Arsenal: I’m singing the Bird’s Nest Blues


For a friendly I thought that was a decent game. Fair play to the RentBoys who deserved their win. 3-0 was a bit hard to take but we were regularly cut open during the first half, before they scored, and only poor finishing allowed it to stay at 0-0 as long as it did. We created very little in the CFC half during the first 45, and just one save from Courtois. Ospina really did the business on Pedro though, Floyd Mayweather would have been proud. And the referee gave the foul against Pedro ??


The second half was much more even and we could/should have got on the scoreboard. As far as I could see no injuries so unlike last year the tour games have not caused a headache for Arsene as we return to the UK.

Reasons or lessons ?

Conte clearly started with a stronger team and with what I’d guess is his first choice defence. We started with a far less experienced set up and the difference in defensive quality in the first half was crystal. That is what decided the result. No criticism of Ospina and one of his saves from Moses’ volley was a real peach. I shall not hang out AMN or Bramall. They were asked to step up but it found themselves confronted by fast, determined opponents. They struggled defensively and did not have enough quality going forward to trouble Alonso or Moses. Per was gasping early on and my impression was he was not fit, it may have been his food poisoning has not fully cleared up.

Going forward in the first half ? Attacking ? Chance (s) created?

A very flat first half. Lets move on.

Second half, as I say, I’d mark it 50/50. We made chances and on another day could have got 1-2 goals. Le Coq had a rocket up his arse – more of that please. Larry had fun. Sead is not the sort of bloke you’d want to meet in a dark alley. Alex Iwobi was probably our best player over the course of the full game. As the game went on and it became youngsters v youngsters I thought we edged the football. Pleased with Reiss and his short but confident cameo.

No complaints with referee, pitch was a bit rubbish but I am sure we will play on worse next season in the Europa.

Onwards and upwards from the Bird’s Nest to the Eagles next Saturday !

The season is surely coming – I can smell it.


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55 comments on “Arsenal: I’m singing the Bird’s Nest Blues

  1. Was it Pedro who had blood coming out of his ear? I didn’t see that. (ff thru any stoppages).


  2. Yes Ranty. Pedro did have blood coming from his nose. It was a serious collision with Ospina; face on knee.

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  3. New post up


  4. eduardo

    On the image rights now being heavily taxed, I don’t think that is correct. What I found on the subject was that a couple of years ago the HMRC reached a deal with football clubs where there was a cap put in place as to how much of a player’s income could come through image rights (20%) though even this would have to be justified as clubs were using it in the past as a tax dodge. (Clubs don’t pay the 13.8% Employer’s tax – if they transact with a player’s image rights company. Players pay 20% corporate tax instead of 45% income tax)

    Also a max of 15% of the club’s commercial income can be paid out in the form of image rights.

    What brought this issue out again is the Mourinho and Ronaldo controversy. From what I can see, the issue of foreign based player having foreign image rights companies not paying UK tax is seen as acceptable. But the setting up of image rights companies in tax havens is what is causing an uproar. I don’t think it is illegal as of now, but the demand is to close the loophole. However, 43 footballers, 8 agents and 12 football clubs were under inquiry around the issue of image rights. No idea what they did exactly.

    On Arsenal exploiting loopholes, I believe for a while we were paying our players in a basket of currencies and commodities like gold and silver, to give them more bang for our buck so to speak. This practice was stopped once deemed illegal.


  5. Yep! Season is indeed coming. Emirates cup then we begin.


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