Patience can be bitter but the fruit is always sweet

Morning everyone and I trust there is a spring in your step this Tuesday morning?

Another pleasant Start to the working week after last night’s demonstration of the football art at its best. You saw it, you coo’ed, you purred, you WOW’ed at Ozil’s back heel to Sanchez about ten minutes before the end. Even Steve Bruce probably WOW’ed at that flick and who could blame him ?

Like most Arsenal fans I suspected a difficult game, with opponents desperate to get at least a point out of the fixture and having enjoyed a couple of decent performances recently. But it was not to be. It was never a contest that would go the distance or require the counting up of points or rounds won. It was a KO. Opponent on the canvas, eyes-rolling, stars swirling, concussed, fight over at the 45. We took control of the game when Mr Mason whistled, and never, as far as I recall, looked like allowing it to slip from our steely grip.

Admittedly the evening got off to a humorous start with Dawson’s slightly unlucky re-direction of Sanchez’s free kick. Having fallen behind Hull knew they were in for a difficult evening. They did try going forward, they really did both in the second part of first half and in the opening phase of the second. But then the sky fell in. Two killer passes cut the centre of the home defence open, the finishing was as good as the passes. The game was decided.

After half time we had our usual ten or fifteen minutes dawdle, by the final 30 we had re-engaged top gear and the only question was whether we might get four or five. Some decent keeping and close misses kept the score reasonable. Harper I thought had a good game and for a 40 year old shows no sign of fading.

Turning to our lads though;

Front and centre stage last night clearly our goal scorers, our German wizard, the French spinal column of Giroud and Coq, and Santi – I must not forget Santi.

And Jack, my goodness that was a great 25 minutes !!

But less obvious was a very good evening from the defenders, all five of them. They concentrated, they marked their men at dead ball kicks, Ospina took the ball cleanly when he could, and punched hard when he was obstructed, they tackled sharply and stayed on their feet, and dealt with every Hull attack. Now very different to the pattern four or five months ago when the likes of Swansea seemed to reduce us to quivering jelly ? A little unlucky to lose a goal but these things happen, a momentary lapse with Kosc temporarily hors de combat thanks to Meyler.

On that point of the occasional overly physical challenge from Hull I must also praise both Kosc and Coq for their high quality efforts at retribution for earlier kicks received. It is not something I often see which makes it all the more welcome when it does happen. Francis’ stamp on Quinn’s ankle was almost Italian in its cynical perfection, and the ginger Irishman departed a short while after. Mason was oblivious. Kosc’s studding of the cheek of Meyler was equally high class and the Hull player did not recover, though stayed on gamely. Again Mason accepted the tangle as a misfortune. It is very difficult to prove intent. Had it been the other way round I would have been spitting. I would never condone a deliberate and violent assault on an opposition player, however the fruit is always sweet.


The Daily Mail has these pictures this morning of the incident and the aftermath.

Reading the mainstream media this morning ample recognition of the dominance that brought us three points. No doubt that will last all of five minutes until the transfer window opens.

For us it must be tracking Citeh and taking the opportunity to secure second place. Onwards to the Swansea game.

And just for you to enjoy one last time, Ozil at his very best;


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357 comments on “Patience can be bitter but the fruit is always sweet

  1. to think some think we should sign Lloris

    EPL Stat Man
    Tottenham have conceded the same amount of goals as relegated Burnley this season (53) #THFC


  2. Arsenal 1 game in 13 days to be followed by 4 games in 19 days, crazy fixture list.

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  3. Hope everyone has seen zac Ansah’s goal for plymouth, I ve long been saying the quality of the Acadamy has been getting better and the quality of the lads we’re releasing obviously rising too. Zac’s developement was hampered through several injuries and I hope he can now go on to a great career.

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  4. There will never be another Bergkamp, but of our current players the one who most closely shares his skill set is Aaron Ramsey. I am basing this entirely on the five best goals video I have seen posted this morning!


  5. New post is up. From Shotta, and its a dozy


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