Arteta’s Lemons Fail To get Top 4

Hello Positives.

Here is a look at where we stand following the victory over hapless Everton.

Pedantic George.

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  1. Nice pod! Does everyone talk more together on twitter than here these days?


  2. I dont think a lot of our readers listen to the podcast, so don’t bother posting Mills. I should write more blogs , but it’s hard work for me.

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  3. Fabrizio Romano
    Héctor Bellerín on his future: “I have made my position clear to both Betis and Arsenal: I want to stay at Betis”. ⚪️🟢 #AFC

    “Now we have two months to find the best solution. I made an effort to come here and I am ready to make any effort to stay at Betis again”.


  4. Fabrizio Romano
    · 9h
    Arteta tells RMC: “William Saliba has to come back. He has the experience to be competitive with us. We sent him to Marseille for his growth”. 🇫🇷 #AFC

    “William wanted to be regular starter as you know but now we want him back at Arsenal”.


  5. If anything it should be a collective effort by us all at PA to write blogs etc not just relying on you George. But I think things in some ways are at a low ebb, and it does seem like hard work to write something? Plus theres Shards impressive pieces at Shottas gaff.
    Plus during the last years all things have moved to pods and perhaps away from blogs a bit? I suppose some guys dont have the time, I often listen to the pod on double speed, ok everyone sounds a bit like Scorsese, but its an effective way if you are strapped for time. I like the pod though, all sorts of things come up that are interesting, and its an integral part of my week.

    Ian-did you go to the meeting last night? How was it?



  6. I didn’t get to the meeting as we went to see Zorro at Charing cross theatre. One of the girls from my lads degree class was in it so we went to show support. I can fully recommend it to me honest I had a fantastic time.
    Its typical these things always happen on the same night but if they do it again I’ll try and get down there. It would be interesting to see would the opinions of some of these long time supporters are. Most of them have seen it and done it and don’t get fooled by spin.
    As far as blogs are concerned I certainly don’t mind doing a few more and could even do a synopsis of the pod, so those who don’t have time to listen still get the main points.
    I will even tell the readers about the roosters in the background or the guest appearances from George’s Mrs and dog. All real authentic stuff you just don’t get on the more sanitized scripted pods.

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  7. That would be great Ian, but I warn you, what seems a good idea can soon become a chore..


  8. Thing is would it bring people back or commenting more? Shard does a great preview, and doesnt get any comments at the moment (there used to be as we know),but Im sure the articles get many readers, does it indicate that its just the phase we are in?

    Often Ive seen patterns, people writing great comments and the it sort of dries up for a bit, then sparks up again. But this must be the lowest ebb ever as far as posting goes? But even Untold seems to not pull anymore in the comments section like it did, or hasnt recently when I had a butchers.

    Perhaps Artetas Arsenal just doesnt have the same pull as Wengers? Im sure many people dont wont to be negative, although perhaps a taste of negativity was fended off by Wenger for years, and that taste can be bitter if youre not used to it?

    Im not sure that any revamp or articles would get people fired up again to start commenting?

    Thing is the pod usually covers the preview and post match thoughts, and usually covers a lot of ground.
    Im not sure if its possible but often YT has a transcript of the vid, and of course it misinterprets the voices sometimes, which is pretty funny, but it would be easy to copy and paste it.
    It would be interesting if anyone had any ideas ( might make the summer a bit shorter-he said laughing-?)…

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  9. “Perhaps Arteta’s Arsenal just doesn’t have the same pull as Wenger’s’?”

    I don’t want to speak for others, but that is irrefutably the case for me. It was rewarding to engage with Wenger’s humanity and intellect, to reflect on his observations and decisions, and to take the time to present those reflections publicly in written form.

    Arteta, though smart in some respects and driven, is not that engaging a person. He speaks not in depth but in corporatese and spin. I have a particular aversion to the way he tells people “don’t question the players, question me,” and then when anyone asks him a question of substance he either deflects it or gets prickly. So, really, don’t question you, either.

    Arsène wasn’t above obfuscation, but I always got the sense he was doing it to protect the club or his players, not to make himself look better.

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  10. One thing also was how Wenger made the team a rallying point: you went into each game expecting good football( even if we might lose), and all those years we were an exciting team, dealing with difficult circumstances( the stadium soaking up cash, and other teams being well funded etc and later the immature endless vitriol from the egos of those that werent in the know-imo). People wanted to watch Arsenal, and we were powerful like the top two now, and all those years made us an attractive situation for many new fans.
    None of us here wanted the Weng out, but I understand those who did, but they didnt get what they wanted no matter the spin. Their visions were not made manifest. We are not the powerhouse of Europa we aimed to be, the transition didnt happen, what happend was a clean out with less talented people having a grabba. I still think we are 8th posing as 5th. perhaps 7th, Georges insight on Wham running out of Irnbru proved right, but ManUre had an odd season, which Im not sure anyone expected (maybe their fans?)Wolves mostly lost the plot and dont how the power they did. Plus the effect of world events on Chelsea Im sure has been massive and that we can comprehand too much?

    It just feels again like the old joke:
    “the food at the Restaurant is terrible, ”
    “yes and such small portions”

    Of course weve had some ok moments and for many people Im sure they have a belief its all gong to be alright, and if it is I cant see it or call for it. But that doesnt mean Im right. After all I said we would be 8th and we werent. Maybe he will get it right next season, but the evolution will have to make a massive jump to do that, but that might not be compounded as many players will leave and will have to be replaced and that process has not been so hot for years.

    It just feels a turd that Arsenal are less inspiring than they were, as a team and for many of us who enjoyed watching sport being played at its highest.

    I sort of feel sorry for all of us involved with Arsenal, as for none of us its what we want.

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  11. Well Elneny signed a new deal with AFC, and now rumor has it Nketiah has verbally agreed a new deal too

    also Tielemans, Jesus Gabriel, are said to be willing to sign for AFC, and its being reported that Serge Gnabry has refused a new contract at Bayern, and that AFC have sounded him out about signing for us this summer, and if not now then for him to come on a Bosman next summer – sounds more like telling fans what they want to hear.


  12. How do you see the short term future Ed? If you could replace Arteta who would you choose?


  13. reports that the offer to Nketiah is £100K a week, with £5M in bonus payments over the course of a 5 year deal


  14. Mills I think we really fucked up this season by throwing away top 4, getting in the CL is needed if we are to make progress, and I mean real progress, not this PR bullshit process progress.
    If we sacked Arteta I would not be adverse to Van Bronkhurst getting the gig, maybe Vieira, but I don’t think we are sacking Arteta anytime soon, I think it would take a real slump next season, and for the Emirates crowd to turn on him and the team. As things stand they have seemingly bought into the PR campaign, and we no longer see anyone voicing unhappiness with KSE, and as long as the fans are happy with the owners, then the owners will be happy with the Manager.

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  15. seems Arsenal are willing to sell Northern Ireland CB Daniel Ballard, after his fine loan at Millwall, there are bound to be many takers, will be interesting to see how much we get for the lad. He is a real old fashioned CB, head it kick it, clear it, and I really like how he gets back to make goal line clearances


  16. I agree Ed, good thoughts on it all. Van B an interesting choice. It was tough to take over at Rangers and he did really well in his first season. Ange was a tad better, but next season will be interesting. I wonder what will happen to Rambo?
    Do you think Vieira needs more time- That Palace job is always a weird one?
    Thing is you could potentially see a slump coming? It felt like for the whole end part of the season he was losing the dressing room, players under performing not knowing and struggling and easily getting overwhelmed?

    Will you be doing your radio show in the future? That was a good listen.


  17. Catalin Cirjan has signed a new deal with the club.

    The 19-year-old Romanian youth international joined our academy as a scholar from Romanian side Viitorul Domnesti in July 2019.

    The midfielder impressed in his first season for our U18s side, and has recently recovered from a serious knee injury.

    Everyone at Arsenal would like to congratulate Catalin on his new contract and we look forward to seeing his continued development.

    The contract is subject to the completion of regulatory processes.

    Copyright 2022 The Arsenal Football Club plc. Permission to use quotations from this article is granted subject to appropriate credit being given to http://www.arsenal.com as the source.


  18. not sure Mills if I’ll do a radio show anytime soon. Well I know I’ll not do one anytime soon, I’m not sure if or when I’ll do one again.


  19. Shame, it was good!

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  20. Nelson just been subbed off in the ECL final, he did not impress, Roma leading 1-0


  21. Eddie would be absolutely mad to sign a new deal at ARSENAL under Mikel. I believe we will sign at least one first team striker and that’s Eddie on the bench again. I think it’s clear Mikel doesn’t fancy him. I think the same about Mo as well.
    As far as Mikel going is concerned the earliest would be if we got knocked out of Europe early, didn’t do well in the cups and was struggling on league, basically failing on all fronts but realistically it will be at least another season.
    I was thinking between sixth and eighth this time last year and the fifth place finish hasn’t convinced me at all so I thinking the same next season as well.


  22. “Perhaps Arteta’s Arsenal just doesn’t have the same pull as Wenger’s’?”

    I will say personally that I learned a lot and different way of doing things after observing Wenger and Wenger’s Arsenal teams operate at the highest levels, often under intense pressure criticism and doubt but he always seemed to carry himself with class, dignity and integrity and that reflected on the players and staff. Arsenal was known as a classy club that did things the proper way before Wenger but he seem to enhance this quality and let be known over the whole world.

    Arteta is a politician in contrast, comes across as shady, self interested and spouts meaningless sound bites that make good headlines but have little substance. Real turn off for me – also the football.

    Don’t want to be too negative but credit to Arteta for finishing were he did as i doubted he would finish that high especially after the start we had and then paying Barca to take Auba off the books. But for me the football this season has been horrible and has not inspired me to watch regularly at all, so for me there is not much to comment on.

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  23. I agree with gee sadly. I honestly think it will be harder to finish 5th next season let alone 4th.


  24. I used to eagerly await Arsene’s pressers. The man was a brilliant auditor and his thoughts, whether you agreed or not demanded to be listened to. It didn’t matter whether it was football, language, economics, politics or any other subject he operated at the top level.
    By contrast we now have a presidential style character who will forever tell us “things can only get better”. Where have we heard that before.
    Really we shouldn’t compare anyone to our great former manager became that’s not fair however the wobs need it ramming down their throats.
    At the moment I still miss him and can only see the current regime as wanted years.

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  25. Do you guys think the PL was weaker during the Invincible’s era? I think our lot now would be similar to Everton, or at best a bit better?


  26. I don’t necessarily think in the Invincible season the league was weaker or stronger however the gaps between the different groups of teams was smaller.
    Manure obviously had first choice of players the way city and chelski do now but now the PL now has major pull over players from all leagues meaning all clubs can attract some class players.
    The PL advantage on the rest of the league’s means in theory it should be easier to be invincible because you only have to beat what’s in your league.


  27. Thanks for writing back and taking it up Ian. You make some great points.My memory is that times were tougher, slightly less athletic(high performance etc) but more titanic struggles ( greater ability to endure) and moments of pure skill. Often I feel we are missing that these days? But then only City and Liverpool seem really good, these rest of us seem like extras at times? Its odd to think if Klopp wins tonight, he got within one point of the quad! and that would have been some achievement? Perhaps he might have done well with us instead of Emery?He seems to have a good rapport with his players and a good spirit at the club?

    I saw and interview with Frank Roddam the other day( after we mentioned Quadrophrenia) and he said he felt he wasnt necessarily making a Mod film, which seemed pretty interesting?
    I meant to ask have you or any other guys seen Bronco Bullfrog? I always thought it was like my old Nans London meets JL Goddard? Sort of interesting, but a bit awkward?

    Hope its a good game tonight, the end of the season is here!


  28. Over the last eight or so seasons we have City and Liverpool win with class the way we did and chelski win by bump and grind. The rest to be honest are also rans.
    I have heard the Quadraphenia thing before it seems to equate to alot of teenage cults.
    My Mrs went to see Cock in the west end Thursday and had her picture taken with Phil Daniels.
    The mods of the 60s we dominant group whereas the second generation of 78 to 82, which included me, had to survive with punks, bikers, Billie’s, phyco Billie’s, skins, suadeheads, goffs, early new romantics, casuals and many other groups. Obviously Northern soulies were going long before this and many mods natural progression was straight into that.
    Music sometimes would intertwine between the groups and real R&B ( not what they’ve got now) and Jazz would be followed by lots of several groups.
    It is something the kids of today have missed out on just being given manufactured groups and fake artist to follow.


  29. Sums up my time too. Pretty exciting time to grow up.


  30. they don’t make quadruples like they used to, and thank fuck for that, anyone who grew up while liverpool were the dominant team in the 70’s and 80’s and who knows many liverpool fans, will rejoice at liverpool losing tonight, and ending up with just the league cup and fac, 3 finals and not a goal scored by them.


  31. It is so ironic that the joke of a management of our team is rushing to give expensive new contracts to players that Arteta did not want, eg Elneny and Nketiah, the former of which only played in the last few games when that “world-beater” and highly rated “star” Partey was injured again and the latter making only a few late substitutions until it was decided to pay Barca to take our top striker off our hands and Lacazette was clearly shown not to be good enough.

    Then there is ESR whose performance against Chelsea last season, when he was brought in out of the cold when Arteta had no one else to play most probably saved Arteta’s job, and who scored, what is it, 10 goals this season, also cannot get a start, I suppose because he is not one of “Arteta’s buys”, whilst Odegard, who could not get even a place on the bench at Real Madrid, and who has hardly set the world alight with his defence-splitting passes, is a shoo-in.

    As the list of Arteta’s flops gets longer, it seems that more and more of the players Arteta did not want (Saliba anyone?) are now, supposedly flavours of the month.

    Chances are it will only be a month or 2 until Arteta brings in some more lemons, who, being “his players” will always take precedence, until they are injured or shown to be so bad that they cannot be played unless we are really desperate.

    FInishing 5th, in a season when very few teams could be said to have played that well, masks the shambles that is Arteta’s management, or, in truth, lack of it.

    Until such time as people stop their wishful thinking, take off their rose-tinted glasses and actually look at what is happening properly, the myth of Arteta’s management and coaching skills will continue to be bandied about.

    The quality of football shown by the team so expertly coached by this “world-class” coach is abysmal. I watch because I have paid my Sky subscription and then I am usually bored and can rarely muster must reaction if we score or let in a goal.

    Our games are boring and uninteresting. I reckon watching paint dry or flowers grow is more entertaining,

    It is really no surprise that many long-standing fans like myself are losing interest fast.

    If this is what many fans aspire to and want, then good luck to you.

    Not for me thanks.

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  32. Eds
    The FA Cup is no small haul, just ask that great team aunty bleeb’s favourite from up the road.

    For those that can muster up the footballs to admit it the simple fact is that everything good in this current squad came from the old gaffers legacy. No debate needed. Every: thing.

    From Nketiah all the way down.

    Tierney might be as good as Monreal, one day.
    And the promising Ramsdale has not yet shown the calmness of his cup winning predecessor. Just imagine if the clowns running the club had appointed Ancellotti then at Everton to juggle the egos and kids same as he has done at Madrid etc. instead of the lesser souls that we have been burdened with at great cost to the club accounts though it appears that Vinai and Joshy bwoy are as happy as pigs in shit. All gravy upstairs.

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  33. Is it my imagination or does it always seem to be the Liverpool fans who cause trouble by trying the force themselves into a stadium without valid tickets?

    I am thinking of Heysel and Hillsborough and now yesterday.

    Whereas the management of their conduct by the police and others may have resulted in the unfortunate deaths, no one seems to be brave enough to point the finger at those fans who started the problem in the first place.

    I am sure we all also remember a couple of seasons ago when Liverpool fans attached the Man$ity team bus with the players in it, no doubt frightening the life out of the players, which showed in the subsequent match.

    For my part, the defeat could not have happened to nicer people.


  34. The problem was not Liverpool fans in the first place. These same problems happen with lots of different fans at different times but because the worst instants of fatalities in the recent history was involving them the media push the narrative it’s always their fault.
    Heysel was a combination of Italian Ultras saying for weeks they were going to kill the English, a very old stadium and an administration that passed the stadium fit for a final just because. Remember all fans were regarded as scum back then and their safety was not considered.
    Hillsborough was caused by the F.A allocating the bigger club at the smaller end, having fans penned in and then closing pens one and three and not having enough police outside for a massive event. Remember a similar incident had happened just before involving spurs fans but they managed to spill onto the pitch. However at the semi final the gates onto the pitch was locked. This was illegal and proved in court. As many fans will know the
    design of the tunnel at Hillsborough lent itself to creating a crush. I have been there many times and if at any point a decent crowd is stopped moving it’s very scarry.
    All organisations and venues are supposed to be able to manage their customers safely and have a legal obligation to do so. Football fans are treated differently especially back then when they were considered cannon fodder.


  35. I was at Highbury, the day of Hillsborough, and semi finals couldn’t be held there because we refused to put up cages and fences. That in a nutshell shows the ignorance of the F.A. at the time.


  36. Ianspace, you may have misunderstood what I was saying.

    Whilst undoubtedly incompetence by the police and the stadium administration may have led to the deaths.

    What I was suggesting is that the initial step which then resulted in the disasters was the fact that fans forced themselves into the stadium without valid tickets as happened yesterday, with people climbing over turnstiles and walls.

    They may have been regarded as the causative first stage that then resulted in the disasters that ensued. To suggest that they are totally blameless seems to me to miss the point. Simply, had they not done what they did the unfortunate turn of events which subsequently occurred and may well have in the end been other parties’ responsibility, might not have happened, unless you wish to suggest that fans, who have no valid tickets, are entitled to force themselves into a stadium that they have no right to enter.

    That some of them may have purchased forged tickets does not excuse that. Surely they must know that the football authorities have been clamping down on the activities of touts for years so purchasing a ticket from an unauthorised source must be asking for trouble.

    That we have seen this on more than one occasion involving Liverpool fans must indicate a particular frame of mind amongst Liverpool fans that they can do what they want, even though they have no entitlement to do so.

    Attacking the Man$ity team bus is just another manifestation of that.


  37. Ha! I was also at Highbury that day Ian.North Bank but more over to the side section on the right as you go in. I used to love standing there.

    The NB did automatically start give the scousers some stick that day though, but it was before more information had come out.

    I knew people at Hillsborough who survived unscathed ( due to savvy thinking)and some who were injured, and a friend of mine lived on the same street as the poor bloke who lost both his daughters. That must have been such a burden to carry.

    I also knew a lad who at Hysel and he said there were many fans there who were not Liverpudlian and had gone lloking for trouble ( it was often the case with 80s football, sometimes I saw fans from other clubs going to Arsenal games). All those who want to can research the Hysel situation and it wasnt just Liverpool for sure, as Ian points out. But such tragedies, people dying and hurt just over a game of blokes booting a ball around,is heartbreaking.

    Thatcher had a big play in giving Liverpool at bad name, and used to it ban the Uk clubs and that should not be left out.

    As Ian said, mentioning the Ultras, all teams had their hard element, not just British clubs, mostly it went unreported: big scarp at the CWC final at Hysel in 1980, for example.


  38. At Hillsborough understaffed police opened a gate to let everyone in and because of the problems with the tunnel they were all driven into cage two.
    All the circumstances that day would have happened with fans of all the big clubs and like I said it had already happened several times before but because the gates of the pens were opened the fans were able to spill onto the pitch to prevent fatalities.
    I have been lots of places where fans have crushed around entrances it’s bollocks to say there is something to do with Liverpool fans.
    Another time at Highbury several turnstile staff didn’t turn up. It was our first home game of the season and Kevin Keegans return to England from Hamburg. The crush was horrible, I see grown men crying with pain, people who couldn’t put their feet on the floor.
    Football has a history of crowd fatalities but many think Hillsborough was the first, what about the staircase at Ibrox or the locked gates at Bradford.
    It is common safety measure nowadays to make sure fans without tickets are unable to get anywhere near the ground. Why in a champions league final was this not the case.
    Also the teargas was used by in the fan zones on women and children so was that the Liverpool fans fault as well I don’t think so.
    Was Wembley final against Italy all Liverpool fans no. Where was the organisation there.
    This is a bit like the girl with a short skirt who gets raped and people say well she shouldn’t of dressed like that.
    Basically nobody goes to football to die and authorities should ensure it doesn’t happen.

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  39. Whatever some Liverpool fans may or may not have done in the past or present, some of the footage from yesterday is absolutely disgusting, women, kids, people standing orderly in queues tear gassed, hit with batons. Then, reports of Liverpool supporters trying to get to the train station after the game picked off with impunity by local thugs.
    Let’s not lose sight of the likelihood innocent people were treated very badly, in many cases, by those appointed to maintain order.
    UEFA and the French police need close scrutiny after this , and a few people with forged tickets is absolutely no excuse for this level of violence perpetrated on many clearly innocent people.
    A few bad apples past and present is absolutely no excuse for what happened this weekend , abhorrent. But we know nothing will be done about it.

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  40. Mesut Özil
    Recently, I have had to make a statement regarding the allegations made about my career. I had completed my career goal by signing a 3.5-year contract with Fenerbahçe, my childhood love, without even getting paid for the first 6 months.
    I repeat with emphasis; I will not end my career in a team other than Fenerbahçe. For the duration of my contract, my only goal is to sweat our Çubuklu jersey. This decision is very clear and final.
    As per the requirements of professional life, if our management takes a decision about me, I will only respect this attitude. I will work hard and always keep myself ready. As I always say, the main thing is Fenerbahçe. With my love and respect to the great Fenerbahce fans

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  41. Sky sports say our xG and actual goals puts us 16th in the league. This is based on chances created and shots on goal. The only problem is what it doesn’t say is anyone watching ARSENAL this season will tell you is most of these chances are small and the shots are normally nearer the corner flag than the goal.
    Simply saying we need a striker or two is missing a massive chunk of the problems within the squad and the way we play.
    Yes there were games we were not clinical but that wasn’t the story of our season, there is a lack of goals throughout the whole squad and this shows by the amount of goals ESR (a regular sub) and Eddie (an end of season afterthought). Everybody underscored and that is the set up of the team nothing else. I can’t see how the addition of a few average rated (and no we will not attract world class) players will help improve that.


  42. São Paulo’s director of football said “Edu Gasper told us he knew that Marquinhos could leave for free, but that he would still seek resources to pay São Paulo (£3.5m) because he wants to have a strong relationship with São Paulo in the future”


  43. Lacazette has left Arsenal


  44. Steve Bould is the new head coach of Lommel SK, a club in the second tier of the Belgium league, and owned by the same people/country that owns Man City


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