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Will Arsenal Emphasize Attack or Defense?

Premier League football was back with a vengeance last weekend and after Arsenal conceded three goals to Leicester, on its way to an exciting come-from-behind victory, there was the usual angst among casual fans as well as the professional pundits as to whether Wenger should focus on a more attacking or defensive set up to […]

Arsenal V LCFC – An Alternate View

A bonus blog from  arse_or_brain I’ve just watched the entirety of the game  for the first time after I’ve heard all the comments from the twitteraty and uber bloggers, its a new and interesting experience for me. I was told the defending was comical, Holding was awful and is just not ready, Sead was perfect […]

Arsenal: Scream if you want to go faster

Good morning Positive friends, The roar was truly ripped in last night’s contest. If Friday night football is like this then I want more of it. I cannot remember opening league game that has had as much action, so much DRAMA, as we endured enjoyed in the course of collecting our three points against the […]

Wengerball Incoming

Wengerball Incoming

  I’m afraid the new blogging season is off to an inauspicious start, with our mercurial maestro, Stew Black, out with a slight niggle. So rather than Stew’s beautiful prose you are stuck with my wit and repartee. I have no idea what sort of an atmosphere will be generated for a Friday night opener, […]

Arsenal: The Winner Takes it All

Good morning Positive Arsenal fans and welcome to the 2017/2018 season, I trust you all thoroughly enjoyed yesterday’s game from Wembley, a contest that swayed from end to end but which I thought the deserved winners emerged?  The result was not quite as comprehensive as in May but I recognise that we were without certainly […]

Arsenal Community Shield Preview: The 10-10-80 Rule

Am stating the obvious in observing that today’s Community Shield match is the official opener to the 2017-18 season. To be frank it is nothing more than a glorified friendly with no more at stake than pride and a fancy trophy. Looking back over the last 20 years, the last team to win both the […]

Arsenal- Twinned With Wembley

We go into the opening showpiece game full of fear and trepidation. All of our good players want to leave ,are injured, or are not fit enough to start. We had to rig the result of our own tournament so we could win it. We have signed a striker we thought wasn’t good enough for […]