Arsenal- Twinned With Wembley

We go into the opening showpiece game full of fear and trepidation. All of our good players want to leave ,are injured, or are not fit enough to start. We had to rig the result of our own tournament so we could win it. We have signed a striker we thought wasn’t good enough for four years and a leftback that couldn’t even get a renewal at his own club. Every other team has improved and we have,at best, stood still.

What? You don’t believe me? It’s true, I’ve been on twitter since May and that’s what seems to be the consensus.

I know what you are thinking ! “He’s gone mad “. But I kid you not.

I mean, I remember the wonderful way we won the FA Cup and think we have kept all the players we wanted too,  added a £50m striker and a beast of a wingback. I should be looking forward to the new season. What’s wrong with me?

Well the truth is I am excited by the prospect. I love the players we have and I like the new boys. If we can’t enjoy the season before any setbacks have had the chance to blight it, when can we?

I have no idea what sort of a team Arsene will cobble together for the game on Sunday and frankly, I don’t care. Whoever pulls on the shirt will get my support. Whatever the result, I will enjoy watching them try their best. A win would be lovely and will prove we are a force to be reckoned with, but if we lose I’ll find it easy to dismiss the result as just a friendly. Hypocrite you say? And then some.

So Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more. Football is supposed to be fun, enjoyable, entertainment even. I intend to be entertained for the next 9 months, others can suit themselves.

Oh, and by the way, we are going for our 9th consecutive Wembley win I think.

Up The Arsenal

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66 comments on “Arsenal- Twinned With Wembley

  1. its only a friendly

    needed ref to send off a chelsea player to get the draw

    chelsea did not take it serious

    arsenal clearly not ready for the start of the season

    chelsea clearly the better team

    lucky lucky arsenal

    kroenke out, wenger out, akers out

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  2. must say great admiration for how well theo took his penalty, as he was far from great in the 30 minutes he was on the pitch.


  3. Arsenal Super Cup Winners 2017

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  4. Bob Wilson handing out the winners medals, nice nice

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  5. ha ha ha, Koscielny and Mertesacker lift the shield, both dressed in shirt and tie, funny as fuck.

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  6. the only Arsenal first team players not making the journey up to the presentation was Ramsey and Ozil and Wilshere, no sign of them , although there are pictures of Ozil in the dressing room before the game. Cazorla went up for the presentation, as did Alexis, Mustafi, Gabriel, Chambers, Koscielny


  7. seemingly Reiss Nelson. Youngest player to win a domestic trophy medal

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  8. Granit Xhaka vs Chelsea:
    98 Passes
    100% Pass Completion
    1 assist.

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  9. that was Arsenal’s 9th win in a row at Wembley.

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  10. Giroud the only player to have played in all 9.

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  11. chelsea had a player booked for diving, and had another sent off for an awful tackle, but it was only a friendly, well it was once AFC won, oddly enough when behind it was the season’s opening game.

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  12. Wenger: “It is a dream to make the fans happy, a difficult dream but we try hard. I would like for them to stand behind the team.”

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  13. Wenger on winning the Community Shield: “It’s an encouragement and not more than that.”


  14. so as expected Arsenal will be letting some players leave this summer.

    Wenger on Arsenal’s large squad: “The number is too high and we’ll let some players go. 33 is too high.”


  15. Wenger on Kolasinac: “He’s physically very strong. We have players pumped up in the gym and players who are born strong.”


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