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Good morning Positivistas and a bright and breezy start to the day in Norfolk. The detritus of cans and empty bottles around the premises reminds me it was a good night. I have a slight haze and a strange recollection of a heated argument about the Queen. It will pass. I have perused the media […]

Arsenal Versus Burnley: Arsène Versus The Reptiles

Like many of us I was deeply saddened to wake yesterday to the news of the death of Richie Benaud. Sport lost another of the good guys and in the world of sports media that leaves a very short list indeed. Among the tributes being paid many people, myself included, shared Richie’s tips for commentators, […]

Sell Wilshere And Buy ……….

Twitter is basically a forum for idle gossip, unsubstantiated speculation and general nonsense. I spend a lot of time on there doing just those things and make no apologies for it. Its fun. it gives me an idea of what people think, expect and how little thought many people put into forming their opinions. Yesterday […]

Arsene’s Way

I woke this morning fully intending to pen an article about where the spanking of Liverpool leaves us in terms of this season and more pointedly, going forward into next season. Then I read an article written by Tim Stillman for Goonersphere, and I thought to my self “why bother ? “.No matter what I […]

Arsenal Versus Liverpool: Real Football Returns

I feel, even more than is usual after an international break, like something small and furry testing the warming air with twitching whiskers after a particularly inhospitable winter. That is not to say that the pointless, tedious, and above all dire international matches were any worse than usual. On the contrary they were every bit […]

Fit Players And Thick Experts

Last season, before Arsenal were devastated by injuries, they we top of the league and looked to be the best team. Theo, the pace in the team was crocked , AOC had been out for the first half of the season and we were left with Gnabry .The super star of the season, Aaron Ramsey […]

Football Teaches Life.

A guest post from Yido6061 It’s because of football that I know what the capital of Cameroon is. Football has also taught me to make quick mental calculations when working out the possible permutations for final group standings in World Cups. I also understand how football can be hijacked to serve the purposes of totalitarian […]