions that need support. There are positive things going on at the club. We have highly rated individuals coming in to run the academy and to help with fitness and conditioning. The players are on a high after the cup win and want abit more of the feeling of winning. 3 or 4 astute signings and we’re on the march.


  6. “I couldn’t imagine Cescs missus living in the wilds of Cheshire?”

    There’s supposedly a divorce settlement, whereby she has to live in London as a condition of custody of the children.


  7. P.S. Which is why they’ve maintained a long distance relationship while he was at broke back barca


  8. If Diaby can stay fit then we do not need Cesc. However if he cannot we need another midfielder to cover for further injuries.

    After last season’s injuries during Feb/Mar/Apr we were left short because Diaby hadn’t recovered. Cesc knows our game so would fit in.

    Arsene will make the correct decision and I will support that as he has all the information.


  9. Jack Wilshere looked a class apart for England last evening and I hope that this World Cup he not only gets back to full fitness but also reminds everyone why he has long been regarded so highly by AW. It is terribly easy for some to forget his age and the injuries he has had to battle back from over the last three years, but he has it within him to become a true England and Arsenal legend.

    If AW went on to spend 85m this summer on a Right Back, a Reserve GK, Pogba and Remy, while also welcoming Joel Campbell back into the fold, then I for one would think we are indeed on the way to becoming a League winning side.


  10. Morning George…. here is a link to my Sunday post. http://wp.me/p4FeF9-1Z Hope you don’t mind, but if you do, just stick it in the ‘trash’, I won’t take it as an insult.


  11. Ah sentiment, a strange thing. If cesc was going to Bayern I don’t think many would care. It is our natural hate for chelski and Maureen which is making this a big issue. It is no good wanting the cesc back that left as he’s gone forever. As Hunter said how many of us really know the player were pineing for, if cesc is not what we need and would no longer be our best midfielder then no only has Arsene made the right call but have chelski made the wrong one. Obviously only time will tell, however the days have gone when even the wealthiest clubs can by players, load them into their squads without any thought. I can see the chelski blue scarf movement asking questions already. Again time will tell but could this move signal another shift in power between the red and the blue in London.


  12. Indeed a_or_b – maureen might think he’s getting one over us by getting CF, but he’s only in with a chance because we passed on him. Perhaps chelski are turning into the old Arsenal – looking good but not winning trophies! Also I read that Roman is looking to buy a team in Spain. Could the love affair with the blues be over now that he can no longer compete with the resources of a country that is at the disposal of man city?


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