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Arsenal – The Scoreboard Explodes

Good morning all Positives, The NLD matched my expectations yesterday. 94 minutes of sporting combat, two good teams playing football, trying to win the game, every loose ball, every tackle, every header contested. Both sides coming into the game after a hard week’s football. By the end the game was always going to be matter […]

I Want Mashed Spuds On Sunday Please.

We go into the NLD full of fear and trepidation. Well I say “we” when I mean me. No change there then ! I go into every game in this state of mind. My positive nature is suspended as each match day approaches. I hope for the best and fear the worst. Off the back […]

Arsenal – Even in the cannon’s mouth

Good morning again and a rather more sombre mood this morning following last night’s heavy defeat. Predictable waves across social and mainstream media, primarily of anguish from Arsenal fans, who watched our dismantling by a clearly better side last night. There may be mitigating circumstances in terms of players missing through injuries. However even with […]

Arsenal Versus Bayern : Who Cares?

Arsène Wenger cares about Arsenal far more than you do or ever will. He cares more about the club than the season ticket holder who goes to every game home and away. He cares more than the supporter conceived in the shadow of Highbury stadium and born on on May 26th 1989. How can I […]

Can Arsenal Win The Title Without Giroud

Prologue The last time Olivier Giroud was injured playing football for the Arsenal was on August 23rd, 2014, and it happened after the Frenchman had scored a goal in the 89th minute to help the club cancel out two first half strikes by Everton. He made a seemingly routine challenge for a ball in the […]

Arsenal take Liberty, Swans scattered

Good Morning Positive People from a misty brown and gold Norfolk this Sunday, I think we all approached yesterday’s game with a healthy respect for Swansea, a wariness earned on the back of some good games between the clubs and the six points they removed from our locker last season. I expected a stiff challenge. […]