Arsenal’s Disappointing Season Discussed.

Hello positives,

In this podcast we look at the season gone and the one to come, transfers, plans, processes and all that stuff.

Pedantic George.

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  1. Great podcast with some excellent points made which I’ll comment on at a later date.
    For now I think I have solved all ARSENAL’S problems, after seeing Mane’s comments about Marseille, all we have to do is register for the French League and qualify for the CL there everything sorted!


  2. This is a quick synopsis of the above.
    Shotta what’s your overall impression of our season.
    George, Overall position satisfactory but we through 4th away twice, there was not much pleasure in watching but at least I can now see a plan.
    Mills, unsatisfactory, no cohesion in all departments, 5th reliant on other teams failures, 13 loses is alot, the PR is plastic, what is our benchmark only two teams any good and they are miles away.
    Shotta why was it a roller coaster season
    George, trimming of squad to the bare bones came back to bite us in the arse.
    Mills, Mikel only just better than average and we can’t rely on the team any more.
    George, clear out is a gamble on whether Mikel can take the players with him. ATM players with game time are with Mikel but that could change at anytime. Players who have come in are not better than those who left.
    Shotta, can Mikel make it work.
    George, Anybody can make it work with better players all managers need this.
    Mills, something seems wrong, obviously there is always cause and effect, but difficult to pinpoint where
    Shotta, where are we going in the transfer market.
    George, it will be difficult to get top quality players but it will be the most important window for years not just for this season but going forward.
    Mills, how will. Mikel cope with better players coming in if we get them. Why is Xhaka not Captain when he obviously is the teams Captain.
    George, not sure if he wants it anymore.if he goes we will be worse, if he stays he will be first choice whoever comes in.
    Shotta, what effect will the world cup have.
    Mills, it’s a new experience for everyone, everything can change.
    George, it’s the same for everyone.
    Shotta, it will have more effect on pool and city because of the amount of internationals.
    George, generally fans need to change their expectations I have come to terms with never seeing ARSENAL win the league again. Many fans younger than me will have to realise the same. Even top four is difficult.
    Shotta, What about the Arsene transition.
    Mills, massively mismanaged, no beginning no end. Mikel could still go next season structure at the club can’t cope.massive change needed.
    George, No coach in world could win the league with money we are likely to spend. Young players ATM with playing time but as they get more established any failure players could blame Mikel.
    Shotta, what are your aspirations.
    Mills, everyone wants top four so either that or good run in the cups.
    George, I would be happy with 5/6 if we play good football.
    Shotta, could we win the league
    Mills, never we are miles away something insane would have to happen, collectively we don’t seem to know what were doing the team is very fragile.
    Like I said this is only a synopsis and some of the nuinces might not have been reported accurately but you get the gist.

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  3. Ian, thats extremely decent of you to do that. Youre a Mensch!


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  4. Thanks Mills, I was a little worried about misquoting people. Its not exact but it’s basically there.


  5. I dont feel misquoted, if anything it makes me look better! Im really blown away that you did the synopsis, really decent and supportive of you.


  6. Like Mills, I am blown away by Ian’s reportage. Nailed pretty much all the Q and As in the podcast. Sort of a Cliffs notes for those who haven’t listened to the pod. On reflection it was too long and I posted a scaled down version on YouTube earlier today but that was not too successful. Anyways tomorrow George and Ehab will be reviewing Arteta’s transfers. Tune in!


  7. Personally I think the reason we are doing so badly as a team and a club is due to politics within the club more than not having the players to take us to the next level.

    Politics during the Wenger era ripped the club apart esp between the board which led to politics between 2 major shareholders, politics got Wenger out, politics lost a top scout, got in a ex nike marketing guy to be director etc. Politics got Ozil out, Gendouzi, maybe Saliba etc,

    All I see is politics that is what has the most influence on the football that we see today and the way the club is setup and run.

    I believe most of the problems affecting the club today are at board and management level.
    It was decisions made at this level that made the club do a total U turn in the opposite direction and operate a totally different way to how Wenger and the previous regime ran the club.
    We have had 2 Jose Mourinhino clones (ffs)in this short time, total opposite to Arsene

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  8. Gee, I agree with everything you say as regards the overall strategy of the club in fact the destruction of the Arsene ARSENAL started while he was there. More and more things were taken out of his control and he was facing hurdles internally as well as the toxic crowd. The fact he got fifth and sixth in the last two seasons was amazing under such circumstances and the fact that they used it as a lever to get him out of the club was disscusting.


  9. When you have a club like ours, when it does not have the money to spend on the top talented players. what is needed is a manager/coach, like Wenger, who is able to spot raw talent and to create a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.

    What we have, however, is a manager/coach who is adept at creating a sow’s ear out of a silk purse and, even worse, turning a sow’s ear into a dog’s dinner.

    The dreamers and wishful thinkers who persist in their view that Arteta is a great coach have had 3 years of almost perpetual bilge and boredom to prove how wrong they are and yet they continue living in their imaginary world, where we have played wonderfully and give credit to our world-class coach.

    Wakey Wakey.

    I am not a season ticket holder and have not been to a match for a number of years now. My watching is limited to games shown on Sky only.

    I feel terribly sorry for those people who go week after week to watch the team produce more and more rubbish.

    I wish I could console you by saying that the rot will not get worse, but I fear that it will.

    We will see another influx of mediocre and barely talented players, being cobbled together by a coach so driven by his own self- importance to continue to produce more rubbish, sometimes interspersed with the occasional few good minutes, directed not by the madman waving his arms around and screaming on the sidelines but by their own wish to actually play the game in a way that has not been micro-managed.

    We may indeed see a few times when the ball is crossed into the middle to no one, simply because some of the players may have twigged that that is hardly likely to help us win the game.

    The talented youngsters will continue to be given a few scraps, if at all, but will never be given the chance to show their talent because that is the last thing Arteta wants them to do.

    And, the fear of being oziled and aubaed means that they will keep their mouths tightly shut.

    Apologies for my acerbic comments, but why am I the only person who is brave enough to ways what I suspect a lot, if not, most of you know in your heart of hearts?

    I expect negative and critical responses to what I am saying, but I feel it is correct for me to say what I feel.

    I was one of the many who were in favour of Arteta replacing Emery. How many of us realised that he would be much worse?

    I am now going to hide behind the settee to await the flak.


  10. Jigsol, do you have any idea where we might find a manager/coach “like Wenger”?


  11. Jigsol, I think more and more people are coming to the same opinion or at least are leaning that way.
    In the back of our minds we know what’s coming but being football fans who always want our club to do well we are hoping the small glimpses of shinny metal turn into gold.
    Personally, since the Leeds debacle I have always been wary of old players becoming manager and certainly didn’t want Mikel. Now however I am just hoping he managed to pull something out of the bag although that’s heart rather than head.


  12. George. I wish I knew. The problem is the idiots who own the club should have thought of that before they threw Wenger out.

    I dare say that if Arteta had come in and worked together with Wenger for, say, a year we may very well have seen something completely different.

    After 22 years, if they wanted to appoint a young inexperienced manager, as opposed to an existing superstar, the sensible thing would have been to ease Wenger out slowly and to ease the successor in slowly, so that Wenger could instil in the successor the right values that made us so successful and help him to settle in.

    As it is, Wenger’s speech at the final game begging the club to keep up to the values he had instilled in it was a waste of breath as those values were jettisoned almost immediately.

    Now they are in a real pickle and in the absence of a miracle, whereby Arteta turns from a caterpillar into a beautiful butterfly, they are going to have to take the plunge and appoint an experienced manager who actually knows what he is doing, even though it will cost them.

    In the meantime, finishing 5th in a season when only 2 clubs could be said to have performed consistently is meaningless.

    If anyone thought that our finishing 2nd to Leicester was an indication that we were back on the right track was similarly mistaken. We were just 2nd best of a totally useless bunch of teams.

    This season, the poor teams were really bad, hence we beat them and the better teams were either good, in which case they beat u,s or awful, in which case we beat them.

    Having experienced lengthy periods of mediocrity in the 60s and onwards, I am resigned to a similar period of that now.

    We are unlikely ever to get another Wenger, but perhaps we may get a George Graham or a Bertie Mee, who will make us feel good for a couple of years at least before we sink back to mediocrity.

    The younger supporters should be very grateful that they have experienced the Wenger years, but should not expect it to happen again in the near future and will have to get used to something somewhat different.


  13. Sure, but my point is Arsene was a one off.


  14. Gee: a good point to bring up politics and how it ripped us apart. Looking at the political parties doing it, seems only a matter of self destruction, to some degree?


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