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Arsenal Versus Man United: Sitting This One Out

I shan’t be watching this afternoon. My wife has made other plans for me and if you’ve ever met my wife then you know how wise I am to smile sweetly and just miss the match. To be honest it’s only Man United and I shouldn’t have a problem avoiding the score until the game […]

I’m Right You’re Wrong And I Can Prove It !

This might come as a surprise to many of you, but I quite often get into arguments on twitter. I used to get into spats in the comment section of blogs too, until the ringmaster put an abrupt end to that bit of fun. The problem is that I tend to resort to sarcasm , […]

Necked By The Swans

A Guest Post from Finsbury Swansea have in recent times evolved their Arsenal as all good football teams aspire. Never mind the boring boring media narratives of attractive vs. boring football which ignore all context and understanding of Football (or most revealingly funding) the sort of understanding that allows a seven year old to copy the […]

Arsenal Versus Swansea: A Little Mozart To Lift My Mood?

Curious feeling this. Like floating weightlessly after months of rolling helpless in the furious cataract of storm torn seas. This gentle drift towards the end of the season, while all the time the gradual background hum of excitement builds at the prospect of an FA Cup final. These two contradictory emotions running side by side. The title […]

Another Anti-Arsenal, Anti-Wenger Meme Bites The Dust

A Guest post from Shotta, @shotta_gooner “If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?“ Did you know there was a mini-pitch invasion by at least 2 or 3 Manchester United supporters when they scored their match winning goal vs Crystal Palace on Saturday? […]

Patience can be bitter but the fruit is always sweet

Morning everyone and I trust there is a spring in your step this Tuesday morning? Another pleasant Start to the working week after last night’s demonstration of the football art at its best. You saw it, you coo’ed, you purred, you WOW’ed at Ozil’s back heel to Sanchez about ten minutes before the end. Even […]

Arsenal Versus Hull: Credit Where It’s Due

Manchester United have provided us with an admirable cast of pantomime villains over the years. Defectors from within our ranks like Persie and Stapleton, outrageous talents who preferred history to remember them as diving, whining cry babies like the lesser Ronaldo, and revolting cheats like Nistelrooy. Despite these and many others and despite Ferguson’s corrupt […]