Arsenal Need To Salvage Some Pride.

Hello all,

In this last preview of the season we hope against forlorn hope and yet dread the reality of our horrible end of season collapse.

Pedantic George

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69 comments on “Arsenal Need To Salvage Some Pride.

  1. brentford 1-2 leeds


  2. Man City 3-2 Aston Villa

    thank fuck for that, I know far too many mouthy liverpool fans to have had to put up with them winning it


  3. Burnley relegated, no loss what so ever to the EPL


  4. Great final day all through the league shame about West Ham although I think that would of handed another trophy to manure.
    Everton look shot and they certainly didn’t play with freedom. For a 5-1 win I didn’t think we played that well but enjoyed the goals and the result.
    I have to admit with 20 minutes to go me and my lads turned it over to the Liverpool game where it looked more like wolves would go 1-2 up than Liverpool score before turning it on to the city game to watch city keep the ball in the corner for ten minutes.
    Look forward to the season review from the lads should be interesting.
    On Tuesday AISA are having an end of season drink in the Tollington, you don’t have to be a member it’s just for anyone who fancies a drink and a chat about ARSENAL.


  5. And suddenly it was summer. I’ve enjoyed this season a lot, despite some painful moments. It’s been the first time since Arsene left that I’ve found myself caring.


  6. reports that Elneny has signed a new 1+1 year contract with AFC


  7. Mikel Arteta admitted he was still feeling the pain of Monday’s defeat to Newcastle, despite just witnessing his side cruise to a thumping final day win.

    The loss at St James’s Park meant finishing in the top four was only a remote possibility going into Sunday’s fixture with Everton, and the boss says he will take stock of the season in the coming days.

    Speaking to the media after the game, he also discussed players’ futures, the win, and looked ahead to next season.

    Here’s every word from his post-match press conference.

    on his thoughts after a good win…
    We did what we had to do. Basically we knew that it was in our hands that we needed a miracle, and it didn’t occur. That’s it, the league table at the end of the season doesn’t lie. It’s true, that last year with 67 points, Chelsea was in the Champions League, we have 69 and we out of it. But that is the level, and the demands that this league has now.

    on the progress the team has made, despite the final league position…
    Well we tried to give to the fans, and what we knew the result as well, everything that they deserve, everything that they have done for us, and how much they have helped us to come much further as a club and as a team. I cannot assess today the season, I’m sorry. I am still in a lot of pain after what happened on Monday, and I would like to have a fair assessment on what we’ve done. What I can guarantee you is that I have – we have – tried to squeeze the lemon as much as we possibly can, to every single drop, and we reached to the point where we reached. I know – I think we all know, and you can see the reaction from the fans towards the team – that you see what we have on the pitch, and what this club has (achieved) ten years ago, twenty years ago – and we know where we have to go. We are not going to stop it. I am extremely disappointed today, because we had generated expectations that we wanted, that I wanted for this football club, because it’s what it deserves. At the end we came short and that feeling of guilt and not reaching that level, is painful.

    on whether he gets the sense that the fans believe this project is going in the right direction…
    Absolutely, they have given me many reasons throughout the season – and they have shown with many factors – in the way they turn up. The atmosphere that they built, home and away for these players. I think they can see what we are doing, they see what the players want to do, how they represent the club, the values on and off the pitch, who we are as a group. Then we have the level that we have, and it has not been enough. We have to make a clear assessment on that, and how we are going to take the club now into the next level, and if we want to do that, we know what we have to do.

    on Eddie Nketiah’s future…
    When you see Eddie train in the way he trains, he doesn’t even need to play, you know that you have a player there that is going to help you and he’s done that. Look at his numbers with the amount of games that he’s played, it’s terrific.

    on the players out of contract…
    I will speak to the three players now or tomorrow and after that, we need to start to move on but we have clear ideas of what we want to do.

    on whether the future of the players out of contract has already been decided…
    It’s been decided but it’s very difficult to communicate it, what they deserve is to have a little bit of what they had today. But to do it earlier, one way or the other with three situations like that is very, very awkward and it could affect the team. So as a club we have to do the right thing in the right moment and sometimes to combine those two issues is not easy at all, but we will try to do the right thing.

    on the progress of the young players this season…
    I’m extremely proud, I’m even surprised about how far they’ve come, and not only them we have many other examples of that as well and this is part of the decision that we made last summer, that if we are going to get to a certain level those players normally they get to that level when they get in the peak of their careers, obviously they are not there, but they are moving fast and they are giving us hope with them, we can reach the level that we want.

    on raising the standards at the club…
    The standards of this club have to be to win, and the moment that we don’t look at that with a timeframe or when we are going to win, we are not going to get there. So my aim is to win the biggest trophies and my plan is to win here and what we have to do before that to be able to reach that level.

    on if he will be ruthless with players this summer…
    From my side, I will do and the club will do what we have to do and what we think is the best thing for the club to move forward and do it with the integrity and the honesty that we’ve always done it. Those players know individually their situation, when it’s going to be communicated, and then that situation happens face to face the way that they deserve.

    on how he feels about finishing in the Europa League…
    Today, I don’t get much [satisfaction] if I’m honest. I’m still in pain. That’s why I need the dust to settle, I need to go and get a few days on holiday, because I think today that I’m not going to reflect on the season the way that it is. But at the same time, I am very grateful for everybody that is supporting our club, the way they are giving us confidence and respect and motivation to drive, forward, because I think they believe in what we are doing, but when you have it there, I am a winner and I hate losing and we lost something that we could win and that’s why I’m in pain. I’m sorry.

    Copyright 2022 The Arsenal Football Club plc. Permission to use quotations from this article is granted subject to appropriate credit being given to http://www.arsenal.com as the source.


  8. Luigi gaspar, Edu’s son is leaving the Arsenal Academy, he barely played for our u18’s over the two years of his scholarship, he had a few injuries


  9. I have no problem with the ability of alot of our players unfortunately I have little faith in the higher management team and Mikel.

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  10. So the season ends and we are out of the the top4 and CL for the 6th year in a row and for the 4th consecutive year since our legendary manager left.
    Shall we thank the idiots Wenger out fans of AFTV GUNNER BLOG LEGROAN etc etc for their tireless campaign who hound out Arsene Wenger.

    Let me repeat the brilliant words from one of our friend at PA.

    Isn’t it funny to see those idiot fans who are longing for a top4 finish when the entitled brats mocked Arsene Wenger for 20 consecutive entries .

    RIP Legroan Gunnerblog Arseblog…..

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  11. Le Grand Meaulnes of the day:

    aftv: we must spend big!

    eh wot for ? Ok, so if we spend big, and assuming(which is always tricky)any big money signings would want to come having seen the last three years or so, and that they are ok to play Europa league, how would they fit in our team? Arteta struggles to get the team balance right half of the time ( as Im sure Elneny might agree) so dumping big spends might send it all out of kilter? Meaning more divisions, more problems.
    Plus we seem to be easily ripped off since the values walked off with Arsène, I like Ben but thats no 50 mill defender(yet). I dont even need to mention poor Pepé of Arsenal bench FC. Aftv fav Partey, seems for all his transfer costs an unfinished article.But maybe thats not all his fault. But we are a club that wont give the armband o its natural leader : Xhaka. Oh brother, we shall see.

    Who did you like to watch the most aside of the Gunners? For me it was Celtic, I really liked Kyogo from the minute he scored his first goal. I would like to see him with us, but I dont think he would fit, plus his likely to get a kicking. Maeda would fit though, and Jota and Giakoumakis. But Im sure theyre tied up in contracts and Celtic would say enn ohh.

    Goal of the season for Arsenal? Katie McCabe versus Liverpool. Heres the vid, the goals around the 1.50 mark. Foord scored a great goal that day too.

    Anyone have any thought on the ‘North London is ours’ song? Ok you can argue the toss on anything, but arent we beyond NL now? Our heritage, which the Spuds seem to think is wank, isnt only NL. Arsenal seems to be an international club now? Anyone from any country who chooses so is an Arsenal fan (imo) and as part of it as much as anyone who lives near the stadium etc.



  12. Mikel is a lemon and he has set expectations to the braying crowd. If he doesn’t finish top four next season then he will lose some fans. Our squad next season will probably not be the youngest in the division and he will of been in place for three and a half campaigns.
    A sixth place finish next season could be his final attempt with the PR machine unable to save him.
    Maybe a cup might get another season but I tend to think he is reaching the top of his hill at ARSENAL.


  13. Alas Ian I think Mikel peaked in his 1st season when he still had a little hubris.

    Hope I’m wrong but the inability to manage a professional footballer over the age of 24 is not a good look!
    Fingers crossed for next season but what are the odds Saka will want to stay or he will follow the other top players Ozil, Auba, and yes Giroud etc. out the door most likely to applause from the retard blaggers.

    Mikel did well to retain Xhaka but to allow some prepubescent rookie to be club captain ahead of him is: shite management.
    Every arsenal fan and their dog saw who it was who schooled Alli on Sunday, Hillier former defensive midfielder extraordinaire was pumping his fists in the press box whilst drooling, yet the celebrity blaggers who spent an eon moaning about the D**M of Arsenal has been calling for this player to be sold as he is a faux ‘ard man you couldn’t make it up. If you ever needed objective evidence that the blaggers are retards. Retards who don’t know Football.

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  14. As frustrating as a chunk of the man management has been there have been some signs of improvement in the Football.

    As Ehab might say Arteta is a rung or two of experience below the likes of Viera or Potter.
    There was a spell last season where he adopted an aversion to passing through the central third and goals like the final goal yesterday were a dream.
    Fingers crossed.


  15. anyone see the bullshit bragging from Arteta about slashing the wage bill and handycapping the chase for top 4 by reducing the squad from 28 players to 19. Like really, how have the fanbase swallowed the soundbites and PR so much to allow Arteta and the club actually put forward these things as a good thing.

    fins I really think Xhaka is very likely to leave this summer. If roma had stumped up the money last summer Arteta would have happily taken it and played Sambi more. Arteta does not want any Wenger players in his starting 11.

    Arsenal will spend big this summer, even very big, but the caveat for that is Pepe was really big, we could sign a few Pepe’s and it would do fuck all for us. We spent big last summer, to gild our already fixed defense, and we let in more goals than last season, and had 13 league defeats again. And we are being linked with several more defensive signings again this summer.
    Its obvious we will have to sign several attackers – strikers and forwards. But we will also need Arteta to stop being such a cowardly manager and allow the team to attack and take risks. The paint by numbers football has to go.

    Do you know how much our massive improvement this season has been, last season we finished 25pts off top spot, this season we finished 24pts off top spot, thats what happens when you have 13 league defeats each season, to be a challenger as Arteta calls it, as he and edu and the club are afraid to set the target of actually winning it, we have to actually cut that 13 defeats down to 4 or 5 at most. the top 2 this season only lost 5 games between them.


  16. on new signings, apart from the obvious need for new forwards with Aubameyang, Lacazette and Nketiah all having to be replaced, we have to sign replacements for Tierney and Partey, who can stay fit for the season. Tierney has missed something over 40% of AFC games since signing, and Partey is at about 1/3 of games missed. You are going nowhere if two key players are sicknotes, and we have to look at Tomiyasu too on that topic.


  17. it seems Arteta wants Youri Tielemans as our main midfield signing, seems he might be Xhaka replacement


  18. will arsenal go for any of the players of the 3 relegated clubs, Norwich, Watford and Burnley, is there a few worthwhile signings to be had there. Aarons, Dennis, McNeil, how about ben foster as a third choice keeper, for EL etc, and let Hein and Okonkwo etc go on loan for the experience


  19. Jeorge Bird
    May 22
    Charlie Patino was the only academy player to feature for the first-team this season: Two appearances, one goal.

    Others called up: Hein, Alebiosu, Kirk, Ogungbo, Awe, Swanson, Azeez, Hutchinson, Flores and Biereth.


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