I Want Mashed Spuds On Sunday Please.

We go into the NLD full of fear and trepidation. Well I say “we” when I mean me. No change there then ! I go into every game in this state of mind. My positive nature is suspended as each match day approaches. I hope for the best and fear the worst.

Off the back of the spanking of our depleted troops by probably the best club team in the world the result and performance is anything but predictable. I can imagine just about any outcome. Anyone that thinks the result is a sure thing, does not understand the nature of football, let alone an individual match.

The greatest fear going the rounds seems to be Debuchy playing at Right-back. Once again we see a very good player, returning from two long term injuries, being written off by our knowledgeable ‘expert’ fans, just as Monreal and Sagna before him were. Not to mention Ramsey, Jack, Rosicky………….shall I go on ? It takes any player a run of games to get back to their level. How people don’t grasp this would surprise me, if those people didn’t have a history of gross stupidity.

The Debuchy problem,(if there is one) is exasperated by not having one of the six players that would be expected to play in front of him fit. For me that would be Ramsey, Welbeck, AOC, Theo, Jack and Rosicky, in that order. So I expect it will be Joel. He did well enough against Swansea, so we can but hope and wish him well.

There is a debate as to whether it will be Per or Gabriel partnering Laurent, personally I think it will,and should , be Per.

Due to the lack of options from the bench I feel we will have to win it in the first 60 minutes or so, as the last half hour could be a problem.

To many of our fans this is the single most important game, to not lose, that we will play in any year. Given our league position its a game we really really really want to win, regardless of the opposition. Going into the international break level on points with the league leaders, with a few of the short term injuries due back afterwards, will be a great way to do it.

All I know is that if Arsenal play at their best, they will win, so lets hope for that.

Right, enough of my incoherent ramblings, the NLD would not be the same (and my old mucker Mel would not lend me his Kirk Stevens white suit again) if we don’t have the masterpiece Frank wrote for us when we started up. Wherever you are Frank, we miss you and love you.

Today we revisit a classic tale where Frank looks back, more in sorrow than in anger, to re-tell a chilling tale of a long-lost summer of love, terrible betrayal and lots of super furry animals. 

cock and bull

Today’s page turner …

I was mugged in Seven Sisters.

To be accurate I was attacked in Seven Sisters since nothing was stolen.

Cold bloodedly gratuitously attacked.  A summer afternoon several decades ago spent with a friend and I was heading home to Tufnell Park.  It was an early evening in July but I could hardly see as I turned into the tunnel heading for the tube, eating sausage and chips.  Out of nowhere something hit me on the back of the head and just as I turned, a fist hit me in the mouth.  I fell to the ground in a daze and the protagonists proceeded to kick the living shit out of me.

There was a lot a ‘fackin’ this’ and ‘kantin that’ as the boots went in and afterwards just the sound of nasal snickering.  Before I passed out I caught a glimpse of two of them.  One in white trousers and a bowler hat with ‘Tottenham Droogies’ written across the back.  The other had calf-length faded jeans, docs, white tee shirt, braces …. and a tattoo on his forearm.

A tattoo of a cock and ball.

I must have been out for a while because when I woke up, the ends of the tunnel were dark.  The reek of urine and unwashed bodies was only just bearable.  I was surrounded by squashed chips and, nestling in the gutter by the wall with not a bite out of it, was my sausage.  My head hurt like hell, split lip, bumps and bruises all over but I seemed to be OK.

I’d got away with it.

Could have been killed.  Could have been maimed or paralyzed for life.  Thankfully I had done what most blokes who are being kicked in the head do, I protected my privates.  Death is preferable to castration.

I had survived.

Slowly I got up.  I just wanted to get home.  Brushed off the fag ends, chewing gum, dog shit.  Stretched out my arms and then my legs, moved my head from side to side.  Tested my aching bones.  Nothing broken.  Lets go home, Frank.  Then someone behind me coughed.

I spun round afraid that they had come back to finish me off.

But there standing in front of me was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen.  She had on an ankle length yellow dress and sandals.  She had long, long tresses of red hair and her smile was extraordinary; it could fill a room, or, in this case, a tunnel.  Her smell was intoxicating and as she touched my face with her hand I just knew that she was an angel.

I was dead and on my way to heaven.

She asked me if I was okay.  She asked me if I was in pain.  She asked if there was anything she could do for me … and before I could answer she passed me her guinea pig and started mopping my brow.

Guinea pig?

What the feck?

She gave me a guinea pig?  Well yes she did.  She handed me her guinea pig.  Cleaned me up.  Took her guinea pig back.  Held my hand and took me to Tufnell Park.

That is how I met Maude.

Oh Maude, Maude, Maude – you were perfect.  She took me home to my apartment and stayed for three weeks.  What a three weeks!


Walking on the Heath.  Drinking in The Flask in Highgate.  Strolling through Waterlow Park.  Saying “hello” to Karl Marx.  Wearing each others’ clothes.

Actually she wore mine, I didn’t wear hers, I really didn’t.  Getting drunk together on Grand Marnier and sick together afterwards.  Listening to a friend play folk songs outside the Admiral Mann.  I even started to read poetry, although it didn’t last.  Mostly though, we just made love.  Anywhere and everywhere.

In that time I was treated to a parade of animals.

Guinea pigs, rats, hamsters, geckos, turtles, tortoises, parrots, budgies, kittens, puppies, fish, snakes, you name it.

Every day she would disappear for a few hours and return with different animals.  Only on Sundays would she return without an animal and on Sunday evenings she was always very tired.  The explanation turned out to be a bit crazy but I could deal with it.  She let on that she was into animal liberation and spent much of her time nicking animals from pet shops and domestic animal stockists.

Her aim in life was to free them all.

Create an animal utopia where they could all live free from human bondage.  How she managed to get plastic bags of tropical fish and a twelve foot python out of a shop without anyone noticing I have no idea.  But she did it.  Insane of course, and I loved her all the more for it.  We were madly, stupidly, giddily happy.

Until that fateful day in early August.

So far we had lived in my flat.  It was OK.  But I was getting more and more curious.  Where did she live?  How long?  What was it like?  Was she sure that she was not using the animals as a cover for her sneaking back to a long time live-in partner or husband?

Joke, sort of.  What was she hiding?

After much cajoling on my part she finally agreed that we could stay at her place.  She lived in a flat on the first floor of a Victorian house on the A10 near to the junction with Clapton Common.  She had been on her way home when she found me in the tunnel.

So off we went.

We spent a pleasant few hours in the Spaniards’ Inn and went to a party with friends in Stoke Newington.  Caught a taxi to hers.  Let ourselves in.

Her living room was full of no-longer-soon-to-be-pets.

It was smelly and it was noisy, but she cleared a space  and we sat and drank tea and chatted amongst the boxes, cages, baskets and tanks.  Finally we fell into bed exhausted.  The following day was Monday and neither of us needed to get up early.  We were very soon fast asleep in each others arms.

We awoke on Monday morning refreshed.  She made cups of tea and brought them back to bed.  Gradually we began to get interested, the way you do.

We kissed and cuddled …

Then Maude whispered that she would like to make love in daylight amongst the trees and birdsong.  Her garden was beautiful at this time of year, she said.  She asked me to open the curtains and open the window.

Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes.

About as excited as I have ever been in my life I leapt out of bed, hopped to the almost full-length sash window and threw open the red velvet curtains to let the sun in …

The No 149 bus route has been transporting the residents of that area to the City for many years and I believe that it still does to this day.

In the days of the old Routemasters, in the rush hour the bottom deck was crammed full of people, many standing and some dangling from the platform at the back.  Upstairs was calmer and those fortunate enough to get a seat were able to read the paper or a book, do the crossword, do the Pools, knit, or in most cases just sit and watch the world go by.  There are a number of points on that journey where the bus comes to a standstill for quite a while as the traffic gets well and truly jammed.

One particular point is just outside Maude’s flat.

The floor of the top deck on those buses is roughly about the level of the first floor of that particular block of houses, and the windows of the bus are about six feet from the residents’ windows.  You can see awful lot from the top of that bus and on that day passengers had a real treat.

As the curtains opened they were greeted with … think of Leonardo’s Study of Human Proportions according to Vitruvius. 

But weedier and in a state of arousal.

For my own part I just remember seeing an endless stream of tickets coming out of the Clippie’s machine and thinking thank goodness they can’t see my feet because I’ve still got my socks on.  I turned to shout at Maude for setting me up, and as I did so I noticed something.  Something very serious indeed.  Something which caused me to shut out the embarrassment of the last few seconds completely.  I couldn’t believe it.  I froze.  The blood drained from my face and obviously from other places.

The bottom fell completely out of my world.

In the lower right hand corner of the window was a sticker.  Not a very big one, about the size of a bob-a-job sticker.  But this particular sticker had a motif on it.  A dreadful symbol.

A cock and ball.

We just hadn’t discussed football.  People had the summer off in those days.  No transfer activity.  I turned to her and just shouted “TOTTENHAM” at her at the top of my voice.  At first she completely misunderstood and she laughed and shouted:  “YES. YOU TOO …?”.

But before she could finish, she realised.

It was probably me screaming “YOU ARE A FARKING SPUD” that gave it away.  Her beautiful face contorted into an ugly grimace and in a vicious whisper she spat “Arsenal.  You are a fecking Gunner?  You bastard”.

I couldn’t stay.

I needed air.  I grabbed my clothes, putting them on as I scrambled through the menagerie in the living room.  I got to the front door and slammed it to, shutting out the cacophony behind me.  I headed for a café on the corner of the block, ordered coffee and just sat in a window seat sipping and smoking.  I half expected her to follow and to be honest I half hoped that she would.

But I realised it was over.

I could take the pet rustling and I could even take being humiliated in front of a bus full of people but I could not take the fact that she was a SPUD.  That could never work.

But that was not quite the end of it.

As I sipped my third coffee, having smoked half a pack of cigarettes, two panda cars and a police van arrived at her flat.  Maude was led out in handcuffs and for the next hour policemen loaded the back of the van with her contraband, Noah’s Ark fashion.  I felt bad about that at the time as I watched her driven away in the back of the police car it seemed unjust that she should go down for stealing animals when she had such good if not misguided intentions.  It turned out in court about six weeks later though, that every Sunday she ran a pet stall on Club Row.

She had been nicking pets and flogging them on.  She also stole them to order.

I will always remember Maude though and if I ever meet her again, which is very unlikely, I know exactly what I will say to her……………



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150 comments on “I Want Mashed Spuds On Sunday Please.

  1. Arsenal clearly not at top of their game, but still created by far the better chances, I really do think that the media are very much over hyping the spurs performance. Their goal came from a mistake by Koscielny, and they did not have another clear cut chance all game, while Giroud had two or three he really should have scored from.

    Wenger said Cazorla was taken off cos he was dizzy at half time, AW also said he hopes to have some of the injured players back fit after the interlull and he just hopes not to lose anyone during the interlull.

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  2. Well may Sunday was salvaged. We cannot lose to those bastards…..

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  3. There is no “he-must-score” in football, especially from headers. It is the worse cliche invented by media hacks and commentators. Some examples:
    Yesterday it was Berahinho must score when a perfect cross met his head to give West Brom a possible equalizer vs Man Utd, except it seems he took his eye off the ball and it looped off his head and off target. Commentators went into a hoopla that “he must score”, not even self conscious of the inherent contradiction in that proclamation.
    Today in the first game, Villa vs City, Fernandinho met a cross from Navas with perfect power from his forehead but straight onto the crossbar. Usual useless cliches.
    None of Giroud’s headers were as straight forward like those two; he had to contort his head and body to get the direction. They were all close but no cigar. For a man who has scored from 15 headers in 2.5 years I would have been tempted to bet my house. But anyone who has played football even at the pub-level there is usually an element of luck in any goal and today lady luck deserted Giroud. But he was always a threat and that helped the team. The Spuds were focussed on Giroud when Ozil put that cross in the box ignoring Gibbs was on the far post who was able to prod it home. That is why Giroud is important to our team.

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  4. Özil to recharge,
    Coquelin hacked near the end but hopefully he’ll be fine with a few weeks off likewise for Debuchy (yet another uncalled hack and injury. Too many).

    Rambo and Chambo hopefully back.

    After Wednesday, with the squad stretched, I’d have taken a point, especially with City dropping two at bottom placed Villa. Congratulations to former gunner Garde for his first points with his new club.

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  5. afcbase ‏@afcbase 1h1 hour ago
    Mesut Özil covered the most ground for Arsenal tonight. [BBC]

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  6. oh we are fucked, there is another power shift in North London, ha ha ha, these journos really are a sad bunch of idiots


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  7. No need to post the link Eddy, it’s just click bait for sad spuds and gullible reds.


  8. Damn fine game – in a sphincter squeezing, eye ball rolling, high energy 94 minutes of Hell

    Be assured however I shall have imposed the grid of vision, if not the art of wisdom by 10

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  9. those wonderful liverpool fans that make Anfield a fortress

    Neil Jones ‏@neiljonesecho 1h1 hour ago
    Klopp: “When Palace scored I saw many people leave. I felt very alone in this moment.”

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  10. However it is true, I’m looking forward to the DVD.
    Should be available in the 5pur2 shop sometime soon.

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  11. It looked liked d the ref left the cards at home and that always disrupts our flow when the other side are aloud to foul with impunity. The lino on our side didn’t actually make any decisions tfe whole game and just waited until the ref made the call before using his flag.
    That said we were losing the midfield until flam came on and Alexis was cutting inside evertime on the left proving to predictable. The sub’s made a big difference and although we were well below par we didn’t lose which is always a good sign.
    The squad players are improving little by little and when we have more players back options will be greater than before.

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  12. “Their goal came from a mistake by Koscielny.”
    There you go again, eddy. Their goal came from a fine through ball by Rose and an opportunist run by Kane. Yes, Kos stepped up too late, but let’s not be churlish – give credit where it’s due.
    I thought Spurs played very well – their game plan was to defend from the front and not give us any time on the ball and it worked a treat, especially in the first half. Kane impressed me more than any other time I’ve seen him – I know he looks like a walking fly-catcher but he worked hard for his team today.
    I too thouht Flamini brought a bit more passion to our game in the second half and what a sublime assist from Mesut again (poor defending from Spurs though, eh eddy?). Giroud was magnificent in the second half – just didn’t get the run of the ball. All in all, I think we should be happy with a point – certainly didn’t deserve more.
    It’s more than Santi who needs a break. Alexis also looks jaded. Debuchy did fine until his injury but he doesn’t have Hector’s pace and we missed that on the right. Let’s hope we get more back after the break than we lose because of it. Have to remember the returnees will need some time to get match fit again.Next up West Brom and Norwich away followed by Sunderland at home, with a couple of CL games mixed in.
    Just a feeling we missed a trick today after the City result.

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  13. dkg Wenger said the goal came from a mistake by Kos, its funny seeing some of you guys have a go at me for saying the exact same thing our manager has said, just like the Bayern game, when in fact Wenger even went further than I did, he called the defending “woeful”, and “completely forgettable”, but hey don’t let a little thing like that stop your one eyed views.


  14. also dkg, its laughable you say “lets not be churlish” right after you have been exactly that, after all you point out that Kos did make a mistake stepping up trying to play offside, its odd you want to “give credit where its due” but are totally opposed to the pointing out of mistakes.


  15. That useless bastard Koscielny

    One mistake in 94 minutes in a game where, unless I was watching a different match, we were hard pressed, in the air, on the ground, round the side, up the middle

    A key, probably the key member, of the best defence in the PL this season

    Is that better ?

    Does that SUIT?

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  16. He can count himself lucky he was not in the Allianz on Wednesday, the worst ever performance that has ever ever been seen, or at least since Arsene can remember

    Yeah – right


  17. Bayern Munich ?



    Pure comedy ( though admittedly they managed a much better result at the Ems than the Bavarians)

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  18. Dele Alli whacked Santi on his back and took him out of the game. I hope Santi recovers fast. He’s been one of our best players this season.

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  19. Eddy @ 8:11pm:
    I completely agree with you that we need not have a one-eyed view of our team’s performances. But it seems to me that some posters are saying you overly emphasize the negatives. For example, in your post game comment earlier today the negatives came first then the positives. As you point out most times the negatives you highlight are accurate and supported by the boss but as my mother used to say “just a teaspoon of sugar makes the medicine go down”. Just my two cents..

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  20. PG< I always try to find out if our players have personal problems, that may or more than somewhat, disturb them!

    Common sense has prevailed in the Rangers Big Tax Case.

    Mikel Arteta, joined Rangers FC in 2002 and played 50 matches and scored 12 goals before moving to Evertoin FC.

    Mr Arteta's EBT was worth £674,603 with the now notorious side letter.

    I would suggest that Mr Arteta may have been served with an APN (Accelerated Payment Notice), by HMRC???

    As for Mr Dick Advocaat's £1.5 millions and NO side letter, no wonder he has skedaddled back home?

    Please spot the Damon Runyon bit!


  21. maybe instead of being childish anicol you could actually point out where Wenger, yes Wenger, is wrong when he said “koscielny made a mistake for their goal”, or seeing as you mention the Bayern game, maybe you could point out why Wenger, yes Wenger, is wrong when he said about the Bayern game, “our defending was woeful” and “we made it easy for them”,
    come on explain why I’m wrong and Wenger is right, but we have both said the same thing. please anicol, do explain


  22. shota if I start with the negatives and end with the positives it is because I would much rather finish on a positive note, I much rather end any discussion on a happier note. But I bet if I was to start with the positives and end with the negatives I would be accused by some of always finishing on a sour note. It seems with some I can’t win and for some reason they are looking to have a go.

    I would also like to point out that my concerns first and foremost is with Arsenal, so of course I will be far more interested in the whys and the why nots of our performance, far more than I will be with our opponents, yes rose put in a good through ball, no one denies that, but my concern is that Kos made the wrong choice in trying to play offside, he is faster than Kane, he had him in a good position to easily defend that through ball, but made the wrong choice, and they scored, the good through ball by Rose becomes an ordinary ball if Kos just marks Kane and stops the goal.


  23. No difficulty at all Eddy
    I thought we were beaten by a FAR superior attacking team on Wednesday – what do you, personally, off your own head, think ?
    I think Arsenal defended as well as they were able on Wednesday and if dear old Arsene thinks different then he and I , and presumably you, must have watched a different game. (?)


  24. I give credit to Flamini for coming in and providing a different option.

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  25. I say that Eddy because, if you have not picked it up, Bayern have smashed the opposition both home and away, Bundeslegia and CL month in month out, the game on Wednesday was no different

    Presumably you and Arsene reckon those results are all down to “poor defending”

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  26. Therefore in order to be the best team in Europe and/or the world all we have to do is keep on playing teams who have “poor defending”



    Job done


  27. Seville who were beaten at home by City currently beating Real 2-1, twenty to go, just holding on. A huge result in that league if they win the game. Hang on, Real nearly score but it’s suddenly 3-1!

    The Arsenal vs City games are going to be just as good quality wise and intense as they have been in recent seasons. City lost Bony today to a strain.

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  28. Yup.
    Munchen are currently way ahead of the competition.


  29. so anicol our poor defending in no way contributed in any way to BM scoring, not a single thing could have been done to stop the goals we conceded, so thats the bayern game sorted, so what about today, spurs the world beaters too, nothing we could have done to stop them scoring, not a thing, everything is just perfect with our defending, ah the hell with it, everything was also perfect with our midfield play too, and of course with our attacking play too, 10’s all round, Arsenal are perfect, even when they are not, and there is never anything that they could do better to influence the result. We all live in a perry groves wonderland.


  30. and anicol to answer your question, I believe that mistakes by our players played a major part in four of the five goals, the goal with the least big mistakes was the fifth. I’d suggest that this is also, going by his comments, the view of Arsene Wenger too. Bayern a one of, if not the best team in the world, but its far too simplistic to say, they are the best, so nothing we could do about the beating. We beat them two weeks earlier, why was that, could it be cos we did not make big mistakes in defense. If you make it easy for very good players, they usually make you pay


  31. It was obvious early on what Spurs’ no.1 attacking tactic in the day was.

    It was an exciting high stakes encounter with both teams gambling.
    In the end they could’ve both scored more then they did. Seemed to me mosteaving the ground were pleased with the strong finish to the game today following on from Wednesday though of course a victory over the OK enemy would’ve been nice.

    The Totmentor of Tottenham Rosicky is paying a high price this season possibly his last with us for not retiring from international football. There is a euro thingy next summer, I forgive him.

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  32. To be honest, I think what Arsene or indeed all managers day after games needs to be taken with a pinch of salt.
    While I don’t mind giving credit to other teams I thought we were well below par today. If that was down to spuds workrate fair enough but that alone doesn’t make you a good side any the fact they didn’t create more suggest why they have drawn so many games this season and why they could fall short again come May.
    With all our injuries and playing so disjointedly, losing by a goal and up against the youngest side in the league, our come back and final flurry was impressive.
    There was only one side celebrating the draw at the end of the game.
    It is in such circumstances that some old sages would say winning teams are built.

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  33. To be honest, I think what Arsene or indeed all managers day after games needs to be taken with a pinch of salt.
    While I don’t mind giving credit to other teams I thought we were well below par today. If that was down to spuds workrate fair enough but that alone doesn’t make you a good side any the fact they didn’t create more suggest why they have drawn so many games this season and why they could fall short again come May.
    With all our injuries and playing so disjointedly, losing by a goal and up against the youngest side in the league, our come back and final flurry was impressive.
    There was only one side celebrating the draw at the end of the game.
    It is in such circumstances that some old sages would say winning teams are built.


  34. the battling qualities we showed today was very commendable, it was such a pity that Giroud did not score one of his first two headed chances, as it might have given us that little bit more time to get the winner. Once we had scored spurs were really knocked onto the back foot. and of course there was a real spring in our step, the whole team became energized and we really looked more like the Arsenal we all love to see.

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  35. Well to be fair Eddy perhaps on one or two of the goals that Bayern scored we could have done something

    The difficulty, as I envisage it, is that if we had done this or that on those incidents, that Bayern as well as us would have contrived to create a different scenario and sequence of events in other incidents in the game

    Whether you Eddy – or Arsene if he is reading – get ‘it’ or not but the Germans are a very good attacking team

    If you – or Arsene if he is reading – imagine the 5-1 was down to “poor defending” then I suspect you are deluding yourselves

    That is


  36. *my view in any event


  37. surprised to see you, anicol, with such a defeatist attitude. have I not seen you condemn the white flagists


  38. Let’s not argue among ourselves, we all see the game slightly differently, but fortunately on this blog we all want the best for AFC. Even the best players in the world have off days and occasionally make the wrong choice when the game moves so fast. Personally I try not to be too critical of the players as they are trying their best and I accept they will occasionally get it wrong, but I see my job as being a cheerleader not a critic – there are enough of those around to last several lifetimes. In fact I had a difference of opinion at the game today, with a so called ‘supporter’ who spent most of the match slagging off Mertesacker, who in his eyes was responsible for the Kane goal and then called OG a ‘donkey’ for hitting the post instead of scoring with his first header, because of course, according to this wise guy ‘a proper striker would have scored that’. There are no guarantees in football, it’s always fine margins and good fortune. Today OG had 3/4 good chances that on another day would have nestled in the back of the net. Some days it just does not happen for you. And there was no one more upset than OG himself as his reaction to each miss clearly demonstrated. All we can ask is that the players try their best whatever the circumstances. We have to accept that sometimes winning or losing is down to the qualities of both teams or the circumstances on the day.

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  39. seen a report that Roy Hodgson believes Danny Welbeck will not return to first team action till March 2016,
    there had been a suggestion that he would be back in January, big loss if its not till March.


  40. OptaJoe ✔ @OptaJoe
    6 – Mesut Ozil is the first player to assist goals in six consecutive Premier League games. Master.

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  41. Tottenham drew with Arsenal.
    Is there a witch hunt?
    Eddy, lead on.


  42. Roy Hodgeson believes that Jordaon Henderson is good enough to play along side Jack Wilshere in England’s best midfield.
    I also think that Roy believes he was sexually interfered with by space Venusians.

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  43. Kieran Gibbs’ goal was the 24,000th scored in the Premier League.


  44. Passenal at 9:43pm
    Post of the day. As you say we are “cheerleaders not critics”. There are thousands of critics inside the fan base especially on Twitter. Almost all are amateurs who are in a race to show how insightful they are and to be first in line to conduct a witch hunt. How this is supposed to have a positive impact on the team they claim to support I am yet to discern. Supporters have one job. Let’s not lose sight of this at PA.

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  45. I agree with Passenal…as I almost always do. Cheerleader is my role. I never got to be one of those in high school, so maybe that’s why I relish it so much.

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  46. We were not at our fluent pacy best, tired, depleted, had a bad result midweek, misfiring at times, and a slightly strange ref, who did not recognise the pulling of the shirt, the scissor tackles or the grabbing of the privates of our striker, a ref who broke up our attacks and called phantom offences in their favour once we had equalised, a ref with whom we have a bit of history. A ref who a myself and others predicted we would get for this game weeks ago.
    Yet, with all that, even though this was their Cup final, they still couldn’t beat us. Better days lie ahead, and credit to a team who salvaged something in adversity. Despite what the media and people with a last name of Neville will tell you, we ultimately did show up and demonstrated both spirit and mental strength. And keep it quiet, but Wenger can do substitutions.

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  47. More than somewhat, indeed. Nicely nicely, said Nicely Nicely.


  48. OptaJoe ‏@OptaJoe 15h15 hours ago
    10.5 – Mesut Ozil covered more ground (10.5 km) than any other Arsenal player against Tottenham. Energy.

    My NBC feed with Arlo White, Lee Dixon and Graeme LeSaux spent long periods telling viewers that Mesut was not working hard enough. How much more convincing do we need that the media lies to suit a narrative? They do it brazenly selectively highlighting a live event. .

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